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Yesterday DOJ sentence recommendation for Stone was 8 years (I think), but after Trump tweeted it was too excessive, has today descended their recommendation, claiming ots to excessive


Also Graham says AG Barr and the DOJ will work with Guiliani in investigating the Bidens!

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4 hours ago, Soapsuds said:

Damn...Biden already left New Hampshire.


I read somewhere that Bloomberg was only running to stop Bernie, but it looks like he's helping him more than anything.   He and Tom Steyer (maybe Mayor Pete as well) are just taking more votes away from Biden.


Idiots like this don't help.



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5 hours ago, DramatistDreamer said:

Bloomberg is racist is currently the #2 trending topic on Twitter. Can't say that I'm surprised, it was bound to happen.


Apparently, a tape where Mike Bloomberg is heard defending stop-and-frisk is making the rounds on social media.  I'm not surprised either, @DramatistDreamer.  Like you said, it was bound to happen.


But, I thought Bloomberg's defense of the procedure (which, granted, he has since apologized for) was common knowledge, so where is Twitter's sudden outrage coming from?

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1 hour ago, Faulkner said:



It looks like Michael Bennet is dropping out, too, which is good, in terms of narrowing the field of candidates.


Of course, I can't help but wonder if he stayed in this long, because his voters kept confusing him with the guy who directed "A Chorus Line" and "Dreamgirls."


35 minutes ago, lovely_m said:

If I were Warren I'd be pissed that Bernie hasn't had to answer how he'll pay for any of his plans.


Not just Bernie Sanders.  It seems like Elizabeth Warren is the ONLY candidate who keeps getting pinned down by how-are-you-gonna-pay-for-it questions, like she's the only snake oil salesman in the group.

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