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Y&R: Week of June 15-19, 2009

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So I finally got caught up with the week's worth of episodes and here are some thoughts...

LAME is the most gag inducing couple I've ever seen. I say this as a fan of romance on soaps, but these guys just do absolutely nothing..And normally I can tolerate DG but this week a lot of his acting choices killed me. He kept doing this whisper-type speaking whenever he was being I guess serious?

I can't stand how much I've grown to dislike Billy, who used to be my favorite. I wish there was someone on the canvas I could see Chloe with so she'd get out of his orbit at this point...

Cast/Cooper/Walton are golden. I don't even know what to add that hasn't been said. Cast really needs to be lured to L.A...she still has it.

Oh Mary Jane Mary Jane...I really liked her fantasy sequence of telling Paul...Speaking of Paul, it was nice to see him used so much this week and in multiple stories...Gah if the MTS stuff is true, what a shame.

Ugh watching CE is so bitter sweet, knowing that in oh 3 days there's gunna be a new guy. I wish I could get that out of my head and enjoy his last few days, but it's going to be so jarring since I've enjoyed him immensely in the role especially since the gaslighting began.

Art story sucks.

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I'm hoping that since Cane no longer has any blood ties, they'll find it harder and harder to write for him in relation to the rest of the canvas, thus he'll be written into a corner, and they'll pretty much have to either write him off or kill him off.

Keep the faith, dmarex! :lol:

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I don't have faith regarding Goddard, that type of faith is long gone after all the Sursok hoping. Evil is here, and it won't go away.

I'm sure they'll find a way to make some woman understand why he had to do what he had to do. Obviously the show is keeping representative from the Australian community and apparently "eye candy" (which I just can't see on this character).

