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  1. I have also always been curious as to what the critical consensus of OL in the early 80s was. Generally, it seems that the show was considered a bit off during that period, although the actors were winning a lot of Emmys. Generally speaking 1985 is seen as a rebirth for them (I know SOD named them Most Improved Show of that year), but I've never been able to pinpoint if they were considered to be in an "off" period for the whole of 1981-1984, or just 1983-1984.
  2. What would you say were the best eras, or golden eras, of OLTL? I suggest four: 1977-1980 (Gordon Russell at his peak) 1985-1989 (people who hate what Rauch did I think generally refer to 1990-91, and I blame writers like Craig Carlson and Leah Laiman more than him, but I suppose some might change this to 1985-1988) 1992-early 1996 (second half of '96 was wretched) 2008-2010
  3. Thanks, guys! Yes, I was mistaken about Marland taking over from Dobsons. I checked Soap Opera Encyclopedia, and there were like three sets of writers between them and Marland, including SBH. I don't remember Frannie and Kim being kidnapped together. I only remember Frannie being taken to a cabin by Marcia who had disguised herself as a cop, and I thought this was in the summer, so I missed most of the Doug storyline as it was during the school year. So 1986, thank you! And that sounds so amazing about watching James return from the dead in a campus center with a bunch of surprised fan
  4. I am so confused. I watched ATWT in the early and mid 80s as a young child with Mom and Grandmother, before becoming a full fledged OLTL fan in my teens. I am trying to reconstruct some stuff in my mind, and reading this thread has helped. First of all, I did not realize the Dobsons were loathed. In my mind, the early 80s are a popular time for ATWT, but were they hated at the time? I know it's more difficult to say as this was long before the 'net. Were they the ones responsible for centering the show around John, Dee, James, and Barbara? I feel like there was an early 80s period when
  5. Who was the central heroine of this show: Tricia or Stacy? I know this is a subjective question, but I never watched "Loving" and simply knew of the characters. Seemed to me that they had a lot of interesting female characters. Wasn't there a woman named Shana as well? And who played Ava longer, Roya Megnot or Lisa Peluso? Was one of them considered by and large to be the definitive Ava?
  6. OMG, I was beginning to think you were anti-woman in politics thread But I guess not. I am currently listening to TIC as well, because I have been listening to new Madonna for so long I needed to go old school. And I LOVE "Burning Up," it's my favorite song off of her debut album.
  7. "Miles Away" by Queen M., and I CAN'T STOP! Especially love when she sings "Too much of NO SOUND, uncomfortable silence can be so loud." Def. my favorite on Hard Candy, next to "Devil Wouldn't Recognize You."
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