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ATWT: Casting News

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He's currently performing with a porn star? The "nuCasey" himself looks a bit porn-actor-ish! I wouldn't be surprised at all...!!!!! If so, makes me wonder if our new little friend "did a few favors" to score the job. *evil grin*

I really don't see the need in bringing back Casey, especially with rumors Jennifer and Jesse are out the door in '08 and especially with the absence of Maddie.

If they DO turn Casey gay, I could see them going the route of "I realized I was gay when I was in prison and Big Bubba would bend me over the cot and I'd LIKE it!" *evil grin*

But thanks to all the false alarms about "Casey" recasts, I'll only believe it when CBS puts it on their homepage or I see him onscreen with my own eyes.

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