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  1. I know some people have problems with this show but I have to say when its time step up they step up. I just watched the assisted sucide and I know people have problems with it but the acting was really superb. I mean I cried and cried. The acting from Danny and Pauline I really felt the conflict and pain. Marc shined as well. I will say one thing they did not back down and change the storyline because people were going to get their nickers in a twist. They kept it going and in the end it was a brillant episode. It will be really interesting to see how Arron and Hazel handle the after effect. For me it was a great episode.
  2. Well I really loved yesturday espisode. Damon and Bonnie the sexual chemistry is off the charts. They need to just have sex. LOL. Loving new Stefon I mean he is going to be bad ass this year. If Katherine back is bring out this kind of Stefon, I say keep her. Jeremy what is he did the ring save him or is he a vampire now. This will be interesting. Good show last nite.
  3. Well it was good to see Aaron back. Geez this addicts storyline I truely wish they do it with another character or actress. I cant stand this chick playing Holly. She is just awful and chews up all her scenes. Aaron You STupid Cow...even though he changed sexuality his personality still the same. LOL
  4. Ok I finally watched and I loved every moment I was given. It truely was a pleasent surprised. I still saw a little awkwardness in the begenning but he finally settled down. DAM Marc looking fit milk does a body good. Loved the kjitchen scene and aw Paddy he is truely his dad. I think Aaron dad should come back and see how close Aaron is to Paddy. The garage scene. This is why I love Cain. They dont change the relationship between Aaron and Cain. Its still the same and I love that. He can still say his crap and Aaron can say it back. Chas worried about her son but I think she like Jackson and sees that her son is not in any trouble. Over all good episode. Loved every moment. Not disappointed at all.
  5. Well I like the episodes. I thought I was going to be disappointed but I was not. Dam I have nothing to say except EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
  6. My favorite scene was the Chas, Charity and Sam scene as well. I like that people do think the way Sam does. They made it realistic but with comedy. That was good. My poor Aaron cant win but hey welcome to seeing the other side of things espically since you were the one that use to do this. Today will be very interesting. I think after watching all the clips I may be let down. I dont know its such a big build up that its bound to happen that I would be let down. We will see. Happy Aarson day for me.
  7. I am hoping that Gennie is more involved with Aaron because she is the one I dont know that much about because she was hardly around. I think Aaron doesnt really trust her the way he does with Cain because he is always around Cain. Cain and Aaron have this unusaly relationship that I like. Some good stuff coming up though: Monday June 7th Marlon (Mark Charnock) is troubled when Paddy (Dominic Brunt) tells him that Rhona (Zoe Henry) may have a man on the scene after she takes a secret phone call. Tuesday June 8th Part 1 Aaron (Danny Miller) is fed up when Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Ryan (James Sutton) tease him after they catch him glancing at Jackson (Marc Silcock). Elsewhere, Rhona agrees when Ryan and Andy (Kelvin Fletcher) ask her to to rent their third room. Paddy is shocked when he finds out that Rhona is his competition for the practice and he’s angry when he finds out Marlon knew. Tuesday June 8th Part 2 Aaron tries to speak to Jackson (Marc Silcock) but is shot down again when he tells him to get lost. Elsewhere, Cain continues the feud with Declan (Jason Merrells) when he takes a delivery for Declan making sure its ‘safe’ in the garage, and Paddy refuses to forgive Rhona and Marlon for secretly bidding against him for the vets. Wednesday June 9th Aaron really puts his foot in it when Gennie (Sian Reese-Williams) tries to get Paul to give him some advice. Anxious, Aaron is quick to shoot him down but is gutted when Jackson overhears him. Declan is exasperated when Cain hints that his brand new bath is in the bottom of the skip, with all Cain’s junk on top. However, much to Cain and Charity’s (Emma Atkins) amusement, the bath is in their living room. Elsewhere, Rhona moves into Dale Head with Ryan and Andy. And, Paddy is thoughtful when Marlon suggests letting Rhona buy into his practice after neither he or Rhona won the bidding on the other place. Thursday June 10th Aaron refuses to condone Cain’s dispute with Declan and Jackson and undermines him to help Jackson. 