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GH gets ANOTHER SN marathon

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From soapnet...

Episode #8361 (first aired 11/29/95) - Airing at 10am

Although blinded by his illness, Stone is able to see Robin one last time before he dies.

Episode #8480 (first aired 5/16/96) - Airing at 11am

Robin and Jason share a romantic swim in the Quartermaine lake.

Episode #11170 (first aired 11/7/06) - Airing at 12pm

Patrick declares his love for Robin outside her window.

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I taped the first two episodes. These episodes are why I watch GH! Watching Stone pass away, what wonderful writing. My God, I remember that episode like it was yesterday. "I can see you Robin" I burst into tears. I was watching with my BF and we laughed at Luke's hair, and I had to explain that yes, soaps to recast people when I showed him Lucky. Seeing Lily made me want to puke. This was when Sonny was a romantic hero. Maybe because Claire Labine was writing him. I cheered when my Brenda came on the screen.

The second episode, first off, seeing Sarah Brown as Carly was so weird. Damn her hair was short! She had so much chemistry with Tony. Jason took his shirt off! Like that will ever happen again. Robin and Jason were so cute together, he looked so young. Of course, I loved Brenda and Sonny. "I'll be your mistress Sonny" And that bitch Lily, who looked like she was wearing a negilgee while she was talking to Harry and at the docks had to walk up.

This is why I watch GH. I want GH back like this. And seeing Felicia and Tom Hardy go at it on the roof was hot!

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