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So, Y&RWT, or Amello, badboy, anyone else, any thoughts on the first day of the Sharpe family?

I liked Gabby, I thought she had a lot of presence even though she was mostly bleeding on the street or terrified in a hospital bed. I assume that her husband is abusive, based on some of her actions today and also on the implication that she was packing up the kids to run away.

The Sharpe children, especially the daughter, were shocking. When she spoke it was like Sasha Valentine all over again, the line readings were so lifeless.

The rest of the show wasn't very interesting. Suzanne has become unbearable and Cindy being rude to Elliot was the only interesting part of those scenes. I don't care about Rae and Newt either, although Frankie of all people going after someone for being miserable was hilarious. Newt's mother also had some dead line readings but the scenes with Newt and his baby brother were cute. I guess Newt must be leaving with them? Is she actually clean and sober? Most of the time when a character comes on a soap and says they are, it means they're not.

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Regarding the Sharpe family, the woman who plays the mother has a strong presence about her. Tony annoyed me in those scenes with her and her children though. If I was the daughter, I'd be skizzed out by him too. Though, it seems Gabby might be paired with Tony, which could be good (if the actor doesn't end up quitting :lol: .) However, I agree with you about the daughter ... nothing there at all. Let's hope she gets better with time. I don't think we got enough of the brother just yet to judge. I just hope he isn't angry all the time, that will get old quick.

I'm praying Rae doesn't last long. How annoying can a character be? Frankie was awesome in that scene. Plus, what the hell does Newt see in this twit. At least Lauren had some brains, even if she was a miserable cow all the time. I thought I would be sad to see Newt go, but this story, with him mostly focused on this chick I can't stand, I say good riddance. I hope he gets a happy ending at least.

Cindy was funny in parts, like making fun of Eliot and wanting to just step over Neville. Gotta love her.

Lastly, I don't really understand the point of this Darren/Suzanne story, but if we get some nice shots of Darren's ass like we did today, I think I may be able to stomach it. But again I say, RHYS & DARREN is where it is at. They have so much chemistry together ... (I'll go back to my dream world now.)

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That's a good point about the mob.

They do seem to be setting up something with Tony and Gabby. I think they worked well together but he was a bit overinvolved. I guess it's because no one else was there to help.

I wish he and Dom didn't wear those huge sweaters all the time.

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Don`t mind Amber at all. She is better than Sasha by a long strech. Gabby is good and i do like Taylor. He is the strongest out of the three but we haven`t seen the dad yet so who knows.

Oh and Nick Pickard isn`t leaving


Guess we can blow a hugh sigh of relief. But i do think they need to use Dom more. Maybe pair her up with someone that is being thrown around on screen. I`m thinking someone like Jem,India or maybe Jacqui. That maybe Jacqui`s new mysterious romance.

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The stuff with Tony and Gabby is still good, although he's becoming very familiar with her very quickly.

They're really making me start to hate Suzanne.

Newt's mother talks just like Amy (I want to hear her say, "I don't curr."). I assume the thrilling cliffhanger will have Newt assume his mother is gone for good but then she actually is just gone on a job interview.

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Amello, I think they wrote that Darren/Rhys scene just for you, the one where Rhys was in his face and said, "I'm watching you." :lol:

The scenes with Tony and Taylor Sharpe were a lot better than I expected, but I don't think it's his business to go in there and make all these presumptions about Gaby and her marriage. She was a lot nicer than I might have been in that situation. I guess my response at least means I care about her and her son (still not sure on the monotone daughter).

Who do you think walked in on Darren and Suzanne? Oddly enough the synopsis I read before the episode said someone walked in on NEVILLE and Suzanne.

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