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The Ron Carlivati...He is not all that thread


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Ron has had a few things working for him- writer's strike, Scabs, and taking over after DH. Anyone is better than DH!! I think this guy stinks and any successes that he has had, he's called cleaning up!! GT kept this show running while RC was trying to write a new paternity switch up- in fact that's all RC writes- paternity mix ups. Rex, Jared, Todd, Natalie/Jessica, Gigi---

He did one good sweeps- that was to clean up the entire Starr/Cole scandal, and I don't think he's cleaned anything up. He botched every other sweeps period to date. Go- Red ball- are you kidding me. It looked like Moulin Rouge.

He talked about Blair being a doormat- he wrote her that way!

Todd's going back to his old self- but RC turned him into an unrootable monster.

B*tchy Adrianna was GT's writing- not RC's.

And the search for Todd's baby was a wreck without TSJ and KB in the driving seat. For months I was falling asleep or yelling at the tv.

So he threw Vikki and Dorian back into the picture- so what- the show is still the same lineup as it was when DH was writing.

He's also given us Crash, another round of TnB, and plenty of grief....This made strikes out more than he hits homeruns.

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Well, good someone started a thread. You have many RC haters in here, some are still in hiding, afraid of possible Toups's wrath.

But it's a worn-out story. To prove how much people hate this show even though they're saying they love it, just look at the number of pages the weekly thread has and how many of those people are now posting in the Y&R thread.

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I have issues with a rapist and his victim storyline that seems to be heading towards"any kind of romance". I don't care how you work this no tweaking in the world can make me believe that only a sick individual would even go there...sorry but this is just wicked and this storyline between Todd and Marty is one sad tale not worth watching for me...I hope those who behold this great writer enjoys it but on every level its not only disrespectful but distasteful.

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Man never has a writer been so overrated. Not only is he not a soap god, he is not good.

Many of his stories are recycled, and those recycled stories started from Day One: Remember the Faux Uncle?? A fake Buchanan -- how unoriginal is that??? Then he went into an entire series of recycled stories. That is not honoring history, that is recycling stories. Call him ReRon or ReCycle, they are both true characterizations.

His stories are also very very campy. I guess if anything he does is original, it is his unending months of teen angst. And then we get in to his flood of newbies, and yes there is a flood. Other writers may have four or five new characters at a time on OLTL. That, of course, was considered a large number until the Saint Ron Fan Club decided he could do no wrong. Let see Gigi, Shane, Brody, Jared, Charlie, Lola, Vanessa, Ray, the Scott Clifton character, the new cop character, and those are only the ones who pop up in the weekly spoilers. In other words, those are the ones that are front and center.

The ReRape is just crass.

He is terribly overrated.

Thank Errol. I'm glad that it is allowed to comment negatively on ReRon. Hey and Thanks Ron (Soapsuds), I'm glad you did this, and like you, I've gotten the personal messages.

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I'm surprised and disappointed that this thread is rather short :(

There are a lot of reasons I loathe this guy. For one, he makes me miss Guza. That in itself is enough to drive anyone mad.

Veeeeeeery unprofessional. Blocking soap fans on Twitter because they're unhappy with his stories? His snarky tweets back to fans, too. I'd like to hear of a HW that's gotten absolutely no criticism from soap fans..... Everyone has their favorites, and when their favorites start acting way OOC (even ones created by him) of course he's gonna have some unhappy folks! The guy can't handle it whatsoever.

His need to shove RP and Naxie down our throats just to have them laying in bed for three solid weeks discussing the hot topics of PC like we're watching a segment of GH NOW. The guy is hot. WE GET IT. But he's no actor. Why can't GH get Maxie's relationships right! Coop and Jesse got killed off, whom I was very fond of... and here we are in 2015 and Maxie's dating a very pretty chalkboard.

The constant need to add more characters that viewers at this point know they won't ever care for because of all the other botched casting due to CRAP he calls storylines. Wait no. Not even storylines because at least with Guza there was always a beginning, middle and end. RC's theory is plot point, plot point, and more plot points.

And lastly, and this may sound petty, but I miss the old scores. Even if the writing and/or acting sucked, RC Cates could make a scene very telling and emotional all by himself. FV's fault I'm sure. The OLTL music scores got transitioned over to GH much like the cast (which the casting seemed like a good idea before it actually got executed, LAWD SHOULDA KNOWN)

And I miss the old script writers as well. At least the majority. Maybe I was just used to them. Who knows.

I care too much about GH.. Sigh, rant over... For now :)

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