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How GH can Improve

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A time machine.

Lure Bob Guza off on the long-heralded Sopranos film (don't tell him that he'll just be serving coffee and donuts to the crew).

Send Brian Frons screaming into the night by accidentally putting a Golden Girls marathon on Soapnet. Old women! Ew! Not that!

Have Gloria Monty, Pat Falken Smith, Doug Marland, and Frank and Doris Hursley provide ideas through seance.

Seriously, I don't know what to say. I just say get rid of Frons and Guza, ASAP.

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Add some racial diversity, whether it's the Wards or Simone Hardy's offspring

Give the female characters some dignity

Have Sonny, the entire Zacharra family, and/or Jason whacked or put away in prison for a LONG time

Tone down the darkness, violence, and amorality

Re-establish the Hardys, the Webbers, and/or the Quartermaines as the central family

Re-establish Monica, Bobbie, Alexis, and LAURA as the leading matriarchs

Re-introduce Lucas Jones and put him in a groundbreaking gay storyline (a young gay mobster - that would be a twist)

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GH doesn't need much to improve.

1. Reduce the airtime dedicated to the mob (Sonny, Jason, Carly, Spinelli and their significant others/friends) to 50% percent of the show. Give the rest of characters the time to have their stories more fully fleshed out. This will also reduce the budget.

2. Add another 20 something female character so that their younger male leads have more possible love interests.

3. Have some f'ing diversity beyond the token person of color.

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1)AXE GUZA and Jill Pharren Phelps

2) Quit having all storylines focus on the mob, better yet, dropped the mob altogether

3) Axe the irriating characters like Anthony, Spinelli, Winifried

4) Bring in more Quartermaines and give them all more storylines

5) Make Emily, Alan & Georgie alive, have Helena be the cause of their faked deaths

6) bring back Genie Francis as Laura on longterm contract

7) bring back old faves like Tristan Rogers(Robert), Finola Hughes(Anna), Kin Shriner(Scott) and others on long-term contracts with storylines.

8) quit doing the same old storylines over and over ---- mob crap, everyone trapped in a building and deaths.

9) get rid of Megan Ward(Kate)

10) Turn Jason Morgan back to Jason Quartermaine after a gunshot to the brain!

11) Update the opening

12) Bring back Lucas as others have said with a major storyline.

13) Bring back Kristina Wagner(Felicia) and re-cast Frisco, or get back Jack Wagner.

14) Bring in Elizabeth's family. Jeff, her mother, bring back Audrey, bring back Steven Lars and maybe Sarah too. Elizabeth is such a major character but GH has NEVER done her family justice.

15) Put Stuart Damon(Alan), Jackie Zeman(Bobbie) back on contract.

16) give the talented, non-contract players such as Blake Gibbons(Coleman), Kent King(Laine) & Minae Noji(Kelly) more to do and maybe put 'em on contract.

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I agree with the need to give female characters back some dignity, especially the ones associated with the mob. They are such lap dogs. Look how fun strong Maxie has lost her dignity associating with Spinelli.

In the end, nothing will change unless Guza leaves or is fired and that will never happen.

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Guza must go. JFP can take a walk too.

Balance the show. Think Guiding Light in the early 90's- the show should be an ensemble.

Give back to the Quartermaines, stop taking from them (maybe Jimmy Lee Holt and Celia had a child or 2), and I am 100% behind Alan, Emily, Georgie, and Coop (now in love with Georgie) being held captive by Helena Cassadine and her man Friday Faison, in a plot to get even with Spencers/Felicia!

Get Vanessa Marcil back on the show, and put her in storylines that help the show gain viewers. If that means reunite her with Sonny, so be it!

Give Kate something real to do involving her job, and get her a new man that Sonny will not like. Like Scotty.

Bring back Laura and have her and Luke bring down the Cassadines for good, ending the "curse", and create a new dynamic between the characters as Laura is now stronger and able to stand on her own for the first time in years.

Raise the stakes for Tracey and ELQ, bring back Ned (played by someone else, even Kurt McKinny, I am sad to admit that the wally Kurth version has been written into a corner), pair him with Alexis, and give his mother something to be happy about and fight to control, her son as the head of the Q's.

TPTB need to focus this show on adventure, medical stories, love, mystery, and friendships. Mix the Labine/Riche with Monty. Love in wartime has sucked for years, and is not getting better.

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Something else-

The ego on these people! I am sick of reading/hearing over the years how so and so do not want to play certain storylines or scenes because of how they feel about the storylines/characters. Steve Burton is one fo the worst. He has fought almost every romatic storyline on the show.

We are trying to raise the ratings and save the show. GH is a soap, it should be filled with romance, even if there is also violence and mob stuff.

I am not saying I want to see any of these things myself, but the time has come to get the show back on track, and stop doing what the performers want to play.

If fans want to see Liz/Jason, theys hould be paired up. Not teased and shelved for years. I myself want Liz/Lucky, but I want Lucky played by the current actor but with a brain. I know he has one.

If fans want Brenda/Sonny, let that be the story! No Carly/Sonny has ever come close to the ratings and response to S&B.

I want Luke to be like he was in the 80's/early 90's, not this nasty joke, no matter how much Geary thinks Luke would pick Tracy over Laura. He wouldn't.

If we bring back Holly, Anna, Robert, etc, lets see those beloved characters, not jokes or trash them beyond recognition.

We should see romance on this show, with love scenes, and yes that means Jason should loose his shirt sometimes. He is the leading male actor on a soap. Get over it. Sam should not be the only one laying naked in a bed. If they think they are making art now, they should revisit tapes of the show during Labine/Riche, and even early Guza/Riche. The show was special then, and it was sexy, and that is OKAY!!

Finally- Give Sam some brains and purpose, or get her off the show.

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ITA. There needs to be more balance. It started that way but as every year passed, every character became linked to the mob, whether romantically or through family ties. Then you throw in more screentime for those 3 jokers and you got yourself a problem. A problem that no one wants to fix. Now, the whole damn town is a mob mole.

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You do realize that JFP was a part of that era, right?

I think what GH needs right now, more than anything, is less mob. I don't expect the show to be what Labine made GH or what Karen Harris made PC(in terms of revolving everything around the hospital). I understand there are other elements to the show.

But there needs to be a lot less mob. And I want the mobsters to not be glorified and have actions for their consequences. I don't think removing the mob would be a good idea. But there should be a lot less.

I hope the new hospital set will open the door for more stories told on that set(even though many are predicting the set will be small). I think it's pointless to have a permanent set up that you never utilize.

I would only want one character offed: Spinelli. Bullet to the head by a mob guy. Maxie cries, has a breakdown and splits into her own BJ personality via her dream, whatever. I just want Spinelli outta there.

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