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Y&R: Week of June 15-19, 2009

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Yes, that's the one. Thanks for posting that MTS. I didn't see the whole thing. So I guess its next week, but if that doesn't happen until next week, I don't get why CBS would show Nina saying that.

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I can't believe it but I'm in love with two women now - EH and SH! I should call my mamma and give her the good news!

EH has always been great but the character had me waiting for a house to fall on her, but from her performances last week and now today she's one of my favs. When she told Billy it was over, "believe me" and threw the ring I clapped! This has been a long time coming and I hope the reason Phyllis didn't elect to have a nasty divorce is because the writers planned one for Chloe! Think when Jill took John's money, nasty divorce.


I really like how they contrast the Patty/Jack story with the Chloe/Billy story - showing that a woman in the same position can be driven crazy by a man but make totally different choices. Love the writing - it's almost poetic how they cross storylines.

MJ is SO my girl, though! What was she going to do to Summer!?? How apropos was Nelson's rave about SH on today? Victor didn't mention what JT said about getting caught snooping on the ranch so he's definitely playing her and has a maneuver up his sleeve.

So glad they addressed Jack's scars and Phyllis not knowing why they're there. So interesting to see former psycho Phyllis get played by current psycho MJ.

i'm very much on the fence about Clem's Mac. One moment I like her the next i'm like how did you get this part?

Nina: The Cane Slayer!!! She's gonna rat him out big time, and as much as I don't hate Cane like everyone else i love seeing Nina avenge Phillip - even if Phillip is the one who created him in the first place.

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The Jack scars surprised me...mostly because I can't believe I never thought about them. OF COURSE they'd be there, and of course Phyllis would have seen them.

I like CF's Mac. She's different from anyone else on the canvas. For that, alone, I like the different flavor she brings.

"almost poetic"? Cashton, Cashton, Cashton! I totally agree. (I also think there are nice parallels between Chloe-Billy-Mac and Phyllis-Nick-Sharon...so it is interesting to see how these different triads make different choices...). But you'll get slain/flamed for referencing any kind of art in relationship to this show :).

Haiduk is remarkable. I totally feel for her. And I shouldn't. "I don't want to be your enemy," she quietly wishes.

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