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DAYS: Confused

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Whats the story between Sami & EJ

They got together recently but there is some stuff i am quite confused about

Is EJ Manipulating Sami ?

Is EJ Controlling Sami ?

Is EJ Hiding Something from Sami ?

Does Sami Love EJ ?

Does EJ Love Sami ?

Is there anyone out their to help me figure this out.

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What he's hiding from Sami is that earlier this year, he was the one who orchestrated baby Sydney's kidnapping. He was calling the shots and paying Anna for her efforts in kidnapping the baby. EJ was doing that to punish Sami for betraying him. At first he was going to take Sydney and Johnny away after faking Sydney's death, but then he decided to bring Sydney back home after seeing how devastated Sami was, thinking her daughter died.

To this day Sami still doesn't know that EJ was the one behind the kidnapping. EJ isn't controlling her at all. I do believe EJ really does love Sami, and Sami loves him to. Do not see this relationship lasting after the secret is revealed, though.

ETA: Just recently, Nicole found out EJ's secret and has been blackmailing him with it. Stefano has also known for awhile. And Rafe might find out soon to, since he's been investigating Nicole lately after hearing a suspicious conversation between her and EJ a couple days ago.

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