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Y&R: Hire Lindsay Hartley as a Victoria recast!

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Y&R, would you please hire the talented, Lindsay Hartley as the new Victoria Newman? It is very obvious the majority of Y&R fans are unhappy with Amelia Heinle's portrayal of the character. As you know, the ratings for the soap has been dropping an with Hartley there, you can bet her huge fan base will follow her. Look at Thad and Lindsay - I see a hot couple!


What about the rest of you?

More pics of Lindsay Hartley

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Juliet Mills would be a better Victoria than Lindsay. just kidding...

ETA: Actually since Hogan Sheffer is writing this soap, I could see him doing this: Ashleigh invents a a cream for Jabot that reverses ageing. In revenge for loosing all her money, Gloria tampers with the formula, writing the formula backwards to induce ageing. Amelia Heinle tries the contaminated cream and tranforms into Juliet Mills. Sex scenes ensue with JT therafter while MAB blabs to Nelson Branco "We're paying respect to our show's history by having Gloria contaminate Jabot's cream again!" and "We aren't ageist on this show. If any of our stars are old, I fully encourage them to come out as old on our show".

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