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  1. Didn't watch the Emmys. Who cares about them anyway? Although B&B winning Best Writing is a bit of a joke, I have to say...

  2. Thanks, Scryber. "Recasted" is my biggest pet peeve EVER!

  3. Thought this was interesting: AMC composer John Wineglass has his own site: johnwineglass.net There is a "score player" at the bottom of the mainpage, and it includes A LOT of scores from AMC. Some of these are my favorites; he does a lot of good suspense pieces as well as piano pieces. -- Here's Title 88 (The Drive at Night 2) in a scene from AMC. Interesting to note and see how a long score is mixed and edited to fit an individual scene. Check it out and compare and contrast! -- The list: Title 38: Sad Theme Title 58: Pondering Title 62: Danger Lurking Title 63: Danger Lurking 2 Title 64: A Lonely Dark Hallway Title 65: Mars Attack Title 67: Circulating Spheres Title 68: Sad Fretless 2 Title 69: Mars Attack 2 Title 70: Solitude Waters Title 72: In the Shadows Title 73: Sad Revelation Title 74: Tim Burton's Lullaby 2 Title 78: Analong Oscillators in the Night Title 80: Suspense in Open Water Title 81: Suspense Tag Title 88: The Drive at Night 2
  4. Whether it's Marty's work or not the music the last week on AMC has been really great. Love those violin and woodwind pieces, they remind me of Thomas Newman for soaps!
  5. Perhaps, but he's worked with Carruthers at GH and PC, so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that she called him up and asked him to start composing pieces for AMC.
  6. I'm really glad that he's at AMC. I was thinking today, that besides the good writing and acting, the background music has really perfected the shows this week.
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