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  1. I think she was born in 1947 and that is her in that ad. It looks so much like her, starting with that glare she’s got! I’m pretty sure Tudor did a fair amount of modeling back in the day.
  2. Is there any possibility that this is Christine Tudor? It sure looks like her. But this was shot in 1968 so not sure she would have been old enough for this.
  3. One of the leading ladies on the Dutch soap Goede Tijden, Schlecte Tijden, announced on Instagram tonight that the show’s last episode of the season airs May 28th, about five weeks before their cliffhanger season finale would have aired. Because they had to abruptly halt filming a few weeks ago they hadn’t gotten to the point of filming the cliffhanger yet. I wonder if this sort of situation has also affected any of the German soaps? I know Sturm der Liebe is shot many months in advance.
  4. Well, Bryant Park is even closer! I wonder if that’s where they shot that scene.
  5. Here’s a clip of the Verduyn family, the first one with all of them together in one scene.
  6. I realize the earlier thread was shut down years ago but I became hooked on this show when I was in the Netherlands from mid December to mid January. I couldn’t understand any of the dialogue so it was fun to figure out what the storylines were. Anybody out there who can fill me in on the basics? I’m already a big fan of the Verduyn family-patriarch Julian had been a character on GTST from 1995 to 1999 and has returned with a wife, three kids and a dog!
  7. I think it was something like January 25, 1977? I’m not positive but it was definitely around that time.
  8. I loved finally seeing the episodes Geri (Geraldine) Court told me about, the ones where Steffi was in the hospital sick with rheumatic fever. She would have us rolling on the floor describing how the little girl playing Steffi was not the most patient when having to lie in bed for long periods of time, pretending to be unconscious. At one point during a take the kid volunteered the line "Steffi's not feeling too good!" and the alcohol-soaked towel on her forehead slid down to her mouth. Geri said she and David O'Brien (who at that point were watching her through an observation window) thought that was a hoot and a half and cracked up laughing. God bless Retro for finally giving me the opportunity to actually see it! I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention this but Doug Marland did want Geri for Tracy Quartermaine on GH but Gloria Monty nixed the idea-she wanted Jane Elliot. Doug made up for it with GL, though.
  9. That’s very kind of you, thank you. I miss Geri every day. Watching her performance as Dr. Ann Larimer from the beginning thanks to Retro TV really has been amazing. When I did that play with her in the fall of 1977 (I played her son, she played a nightmare of a mother) I had only seen bits of Dr. Ann Larimer before then and she was clearly a villainess. I’m trying to remember why Doug Marland never created a character for her on ATWT but I think it was really down to the fact that the show was already chock a block with leading ladies. I want to say she was offered the short term role of a visiting socialite friend of Lucinda’s (someone named Adelaide?) but she ended up turning it down. I doubt it had anything to do with Liz Hubbard. I seem to remember she liked Hubbard well enough but was never close with her like she was with Anna and Lauren (White).
  10. I think she was only meant to be a temporary replacement because Jennifer Houlton was back a few weeks later, wasn’t she? It’s fun watching what I think are the final weeks of my fellow Adams Chronicles castmate David Elliott as Billy. These days he’s a master carpenter, he builds sets out in LA. I’ll definitely be fast-forwarding scenes of his replacement Shawn Campbell. When I’d see Campbell at auditions he gave me the creeps big-time. For one thing he always gave off a drug dealer/porn actor vibe. Blecch. Ah, Paul Carr as Dr. Summers. I remember Geraldine (Court) loved working with him along with David O’Brien and Glenn Corbett. They shared a lot of laughs together. I’m looking forward to the scene where they were all behind the observation glass at the hospital watching little Stephanie Aldrich. Geri had me in stitches describing them failing miserably at avoiding laughter jags at the child actress whimpering “Steffie feeling bad!” while the sheet meant to cover part of her face kept sliding down. Now that Anna Stuart’s gone I’ll cherish on YT what seemed to be the only scenes they shared on TD which was the aftermath of Toni giving birth. Anna Banana was Geri’s best friend right up to her death a few years ago.
  11. Back in the early 1980s I went several years in a row to a Christmas dinner hosted by a friend at her beautiful apartment at the Apthorp on NY's Upper West Side. I remember James Greene (Jason #2) would be there with his girlfriend...Christine Baranski. He was an extremely nice man. I think he died in the late 80's and she soon afterward began a relationship with Matthew Cowles (Billy Clyde, AMC) which led to marriage.
  12. The one character I’ve ever wanted to see in a prison storyline, Pat on EE, was never seen in prison on camera during her stint.
  13. Chris was a pretty devious fellow, though. And Rachel was a dumbass. Remember how she died? I doubt my theory is true but ya nevah know.
  14. Of course re Ashley/Laurel/Arthur. This wouldn’t quite be the same situation, though. I can see Chris Tate having bought a baby (he hadn’t even met Charity yet) after his and Rachel’s died. He passed him off as a Tate and never told anyone, especially Rachel. As for Debbie and Joe having had sex, yeah, that would be a huge ewwww....but it wouldn’t be unprecedented. There were those two siblings on Brookside...
  15. He doesn’t look a few years younger than Debbie, though, does he? At first I thought it could be Gerry but he’s definitely too young. This could be a real long shot but could it actually be...Joe? Has Emmerdale done a baby switch story yet? Joe does appear to be the right age to fit the storyline. But then again Joe and Debbie have had sex so...ewww. But...I don’t know... Edited by TimWil, One minute ago.
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