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  1. Does anyone know where I can download full episodes of GH? I can only find them on Daily Motion but the quality is awful.
  2. Anna really is just great. I started watching when she was with Ben so I didn't really care for her. They were like watching paint dry. But then they threw her with Trevor and suddenly I loved her! Really sad about Trevor too though. They should've handled it a tad differently. No man would walk into a wedding and marry his fiancée while secretly bleeding to death
  3. I just looked at UKSoapShare and THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I've been downloading episodes of Hollyoaks from Price Slice Two on YouTube but I didn't know this site existed! Definitely checking out Emmerdale.
  4. I've been wanting to watch it so bad but can't find it anywhere. I've seen good things about the Aaron/Robert storyline.
  5. So basically I just got caught up on Hollyoaks. 7 months of episodes in 2 months. Winning! I've finally found a soap that has me hooked. My only dislike is Lindsey got killed off (I literally sobbed lol) I adore Sophie Austin and I'm seeing rumors that she'll be going to Eastenders, which will get me tuned into 2 UK soaps oh and I also cannot stand the character of Ste. I really don't understand the appeal and he needs to get rid of those greasy curls STAT! Why Harry is so infatuated with him is ridiculous. Oh, and Nico too. It's nice to have her causing trouble for characters I do like, however, I just haven't warmed up to her at all. BIG shout out to the Lovedays. Particularly Simone and Louis. Hell, even Joanne's sneaky ass. When she glided in front of Louis' car I squealed. She's crazy. Nancy, Esther, Cindy, Darren, Sienna, and JOHN PAUL are my favorites. Another shout out to Bryan Kirkwood for his music taste at the beginning of each episode. And production. I wish US soaps had the budget to mirror their style of production. I also really love the inclusion of LGBT characters and they're actually driving story.
  6. Just because ratings are up (on ALL soaps, not just GH and likely because of the weather, etc) doesn't mean changes don't need to be made. Lighting/background music set the tone for the show and they're both TERRIBLE, much like OLTL towards the end of the show. That falls on FV, therefor we need another EP. Granted I'd take JP/SA over Carlivati any day, I still don't think they're a fit for GH. Sorry man
  7. Can we get a new EP already? Then JP/SA would be out too and maybe we'd get a competent head writer because this show is digging itself further and further into the ground. There's no characters to root for anymore. Out of nowhere, we get a f------ plot point about Olivia breastfeeding in public. Bored Dante finally found another reason to yell at Lulu. This "mystery" of who broke into Liz's house... Also I know their budget is shot to crap, but that physical fight scene between Valerie and Lulu was unbearable to watch. Do the actors not get a chance to rehearse their scenes anymore? If Johnny Z's character wasn't completely assassinated before, it is now. And what's worse, he was thrown under the bus for VALERIE, a character that no one cares about! Everything just seems so forced.
  8. I don't really post much on SON, but I read it quite a bit to see what everyone's opinions are on the soaps. However, I was reading old threads last night and came across this. So much for all that SmartTV crap!
  9. As laughable as it is right now, I'd still vote Pratt's Y&R over Carlivati's GH.
  10. She deleted the tweet after so I'd say she realized she did something wrong.
  11. I don't doubt FV wanted to kill her off. Speaks volumes about TPTB at General Hospital.
  12. http://daytimeconfidential.com/2013/07/10/did-general-hospital-plan-to-kill-off-maxie-in-2012/
  13. Yeah I'm just finding out about the whole Jen/Kirsten Twitter fight. How did I miss this?!
  14. That's weird cause I retweeted it and i can still see it on my feed. Maybe because she blocked me and I turned around and blocked her right back! Honestly I'm really mad but I'm sad as well because I can't think of a time I've spoken ill towards KS/Maxie, and I didn't even then either! So for her to take the time to block me for THAT is stupid. One more reason to stop watching GH though.
  15. I, unlike everyone else, told the sad sad truth. Everyone else jumped on her wagon and made fun of the poor girl. Why retweet things like that? Yeah the girl obviously can't separate reality from fiction but she's a GH viewer! You laugh at it and ignore it. Sad thing is I've always been a big KS fan. Not now. I don't know how to post the screen cap I took so if you'll tell me I can show you. But here's what was said: KS TWEET: I worry about these people..RT @Victoria_Lynn84: @teenystweeting I love u but u were an idiot today. Nathan is a hot cop and you may lose him. MY TWEET: @teenystweeting Regardless of mental state, that's still one of your viewers you're making a mockery of. Within 30 minutes she blocked me.
  16. Would just like to add that Kirsten Storms just blocked me on Twitter. Anyone else been blocked by a GH actor?
  17. Thanks! So far everyone's pretty nice I would've signed up ages ago had I known it existed.
  18. I'm surprised and disappointed that this thread is rather short There are a lot of reasons I loathe this guy. For one, he makes me miss Guza. That in itself is enough to drive anyone mad. Veeeeeeery unprofessional. Blocking soap fans on Twitter because they're unhappy with his stories? His snarky tweets back to fans, too. I'd like to hear of a HW that's gotten absolutely no criticism from soap fans..... Everyone has their favorites, and when their favorites start acting way OOC (even ones created by him) of course he's gonna have some unhappy folks! The guy can't handle it whatsoever. His need to shove RP and Naxie down our throats just to have them laying in bed for three solid weeks discussing the hot topics of PC like we're watching a segment of GH NOW. The guy is hot. WE GET IT. But he's no actor. Why can't GH get Maxie's relationships right! Coop and Jesse got killed off, whom I was very fond of... and here we are in 2015 and Maxie's dating a very pretty chalkboard. The constant need to add more characters that viewers at this point know they won't ever care for because of all the other botched casting due to CRAP he calls storylines. Wait no. Not even storylines because at least with Guza there was always a beginning, middle and end. RC's theory is plot point, plot point, and more plot points. And lastly, and this may sound petty, but I miss the old scores. Even if the writing and/or acting sucked, RC Cates could make a scene very telling and emotional all by himself. FV's fault I'm sure. The OLTL music scores got transitioned over to GH much like the cast (which the casting seemed like a good idea before it actually got executed, LAWD SHOULDA KNOWN) And I miss the old script writers as well. At least the majority. Maybe I was just used to them. Who knows. I care too much about GH.. Sigh, rant over... For now
  19. LOLLLLLL ABBY. Am I the only one feeling bad for Austin right now? Summer is reallllllly annoying. But I thought it was pretty funny that Mariah kept throwing insults at Summer and Summer just kinda shrugged it off and changed the subject. She looked like a whimp. Haha.
  20. Thanks, Merp! The writing is all over the place. Pretty much since her paternity reveal, I haven't thought for a second that it was Sonny's. I was hoping beforehand that it was Morgan's since Sonny has a million kids already that are irrelevant to him. Too many characters were acting sketch after the reveal, so I'm sure sometime down the line they'll reveal someone switched the paternity. Probably Silas. I can already see an off screen flashback *eye roll* of Ava pleading with Silas to switch them as Sonny was gonna kill her.
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