8th June Tuesday (Part 1) Aaron is fed up when Cain and Ryan tease him after they catch him glancing at Jackson. 8th June Tuesday (Part 2)-Aaron tries to speak to Jackson but is shot down again when he tells him to get lost. -Aaron struggles to cope with Jackson being around the village 9th June Wednesday -Aaron really puts his foot in it when Gennie tries to get Paul to give him some advice. Anxious, Aaron is quick to shoot him down but is gutted when Jackson overhears him.. -Jackson puts Aaron in his place 10th June Thursday -Jackson finds a suprise ally in his and Declan’s dispute with Cain. -Aaron refuses to condone Cain’s dispute with Declan and Jackson and undermines him to help Jackson. -Aaron sees there might be hope with Jackson 14th – 18th June (teasers) Let's just be friends.... but can they be? The bullying continues but from a distance, it is seen and soon dealt with. 17th June Thursday (Part 1) Aaron’s in danger when Wayne wants payback Jackson plays the hero when Aaron is beaten up. “As his feud with bullyboy Wayne goes on, Aaron once again has to wrestle with his dark side. There’s violence brewing and Jackson - the object of Aaron’s affections - is watching. Will the teenager jeparadise his freedom by taking Wayne’s bait or will he conquer his demons and prove that he’s finally ready for love?.” 17th June Thursday (Part 2) Aaron (Danny Miller) takes the next step with Jackson 21st – 25th June (teasers) Embarassing 'dad' syndrome... why so prudish? A novice at this, but very amusing to his BFF
  8. See I agree with this. She is awful. Her voice is annoying.
  9. I personally think you should watch the whole storyline to really get the jist of it.
  10. Absolutely brillant. What more can you ask from Danny Miller. He was amazing in this epidsode. I cried my eyes out. He played it perfectly. BSAQ are looking extremely stupid because he topped another performance. Outstanding. Standing Ovation.
  11. Ok I have to share this with you guys. It was so perfect:
  12. Well just watched the clip. I love me some Cain. After he realized that Aaron was gay , he total did a 360 and understood. I like that he was so on Paddy side about who cared for Aaron to Chas. Adam worried about his friend. I like that too. I really wish Paddy would have a good go at Chas and not get the last word because honey he made a whole lot of sense that you only want to be his mother when it suits you.
  13. Dammit I got tears in my eyes. Wow the second episode amazing. I have not had a good cry in while. Danny is rocking this storylie. First episode Chas can shut the hell up. I mean seriously you really have not been there for your son. LOL Cain boy do I love this character. Takes no prisoner but boy I wander how he will feel when he truely finds out that Aaron is gay. Second episode. wow just wow. I mean I have not had a good cry for a soap in a vey long time. I know the CPR was bad but with me being American and our crapy soap it was not bad at all. Anoter great episode.
  14. LOL She had an accident falling. She posted it on her face book.
  15. Well I just saw a clip of Chas dumping someone (dont know who) in the well until they admitted they were not pregnant. Then Chas was putted in hands cuff and carted away to jail while the girl was thrown out with her bags. That was classic stuff. I wished I was watching around the time. Can I say how much I love me some Cain because he does and says what he likes and everyone one else be dam. How refershing is that. I like the relationship he has with Aaron too so I hope they dont mess that up espically with the crap Cains says about gays. I guess I just like the Dingles. They are a riot. As for yesturday show. I thought it was interesting because Paddy did make some good points that you were the one who started this crap and when he goes out has a good time and sees you it kinda disharting because you were the last person he wanted to know. It confirmed what you always thought. Adam is still a good mate though and from what I have been reading he will play key role in Adam truely accpeting himself. Today certainly will be interesting. Poor Jackson and Poor Aaron.
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