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The View: Whoopi and Joy walk off the set


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Bill O'Reilly is an ass and a half.

Was it really necessary for him to tell Joy to shut up so she can "learn" from him? She should've slapped his ass into next week as soon as he said that.

As for the mosque debate, I see both sides of the coin and I completely understand why many people would be sore about a mosque being built, but the way Mr. O'Reilly expressed his opinion was very, very tacky, IMO.

"It's inappropriate to build a mosque because the Muslims killed us on 9/11."

There's a difference between Muslims and extremist Muslims. He knows that, of course, but he played dumb on The View because he wanted to get a rise out of the women, stir up controversy and sell more books. He knew full well what he was implying. He's like a male version of Ann Coulter. Ignorant and vitriolic to the core. The more you debate with him, the more he loves it. Pissing people off is his specialty. He was happier than a pig in sh!t when Whoopi and Joy stormed off because he knew it would get his name back in the papers and it would spike his book sales.

Anyway... point being, there's no rationalizing with him because he's not a logical man.

Back to the mosque debate...

For him to go on national television and throw all Muslims in the same pot by saying "a mosque shouldn't be built because Muslims killed us" (even though innocent Muslims were ALSO killed that day -- Christians weren't the only victims, so get off the] cross, Mr. O'Reilly) is like saying a church shouldn't be built in Guyana because Jim Jones was a Christian and followers of Christ killed people there. To play devil's advocate, I ask... if there are people in Guyana who want a church, why should they be denied one? Because of Jim f-ing Jones? And why should "Christians" in general be blamed for the actions of one deranged nutjob? Aside from the fact that most religions do breed extremist lunatics who use religious texts to justify their their hate/prejudice/homicide, there is no one religion that's "worse" than the others, IMO, and it's irresponsible to blame "Muslims" and "Christians" in general for the reckless actions of a select few extremists.

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They enable Bill O'Reilly when they have him on the show. They get to look like they give a damn, when generally they just get paychecks for saying stupid things or defending their celebrity friends. Then O'Reilly gets even more publicity and book sales. They all win.

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Don't think so: I'm sick and tired of so-called show hosts walking off teh set as soon as something doesn't go their way.

Newsflash people: invite people you want or are able to talk with or don't do it. It's as simple as it is.

If you invite so., you give him the audience - but know that from scratch. It all comes down that every wannabe celebrity is having his gab feast these days without any journalist background. Hence he/she cannot backfire if they got some uncomfortable guest. It's actually pretty pathetic.

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Yeah, I'm not applauding their walking off and I'm glad Barbara had the balls to call them on it instead of saving her balls for when nobody's looking like the little Miss Damage Control that she is. :rolleyes: BUT I would have had a lot more respect for Barbara if she checked Bill instead of sitting there silent when he insulted Joy and I would have cheered on Joy if she didn't go the lame bunny ear route but turned her body to face him and said, "Whoa whoa, you wait a minute... who the [[email protected]#$%^&*] do you think you're talking to?? You came on OUR show, don't sit up here thinking you can insult my intelignce in *our home* and that [[email protected]#$%^&*] is just gonna fly. You come at me correct or we can end this interview right now, Barbara be damned."

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