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Hi I'm new here!!


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Hi, I've actually been looking on this board for a little while (you guys have some of the best spoilers around) but I finally figured I'd get in on the action.

My name's Jackie and i'm 18.

Soap wise I watch Days (John and Marlena are my fav couple) and AMC (Zendall fan for life)

Primetime..my fav shows are Nip/Tuck, CSI, Family Guy, and Howard Stern. Theres plenty others but I figured I'd at least stop in here and say hi to everyone..i'm sure you'll see me post around.

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Hey Jackie,

Fellow DAYS fan (well, ex fan) and Nip/Tuck fan. Did you see this week's with the plane crash? It was good but I thought the end was predictable.

Welcome to SON. I don't post much but please check out my DAYS spin-off fanfic in my blog section (link is in my sig). I've been fed up with DAYS for years so I decided to spin-if-off in my own direction starting earlier this month. Hope you get around to checking it out.


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