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So if I'm reading the previous posts correctly, this 14 month show had three headwriters?!?! No wonder it didn't last, with the constance change over at the top.

Didn't that Anne Bailey head-write DAYS for several months in 1989/1990? I seem to recall a lot of strange stories took place during that time (i.e. Steve/Kayla being threatened by his never mentioned return from the dead wife, Shane presumed dead while Kimberly sleeps with some psycho cop.. and didn't Genie Francis' character all of a sudden don a wig and disappear?).

It's nice to know that head-writer recycling wasn't just a 90s/2000s thing, it went all the way back to the 60s/70s.

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Anne Howard Bailey also was headwriter at Santa Barbara, which resulted in co-creators Bridget and Jerome Dobson being locked out of the studio when they tried to fire her - and leading to lawsuits to and from NBC AND New World Productions, which owned the show. It's amazing things stayed as top-notch onscreen as long as they did with all that turmoil going on with the Dobsons.

But yeah, THREE headwriters in little over a year. Yikes. No wonder there was no sense of consistency.

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She was on Guiding Light in the early 1990s as Jean Weatherhill, who was murdered by Holly's lover Daniel St. John. Her IMDB profile shows more recent credits, including The Good Wife.

Does anyone know whatever happened to Jennifer Harmon? It seems that she dropped off the face of the earth after her stint as the last (?) Cathy Craig on OLTL.

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