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    • She's under Ryan (I added this).  Pam married Tim at some point-- from what I read. If not, let me know.
    • Deborah __- Mehren   Janet Mason's BFF; Sara McIntyre (later Thorpe)' s secretary                                    Olivia Cole   1969-71 Still appearing as of Dec 72  Claudia  __  Dillman   Grace Matthews   1968-69   Marty's overbearing mother Still appearing as of Dec 72 (possibly different actress?) Professor Alex MacDaniels    Keith Charles   September 1975  Married, older Professor involved with student, Hope Bauer in California. Hope's father Mike instructed Alex to break up with Hope under threat of exposure. He did, upsetting Hope deeply.   Hope Bauer Spaulding     daughter                of Mike and Julie        Jennifer Kirschner 1963-65           Paula Schwartz   1968     Elissa Leeds (AW 1966)  1968-73              Tisch Raye  Sept  1975- Jan 76            Robin Mattson  April 1976- July 77             Katherine Justice    May 78-?           Elvera Roussell  March 1979-83
    • GENERAL HOSPITAL WSB Agent  ????   6/1/2023    ushers Martin into office   Stella Henry   -- works on fixing things with Curtis    6/1/2023 Agent Hursley -- coordinates a deal preventing Anna from ever being an agent again   6/1/2023 Courtesy of @depboy's amazing summaries   Bruce Andrews     James McKrell     1970    Handsome patient that took a shine to Denise Wilton.  Denise attempted to make Steve Hardy jealous with his attention.       John Bacardi      ????     Laura's father  1/5/1970 - 2/11/1970  "Fanatical" father of Laura, a girl with a blood condition, Mr. Bacardi doesn't want any transfusions for his daughter.  Threatens Steve Hardy's life if anything happens to his daughter. Angry with the staff, but mostly Steve, after she has court ordered transfusions. He shared his love for his daughter with Nurse Lucille March. When Laura entered isolation for her own good, Bacardi took Steve and informed the hospital that if his daughter dies, so will Dr. Hardy!!!   He finally is able to speak with her on the phone, and she begs him to return to the hospital. Bacardi refuses. Though the staff does their best, Bacardi learns she died from a newspaper article. As Steve again attempts to speak to him, he snaps. Hardy pulls the carpet from beneath his feet. The police arrive, and Steve is patching up his leg. Steve later reports that Bacardi will get a suspended sentence if he allows himself to be committed . Laura Bacardi    ?????    1/5/1970 - 2/3/1970    Patient with a serious blood condition.  Her father was against blood transfusions. Lee Baldwin petitioned the court to allow surgeries and transfusions. After a series of transfusions she has to be isolated from germs with no visitors. After taking Steve Hardy, her father calls her. She begs him to come and see her.  She died, but the hospital tried to keep the news from getting out.  A newspaper article tips off her father. Douglas Burke     Bruce Powers       1/31/1969 - 7/9/1969    Patient admitted with blindness, hypertension and an enlarged heart. He is assigned to Dr. Tracy Adams.  Her first plan is to deal with his hypertension. The two form a bond over his treatment. She warns him about the dangers of his potential renal surgery, then tells Meg she has feelings for Doug. He has the renal surgery and it is successful. Doug tells her he is in love with her.  They discuss a cornea transplant, but Tracy worries that if Doug regains his sight, he'll realize she's black.  Steve Hardy lets them know the operation has an 80 % chance of working.  Doug wants to talk about the possibility of a marriage, but Tracy tries her best to avoid  the subject.   As Doug finally exits the I. C. U.  Tracy confesses to him that she is black.  With his bandages nearly ready to be removed, he tells her that color and love are two different things. As long as the love is there, color means nothing.  When the bandages briefly come off, Doug is stunned by her beauty!  As July rolls in, Doug tells her she's a coward, then decides to go and find her, but a heart attack takes his life. Tracy learns from her good friend, Steve Hardy that Douglas is gone. Mr. Butler        ????   2/27/1970 -  ??   New head of Hospital.  Tells Peter that he's been accused of rape; questions Peter about the case and lets him know that it's bad publicity for the hospital. Beverly Cleveland      Susan Bernard    3/14/1969 - 9/29/1969   Co-worker of Howie Dawson. He helped her avoid problems at work and she helps Howie with his job. She pouts over complaints about short skirts, and borrows money from him. When Beverly complains about her boss constantly hitting on her, he gets possessive. When the boss asks her for a getaway vacation, she declines and gets fired.  The Dawsons invite her to stay with them, Jane and Howie bicker and she feels bad. One good reference for a job from Howie isn't much help. Mrs. Dawson paid Beverly's former boss (Mr. King) $1000.00 for a glowing reference.  She gets the job and moves on. Dennis Y. Dennison    ?????   mentioned  2/27/1969   lawyer Polly claimed would be taking  her case Dr. Donovan     ????  2/20/1970      Meg's doctor-- tells her the lump may be cancerous. Lieutenant __ Fielding  ?????  1/27/1970- February 1970    Police officer assigned to look into Steve Hardy's disappearance.  Helped to track down Bacardi. Tim Flanagan       ??????   2/19/1969        Attorney that calls Lee to ask permission to offer Iris a job.  She turned him down     Barbara X.   (Gordon)    ?????    9/11/1969 - 10/20/1969  Young hepatitis patient that wouldn't give her last name;  Jessie invites her to be Jessie's guest while she recuperates.  Threatens to run away when her father tracks her down.  Her father, Ralph Gordon admits he's screwed up and Barbara agrees to give him another chance.  Contacts Jessie (11/3/1969) to tell Jessie she's back in school and doing well. Ralph Gordon    ?????     10/14 -10/20/1969     Father of Barbara X.  Wants Barbara to give him another chance. Phoebe Harmon    Robin Raymond   August 1969     Peter's lonely patient whose husband left her; befriended by Jessie Brewer. Mr. King     ????     9/26 & 9/29/1969     Beverly's former boss -- took $1000.00 from Mrs. Dawson to give Beverly a good recommendation letter.   Dr. ___ Morgan   ???   October 1970   OBGYN that tells Audrey that she's pregnant.   Bernice Ostrand    ?????   May 1970    Accused Dr. Peter Taylor of rape. He was only in the room alone with her because he believed Bernice to be suicidal.  She admitted on the stand that it wasn't the truth. Peter was exonerated.   Dr. Overland     ?????    3/5/1969    Lee's doctor for a back problem   says he needs to stay in traction   Attorney R. F. Sawyer   ?????    3/2/1970 - May 1970     Filed a rape case against Peter Taylor for Bernice Ostrand. Took him to court   Mrs. ___ ___ Taylor  Mentioned in a letter -- April 14, 1970;  ????  April 21 - May 1970;   Louise Fitch   May 1970 - October 1, 1970.  Peter's loving mother; she arrives with an enlarged heart. After seeing Peter and Jessie together, she urges Jessie to marry her son. In late September, she had a heart attack.  October 1st, she gleefully supports Jessie and Peter's relationship, asking them not to mourn her when she dies.  Sharon McGillis Pinkham tells Steve the following day that Mrs. Taylor passed overnight in her sleep, peacefully.   Jeffrey Walters     Adolph Caesar     7/30/1969 - 1/2/1970     Brought up from the Emergency Room, Dr. Tracy Adams is assigned to his case. Walters is hostile to her, and they disagree about how to help their community.  Jeff is upset when he learns that she had fallen for a white man (Douglas Burke). As October rolls around, her former patient calls her to "do lunch".  He convinces Tracy to run a hygiene class for "ghetto"children. After helping young Scott Bentley with his kidney issues, Tracy is surprised by a proposal of marriage. She says yes, and on 1/2/1970 they married and went off into the sunset together

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      .   Carol Webster   Nancy Fisher     First mentioned -- 9/30/1969.   10/8/1969 - July 1970.    Jane's cousin who came  to stay with the Dawsons after Beverly left. Has great news about a job with NOW Magazine.  Drives Howie crazy by telling him to dress properly to find a job, correct manners for interviews and dinners, etc. While Howie finds her bossy, his roving eye still ends up finding his pregnant wife's cousin irresistible.  By March of 1970, she not only kissed him, but invited him to an advertising party fr NOW Magazine in New York City.  Howie went with her to NYC and didn't mention that Carol would also be there. Of course, Jane found out.  Howie gave in, but rushed to Jane's side in the Maternity Ward.  Her baby doesn't make it. As Jane had enough with Howie, Carol had to end their involvement, unable to cause more grief to Jane.   Additions to Tracy Adams, Iris Fairchild, Denise Wilton and others previously posted coming soon.
    • Oh and, Noah and Allie aren't gone forever. SOD asked a YR rep and they said this Paris stuff is simply a vacation and they'll be back soon.   Probably still on recurring but, not completely gone  
    • How much can you really do with 3 months in a finite stint on a soap anyway?
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