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OLTL: TV Guide interview with Valentini & Carlivati

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Those 2 and 3 year deal mean NOTHING! Other than ABC not wanting peeps to give up on the show.

All through i do think the worm has turned(Frons being the worm)and AMC is now the soap in danger.

FV at least knows how to cut costs , JHC hasn't got a CLUE. At this point OLTL is paying for it's self and GH's overruns.

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In a way, I disagree, if only because sometimes it works better if you haven't decided for sure. I firmly believe, if not have read in print, that Donna Swajeski was still going back & forth on whether to make Vicky's baby Stephen Jamie's or Jake's & they decided it would be Jamie's at the 11th hour. It was clear from all the buildup with Jake & Marley threatening to take custody from Vicky and the Vicky/Marley rivalry that ensued from that, that they were leaning towards Jake for a while there and why not? There was TONS more story that could have been bled from that had it gone that way. But they ended up making Steven Jamie's, making their viewers happy, but still got a lot of mileage going that route, more than they probably even realized they would.

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Oh wow!! I just realized that hack JHC is STILL the EP of AMC. If there's any EP in all of daytime that's needed to be gone in the past 7 years, (ding ding!) she's the one.

It's always boggled my mind that ALL of the sh!t that AMC has put out since she's been there has been solely blamed on their headwriter (McTrash, B&E, and Pratt to name some). Yet the show has been total crap for the better part of the decade & she's been the one constant exec behind the scenes there.

Coincidence? I think not!

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    • Totally agree. AL isn’t suited to Summer written this way (which is, truthfully, in character). HK wasn’t credible in the boss-bitch moments, which AL plays more easily.
    • Welcome back, Tripp 

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      I’m glad Tripp is back in Salem and I like that he’s planning on being more assertive. He doesn’t deserve to get hurt again. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if some people in the Soap Universe are gonna be mad about his lines today Hopefully, we get some scenes of Johnny/Tripp and Wendy/Chanel. There haven’t been that many lately and this storyline definitely needs them. I think weaving Talia into it would be a good idea as well. She needs a new man now that the Colin storyline is over.  Rafe is still dumb. There really are no security cameras at that hospital that could have shown that Colin didn’t take Abe?? Speaking of Abe, his storyline is total ff material. James Reynolds deserves so much better than this. 
    • I've been rewatching early SATC (am mid-season 2), and am enjoying the mid-90s indie film vibe of the show at that time. It was a bit tougher and grittier but it also showed some of the growing wealth of the city at that time. SATC was always about pecking order and jostling for a better position, but on the romantic frontlines. I also enjoyed the Bad Dating SLs LOL. I understand why it went the fairytale-ish route. Part of this mirrored the evolution of the city itself, as Manhattan became more moneyed and, dare I say, unaffordable. It was a glamorous city that many aspired to live in and conquer against the odds. Part of it was also, as the show progressed, our own growing investment in the main cast and their SLs. Hence less standalone episodes and more a continuing soapy story of romantic relationships. IMO, this was a fairly organic evolution.
    • Lanier is fine but I miss Hunter King as well. A lot of the material AL is struggling with currently HK would’ve had an easier time playing, she could knock out those bratty whiny freakout moments with little effort. AL’s Summer should be written as icier and more indignant.
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