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I don't know either, perhaps she felt there was nothing left for the character, or she wants to try other options while she still can. I wish she was staying but I hope it works out for her. I do think she'd be great on Corrie, as you mentioned.

I hope the show can survive all this upheaval. I also wonder what this means for those she knew. I know some fans feel that when she goes Jack and Frankie will probably go, but then, the show might want to keep them around for Tom. I do kind of wonder if they would feel Tom is that important to keep around.

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Some are speculating that the interview was worded wrong and that Carley isn't really leaving, since there's been no other confirmation or reports on it.

Some think the question was hypothetical, and the way Carley worded her answer was a bit strange if this is her "going away" interview.

I guess we'll see...

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I've heard today's E4 episode and tomorrow's main C4 episode had some really great scenes with Steph,

some where she's talking to Max, and others with Darren.

I guess we might as well soap up as much as we can when Carley's still on the show. :(

It looks like her departure was sudden and shocking. Remember when Marquess said in his interview that they had the cancer storyline planned until early next year? It looks like it will be cut down due to Carley leaving when her contract is up.

I wonder if Steph gets a happy ending though, that article says she follows her dreams of being a star. Maybe she beats cancer and then gets a musical theatre part in London or something and leaves, to tie it in with the reason Carley is leave the show...

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Another new family, the O'Connors:


The story that Alex Fletcher is playing basically has the exact same storyline her Brookside character Jacqui Dixon had -- a stepmother who wants a child biologically.

In one episode of that story she and another woman went to Chester for a treatment and they ran into Kurt Benson (HO's big leading man in its early years) and Ruth Osborne, Darren's sister and Jack's daughter.

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They seem a bit Valentine-ish, even the mother has the Diane Valentine car episode. At least she lives, unlike poor Diane.

I wonder if her husband is just a short-term role. Andonis Anthony has played short term stuff on Emmerdale (Val Lambert paid him to pretend to be her boyfriend) and Hollyoaks (he ran the call center Zak and Jessica worked at in summer 2007 and then Jess worked with him to help pilfer antiques).

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The Darren/Steph scenes were amazing, they have such a wonderful relationship. I just love Darren, he can play any material.

Rae is an idiot. This story is just dumb. If they wanted us to take her problems seriously then why have her wearing all the oven mitts and scarves like she was out of some conspiracy theory.

The Loretta story is just wretched, it's one of the worst I've ever seen on a soap.

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No just kidding it isn`t him. Interesting looking fellow. he looks the hard man type but is he a good actor ?

Sad to see Steph go, i always enjoyed her. Like the sound of The O`Connor family so hopefully these three families will save the show from sinking.

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I normally don't care for Nancy when she does the bickering and snapping but Cheryl deserved it. When the hell will this character go away? She was vile and insecure from the second she saw Nancy. She ruined most of those scenes with her bad drag queen act. Why is she such a small person that a woman possibly dying of cancer barely matters to her?

I liked the scene where Frankie and Newt laughed about how he wasn't the craziest one now. Was that it for Loretta? Good riddance.

Have they mentioned Debbie or Craig at all in this cancer story?

The stuff with Michaela and Zak and the attack was awful. Her rival at work is a silly, one-note caricature, and to plop her and the incredibly stupid plump gang storyline down in the middle of a racial attack is tacky.

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