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gl- Evil Nutty Bitch Susan Piper.........!!

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What's thicker than water

And runs uphill

Straight to the heart

Of a rich man's will?

Gotta love it. TOo bad it devolved into that insane Barbados crap with Brandon Spaulding.

I'd take Barbados over the rehashed nonsense Conboy/Weston concocted in 2003 and sadly, I would take any of THAT over any of current GL. Sigh, these are the options?

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Wasn't she that creepy real estate agent? I think she inrtoduced me to the concept of " the three most important things about a property are the location, the location and the location"

She was a real estate agent and she was very creepy, also sometimes old-fashioned like villains no longer are on the show, she was more like a role for Davis or Crawford or Stanwyck............

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    • RHUGT rumor   This is why you dont invite Brandi anywhere..she is too much. Oddly surprised it isn't Alex rumored to have left early..but she's getting her PhD so I'm sure she views this as an assignment lol Please register in order to view this content
    • Y&R has been toying with the 'film in public spaces in the studio and pretend it's on location' since at least JFP. A lot of drab institutional-looking stairwells, like when Phyllis took her tumble down some stairs when Stafford left the show for GH. In fairness, I'm sure soaps have always played with filming in the facilities and making it pretend to be location over the decades. But the lighting and production value in the earlier years was much more adept at disguising it vs. the ugly GL/ATWT and even recent GH and Y&R method of 'just film anywhere backstage and pretend it's a set'. You can tell the difference between some grimy back staircase on Studio X and a stairwell in Newman Enterprises or whatever.
    • I haven't watched yet, but that sounds promising. Perhaps not having a personal history with her as he does with the P&G soaps actually helped in that he prepared better.
    • I was just listening to Marquee Moon randomly the other day. What an incredible song and artist. R.I.P.    
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