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GH: Claudia Spoilers


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Claudia's first scenes are with Sonny as we all know by now.

"Sonny and Claudia have a one-night stand, because he's reeling from a blowup with Kate,

because she declines his wedding proposal. I go into a bar, see Sonny, pick him up, take him

back to his hotel room, and we have a wild, crazy, passionate night, and then walk away

without telling each other our names. And then we bump into each other at a mob meeting

that I've organized. He's sitting across the table from me, and of course I may have left

something in his room, so that’s where we're going to go. It's going to be really super."

Carly meets Sarah's Claudia.

"We meet at Metro Court...and begin to chat about this and that and Kate Howard....

Carly tells me I look familiar; I tell her I get that a lot, wink-wink.

We then get into talking about fashion — and powerful men — and we have a really good

time together."

__________________________________________________ _________

Claudia is a very, very sexual woman...There are some really wonderful reasons for that...

Claudia is tough because she's really fragile... she has an Achille's heel...a couple of them,

and they will develop over this first year.* But one in particular she comes to town with,

and it's a really good one."

Johnny was young when Claudia was banished and sent away to live with my mother, who

had been banished earlier...Claudia grew up with my father until I was sixteen and Johnny was

about eight. I was very protective and loving of my "baby' brother...

Trevor... brings me out for one agenda, thinking I am the scared, lost little wallflower

that got sent away, but I come back having been raised by my uncle and mother and having

been taught the business from the ground up. My uncle is big where he's from, and he's

taught me how to read men...

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I'm starting to really like the sound of this whole Claudia situation.

I just hope she doesn't fall victim to the whole GH builds up a female character to be the next big star only to suddenly knock her down in an instant (i.e. Kari Wuhrer's Reese, Lesli Kay's Lois, Adrienne Leon's Brook Lynn...dare I say it, Megan Ward's Kate) when someone better comes along.

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Wow, I was thinking that I was so not going to like Claudia, but I really think that I will not be looking at SJB as Carly, but looking at her as Claudia. The story sounds good and I really really hope that Guza won't screw it up. I think I am going to love Claudia,and I hope Sarah stays there forever!

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