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Days: 100 greatest characters

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Pretty sure the top 10 will look like this (in no particular order)

1. Alice Horton

2. Marlena Evans

3. Tom Horton

4. John Black (a character in the top 10 who spent 22 yrs on the show without an identity :lol: )

5. Hope Williams

6. Bo Brady

7. Jennifer Deveraux

8. Julie Williams

9. Sami Brady

10. Stefano DiMera

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By the way, Ken Corday made his own list of the most important men & women in Days history in his recent book. He seems to conflate the actor and character, and the list is obviously weighted to current-day stars and Friends of Ken (I'm looking at you, Josh Taylor):


1. Frances Reid

2. Susan Seaforth Hayes

3. Suzanne Rogers

4. Peggy McCay

5. Kristian Alfonso

6. Mary Beth Evans

7. Deidre Hall

8. Renee Jones

9. Alison Sweeney


1. MacDonald Carey

2. Bill Hayes

3. Josh Taylor

4. James Reynolds

5. Peter Reckell

6. Stephen Nichols

7. Drake Hogestyn

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I like James Reynolds, but he should NOT be higher than Reckell & Nichols. Ditto Mary Beth Evans > Deidre Hall. And RENEE JONES is in Ken's top 10? :lol:

Where are Joe Mascolo, Susan Flannery, and Melissa Reeves on this list?

And where in the f*ck is original cast member John Clarke?

Josh Taylor :lol: :lol: :lol:

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It should go something like this:


1. MacDonald Carey

2. John Clarke

3. Bill Hayes

4. Drake Hogestyn

5. Peter Reckell

6. Stephen Nichols

7. Joseph Mascolo

8. Ed Mallory

9. Joseph Gallison

10. James Reynolds


1. Susan Seaforth Hayes

2. Frances Reid

3. Deidre Hall

4. Suzanne Rogers

5. Kristian Alfonso

6. Melissa Reeves

7. Susan Flannery

8. Mary Beth Evans

9. Patsy Pease

10. Alison Sweeney

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

With actresses like Marie Masters & Melissa Reeves & Patricia Elliot & Sharon Case in the business and barely anyone noticing they're there, I have to most impolitely disagree.

I'd even go so far as to say as Renee Jones is the most overrated actress in all of soap message board land.

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She is the most underrated on DAYS, but I wouldn't consider her the most underrated/underappreciated in ALL of daytime.

She is a DiMera, who's husband is a politician. This woman should be driving major story on the show. Damn shame.

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