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Hollyoaks: Discussion Thread


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I don't know the track record for Daily Star and soaps, but every soap scoop they've had the past few days has annoyed me, so I hope it's false.

Marquess did say he was going to have some stories to get away from the depressing atmosphere so I guess this might be one of them.

I did think of the alien on GH, until I got to the boob-grabbing part. Casey the Alien going honk honk with Tiffany and Bobbie and Lucy would have been fascinating viewing. :P

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I'd forgotten about that.

Someone at Digital Spy said that one of the new characters supposedly feels they were born in the wrong body, and that the casting announcement said a man or a woman could be hired for this role. So that might be what was meant.

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Apparently Stephanie Waring (Cindy) is saying that Kevin will NOT be an alien.

Some are saying that Holly Bowes quit because she was upset that Kent Riley was fired. I already thought Zak being written out was a mistake and now it upsets me even more.

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Michaela leaving will be a big blow to the show. I wouldn`t be surprised that she left because of Kent Riley because they were very close on the show.

So glad that The Alien plot isn`t real,we don`t need tabloid rubbish making the soap look bad.

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Carley Stenson is breaking my heart in this cancer story.


I enjoy the Newt/Darren relationship, they work so well together, especially when they rib each other. I will miss that. I just love when Darren gets family moments. How is it that so many regimes have gotten Darren (basically) right while others fall to pieces?

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