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Days: 100 greatest characters

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Laura Horton is too low IMO, she should be top 20.

Chloe, Philip, and Brady should not be in the top 40.

Who do you guys think will be #1?

My top 10 are:

1. Julie

2. Marlena

3. Alice

4. Hope

5. Tom

6. Doug

7. Bo

8. Stefano

9. John

10. Sami

I could also see Jennifer, Mickey, or Maggie in the top 10.

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I think the person compiling the list was a more recent viewer, hence why certain characters were ranked higher then others.

I think I agree with where Laura Horton was but I did disagree with his assessment of the character a bit. I've never seen the first Laura but I do think that the 2nd Laura played the character realistically.

Her character was in a mental hospital for over fifteen years in a drugged out state. I like to view it as a Rip Van Winkle approach since she'd lost over fifteen years of her life. Her daughter was grown, her family had basically moved on, and she felt like she had lost a long period of time. So she became unstable (wouldn't u be if you lost a large chunk of your life and didn't deal with it properly?), oversexed (playing the semi-nice girl in her youth totally didn't do her any favors so why not), and bitter. If the headwriter was a little better, we could have had a fascinating character study.

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I believe you mean the 3rd Laura, Jaime Lyn Bauer. Susan Flannery originated the role, then it was taken over by Rosemary Forsythe.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh Tylerbo, I love ya, but there are a SLEW of characters I'd rank higher than milquetoast Carrie.

Gwen Davies. Anna DiMera. Marie Horton. Liz Chandler. Julie Williams. Melissa Anderson. Hell, I'd rank MADELINE higher than Carrie. :lol: :lol: :lol:

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Whether or not we agree with ranking, I've got to say the poster does justify their choices and has put a lot into it. Every one of these lists would be different if we were doing it.

I'm enjoying the "blast from the past' with a few characters. It's a good jog for the memory, and with so few spots left I'm intrigued where my favourites rank in their estimation. On my list Maggie would be #2, giving Alice the #1 position for a variety of reasons that include respect, longevity and long-term involvement in a whole host of stories.

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