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  1. Getting a little tired of THE WORLD ACCORDING TO CARL. Some of us are actually old enough to remember these old shows, even from the 70's.
  2. Poor Rocky. He was also the butcher on the Shake `n Bake for pork chops commercial back then
  3. I saw Vince as an uncomplicated blue collar guy rather than a bad boy. An Angie (Maeve Kinkead) prop more than anything. A bit of a Mr. Spock. There was a place for him if they`d had more imagination. BTW, I loved her then. In my ten year-old mind she could do no wrong. She was incredibly beautiful and talented. It was as if they could not decide on making her a bitch or ingenue. Either one could have worked. The Perrini family had such a naturally strong foothold in the show with her, Rose (Kathy Widdoes), and Joey (Ray Liotta). They all went on to varying levels of career fulfillment. AWs loss. Damn you Paul Rauch.
  4. You are the Jean-Michel Basquiat of soap opera. Just don't end up like him - we NEED you. You are brilliant. Keep wrting.

  5. TC

    Why was my thread about mob violence in Montreal removed.

    1. jams1234


      Sorry if this is not the correct place to post this but I tried to updated my email address but I never received the "validation" email to finish the process. Now I don't have full access to the site and I'm in a pending state of needing validation! Can you help or direct me to the correct mod that can? LOL...Validate me please! Thanks a bunch!

    2. Passionstv


      Same here, I'm new to the site Toups but haven't been validated yet. It's been about 2 weeks and I don't have full access to the site. Could you help?

  6. It's gone slightly down hill since they added Blossom.
  7. My sister used to tape this show. I was never able to get into it. I might have seen Tina Louise's first episode as a recast, out of curiosity. I had no idea it was related to the novel of the same name, but that same sister loved the novel.
  8. High Hopes indeed. Barbara Kyle was a regional version of Rula Lenska. She was doing commercials for one of the low end department store chains; K-mart, or Woolco, or maybe it was Miracle Mart. I don't remember which, but she'd always say, "Hi! I'm Barbara Kyle, for ________." And we'd all say, "Who?" Then I saw her on High Hopes and wondered if they were trying to take advantage of her popularity on a show that no one watched.
  9. This is one of those shows I never knew about until WOST. What a fascinating cast.
  10. I read them all even if I don't always comment. I should express my gratitude more often though. I owe the one from France (name escapes me) a few thank-yous as well. Probably a few others too.
  11. He was also on Texas playing a drunken TV talk show host. I remember reading an interview with Beverlee, where she gushed about how much fun it was, and that he was playing a talk show host like Tom Snyder, only sleazier. My jaw dropped.
  12. I don't know that I ever disliked Clarice. I rolled my eyes at her, but she was simple and honest. I was probably too young to appreciate the purpose of a character like her.
  13. Yeah, I caught that. I always keep another window open on IMDB when I read these threads. And thanks for all these vintage soap articles, Carl. Here and on other threads.
  14. Interesting. Please explain. Were you watching then too?
  15. Clarice was as dumb as a box of hair and a white trash waitress to boot. She allowed things to happen to her while Iris, damaged as she was, at least tried to take control of her life. Of course that meant trying to take control of other people's lives as well.
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