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I started watching again in 2004 and almost quit like 5 times. And yes she did, but like sungrey said

Kreizman wants us to forget that. Lord I can just see the next SOD headline, GL: Lillian Pregnant with triplets.

Oh wait Lillian is not a Cooper, Lewis or Foley so we won't see her even with a bad storyline <_<

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Oh good! *claps hands in delight* Sharon betrays Jack again.

End it already. The show is clearly heading towards every angle possible in the quad with Sharon and Nick at it's centerpiece. Oh what I could give if Nick could at least be paired with Heather. Or Amber. If not Phyllis, I would prefer we don't got down the same road we have traveled every year since they broke Nick and Sharon up. Let them be...apart.

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    • He's handsome too. However, I'd just prefer they kill Jax off at this point. Jax really became pointless (to me) after being married to Skye. He was OK with Courtney originally, but they quickly sacrificed him for Courtney/Nicholas. And I never bought Jax with Carly. Yes, Ingo and Laura had off-the-charts chemistry, but Jax was always a placeholder for Jason & Sonny. 
    • Carly, just smack your scumbag daughter right in her disgusting face 

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      Why does Joss have like unlimited guarantees? She’s been in 6 of the last 7 episodes Btw, a lot of people are gonna owe Ned an apology when this is all said and done. 
    • It'd be the greatest thing to happen to GH since whats-their-names went on the run from Frank Smith.
    • Speaking of Phil's murder, did anyone here watch the story in "real time"?  Was the reveal shocking, or was it underwhelming?  Given what I know about the storyline, I question whether I would have found the denouement satisfying.  I feel like "Who Killed Phil Brewer?" was one of those stories that demanded a huge, shocking twist, like "Surprise!  Phil actually killed himself!".
    • If I had been watching from day 1 up until Phil was murdered I would have been rooting for Jessie to have done it!
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