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AMC: Pratt on May Sweeps

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"All My Children's" head writer, Charles Pratt Jr., says his May sweeps will really show what he has been working toward since replacing Megan McTavish. "When you take over a soap," explains Pratt, "you just cannot dump every story line. There were plots that needed to be wrapped up. Some plots needed to be advanced. This May, I take all credit and blame for what will be on screen." Pratt promises more of Michael E. Knight (Tad). "We know he is a loving father. Tad has always had a fun side. It is time to bring that back. A major occurrence in his life will bring about a major physical change for him. With that change will come the merging of Tad the Cad and Tad the Dad." Also, a major character is going to be killed off. There has been lots of speculation elsewhere as who is going to literally be axed. We don't deal in guesses, so we will not speculate. Just be sure to tune in to "AMC" in May. It will be like watching a whole new soap but with it going back to basics.


Uh he took over for B&E, NOT McTavish

So basically nothing was his fault until May sweeps? :rolleyes:

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Tad is over 50 years old. He has not been a cad in a very long time. He is a self-righteous and emotionally abusive man, a murderer, he has been a lousy father to all of his children. I don't expect any of this to ever be addressed, but I really wish we could get a break from hearing about how wonderful he is.

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What an idiot. The longer Pratt has been with AMC (ie the longer he has had to steer the show away from B&E's vision to his own vision, the worse it has gotten, not better. AMC was great in September, when he was supposedly stuck with material from the previous regime (which really he wasn't: By the time Pratt's material started there was not much going on so he was not really boxed into anything other than Annie being a killer).

This moron is in the current SOW talking about how killing Dixie was such a dumb move and then on the very same page is pimping his story that will have Stuart brutally murdered. How can he not see the parallel there?

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As Dorothy Parker once said, "What fresh hell is this?".

* * * * *

Charles Pratt Jr: "When you take over a soap, you just cannot dump every story line."

Khan: Now, once you're entrenched as HW, that's different. You can dump whatever you like. Look at all the s**t he dumped on SANTA BARBARA.

CPJ: Come on, you were like nine when I wrote SANTA BARBARA.

Khan: You don't have to be an adult to know what a short attention span is.

CPJ: "This May, I take all credit and blame for what will be on screen."

Khan: You should. Everything that's on screen now, you did years ago on MELROSE and MODELS, INC.

CPJ: I promise there'll be more Tad. "Tad has always had a fun side. It is time to bring that back."

Khan: By rewriting Dixie's murder?

CPJ: "A major occurrence in his life will bring about a major physical change for him."

Khan: Oh. (beat) Cancer?

CPJ: Yep.

Khan: Prostate?

CPJ: Testicular.

Khan: I see the sexual hijinks unfolding already.

Agnes Nixon: Now, Mr. Pratt, you promised....

CPJ: Yeah, yeah. It'll be so relevant, you'll swear it's "Good Morning, America".


CPJ: If you don't mind, Aggie, we're in the middle of an interview? Can somebody take Aggie back to the home?

Khan: She doesn't live in a nursing home, you jackass.

CPJ: Well, can we put her in one?

Brian Scott Frons: Not on Disney's dime! We need the cash for when Michael Park's contract's up. How ya feel about Park as Greg Nelson, Chuck?

CPJ: Dunno. Actually, I'm feeling more...Thomas Calabro.

Khan: I feel you two need to be taken out into an open field and shot.

Lynda Hirsch: So, this May, watching AMC "will be like watching a whole new soap but with it going back to basics"!

Khan: Seriously, Lynda? Do you even know what you're saying? Well. You go back to basics. I'll go back to YouTube and see if I can't find anymore old AMC clips. At this rate, I'll take even the worst of Megan McTavish.

Megan McTavish: Did I hear my name get called?

Khan: Oh Lord.

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LMFAO OMG that was awesome!

Pratt is basically taking what McT wrote and just rewriting it. The man has NO originality whatsoever. He wouldn't know originality if it bit him on the ass.

Did McT get as much bad press and flack as Prass is currently getting? I mean heck she wrote good stuff and bad stuff, but Prass is LITERALLY getting it from all sides. I haven't seen one single good word about him or ANY of his storylines anywhere.

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I am glad Pratt is bringing Tad front and center.

I don't get all of this Pratt bashing. I'm enjoying what he is doing with AMC. He has made it faster paced, better storylines, and more balance. I'm glad he didn't mention B&E because let's face it, they were the worst writers IMO on AMC. Also even though many dislike whats going on with AMC, the ratings have stablized and that is something that hasn't happened since of February 2006.

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    • He's handsome too. However, I'd just prefer they kill Jax off at this point. Jax really became pointless (to me) after being married to Skye. He was OK with Courtney originally, but they quickly sacrificed him for Courtney/Nicholas. And I never bought Jax with Carly. Yes, Ingo and Laura had off-the-charts chemistry, but Jax was always a placeholder for Jason & Sonny. 
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    • If I had been watching from day 1 up until Phil was murdered I would have been rooting for Jessie to have done it!
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