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Y&R: Week of April 20, 2009

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I thought her pet chipmunk was Gloria? B)

The electro-music -- wow. Talk about serious Santa Barbara flashbacks. I can't decide whether I like or hate it. On one hand, it is evocative -- taking me back to a time when I loved soaps. On the other... this isn't the 80s. Nor is it SB.

Another wow -- Lane. Their clichéd dialogue NEEDS to go!

LeeLee: You just made this huge decison. You can't expect to have all the answers.

Coine: Yeah. I'm still figuring out the questions. (Me = :lol: )

LeeLee: Yeah. I've been figuring out some stuff, too.

Coine: You are going to finish college, roight?

LeeLee (unconvincingly): Uhhhhhh. Yeah. Of course, yeah. I've just.... I don't know, y'know, more and more, I've realized how much I miss modelling.


Ah, yes. The rough-and-tumble, challenging work that is applying lip gloss and smiling into a camera! I can't WAIT to see another scintillating SL featuring the conflict of interest between LeeLee's Jabot obligations and her Psych 101 class.

And how uncomfortable was Christel Khalil with Daniel Goddard's attempt at improvisation when he broke out the engagement ring. "Goodness!" :lol:

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I have another research request...just a small one.

There is a raging debate on DC between Jamey Giddens and a correspondent about the true harm that LML did to the ratings.

It's time to put real tools to answer the question.

I'm working of Toups "Resource Archive", and I just want to confirm these start dates with you all:

LML, Alden and Smith: 2/16/2006

LML, Alden: 11/13/2006

LML: 12/26/2006

JG & MAB: 12/26/2007

MAB: 4/22/2008

Now, I know there were other configurations of co-HW, etc, but do these sound right?

My plan is to PRECISELY estimate the slope of absolute and relative change during these periods. I plan to look at three different numbers: (a) overall change (which will be decline); (B) periods of growth, stability and decline (because I still think LML actually had more gain than decline during the early part of her run, whereas MAB was pure bleeding for the first part of her run); and © proportional change from starting base, probably unitized to a 12-month period to facilitate comparisons.

I wanna put this debate about whether LML was NUMERICALLY harmful to bed once and for all :)

I totally agree that that 12+month period after Smith and Alden left, in particular, was a disaster. But numerically...I think the early part of that was a shocking success.

My specific recollection was that the Reliquary/death of John Abbott and Pheila (gag, I know it!) substantially goosed the ratings. My recollection was that after Pheila, though, LML lost momentum and ratings fell. I want to see if I can back all that up.

(If anyone knows the specific dates of the above mentioned storylines, that would help too. I'm actually eager to find the run dates of the following storylines...which I might be able to figure out--if I get time--looking at SOC:

Brad/George Kaplan/Reliquary

Victor's Epilepsy

John's cardiovascular challenges, confusion, death, and immediate aftermath

Senate Race/Clear Springs

Sabrina-introduction through death (I know that was August 2008)

Kay/Marge tale (beginning in October/November 2008 and ending in April 2009) )

We're gonna find the definitive answer to these questions! :)

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Don't you think it was a wink? A joke? A smile? "Let's make Kevin crazy and catatonic. Since this is the harvest of childhood abuse, let's "leaven" it with some humor. We'll make a chipmunk-college-mascot be the symbol of his insanity...to show both how whacked he is...but to make the audience smile ")

Like you, I agree that this is a total FAIL. Not the story (although many others feel the whole story sucks -- and the character -- and the whole Fisher family), but the chipmunk angle.

Although they'll get A-plus from me for trying something new :).

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