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ALL: So Tired of 1 or 2 Characters dominating?

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But they're right aren't they?

All this complaining....yet I don't hear any ideas or anyone actually proposing anything to the soap execs or organizing any sorta of valid campaing to "save daytime" from the monsters that you think are in charge?

i certainly would do something if I had a serious problem with a show or I wanted to save it.

If you hate GH or any other show then you either...

1) Quit watching and stop bashing the show.


2) Try to do something about it.

I don't see why people complain all the time about shows as if its killing them to watch it. If its killing theres a simple solution...change the channel. Or write your own soap.

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I'm still quite the loyal fan of soaps but I agree with the OP that it's annoying to see the same characters receive so much focus and airtime. In GH's case, I've always felt like Sonny and his brood needed a show of their own. One that not only focuses on the mob but other dark criminal-related elements. Sonny, Jason, Carly, Jax, Sam, Ric, Skye (this girl needs SOMETHING to do), Jerry, Reese (yep, have it turn out that she's actually alive), and some other new characters belong on a show of their own. I think a show closely resembling "The Edge of Night" featuring Sonny and his brood would work very well as a spin-off.

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    • I don't have any tea. 

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       Just from his statement "I am going to fight for her....our love is strong enough to get to the other side" -- the other side of what? is where my mind went.
    • This is typical Phyllis though, so is it really a mental health issue with her? This is just basically another day in Phyllis world
    • I'm near 1999 and let me say... Everything past Belief has been crap compared to the first 7 years.  I tried to make myself like it and even had moments when I wanted to believe it was back... but now watched...1994 to 1998... The Titanic has sank and the band is Still playing. I am still hopeful for 1999 to 2002...  Because hope dies last. But watching these first 7 seasons in dept made me just not like anything since. And I once watched all these seasons as a teenager and loved them. My main issues. 1. Disgustingly bad dialogue and repeated scenes that make you want to vomit. There are moments when there are 5 episodes in which the same scene is repeated. We also have flashbacks all the time. 2. Taylor has been destroyed as a character. The smart interesting woman of 1990 to 1993 is gone and there is this pathetic crying all the time victim. 3. The show looks and feels cheaper. The clothes look worse and sometimes I forget I an watching a show about fashion people. The first 7 years were so glamorous and beautiful. 4. Making Brooke the slut from the valley made the whole war between her and Stephanie a cartoon. The beginning... the first 7 years it was very high level quality conflict. Stephanie was not so cartoonish.   Overall I am thinking of re watching the first 1700 episodes and just never going pass that. But I will continue with 1999.    
    • I think once outside of the bubble that Bill Bell and Kay Alden had Eileen in, it was more difficult to hide what a harsh presence she is (this was also an issue when she returned to Y&R, I think). She was all wrong as a Capwell kid, who, aside from Terry Lester's Mason I suppose, were generally smoother on the surface and cracked underneath.
    • The only thing they got wrong on this was GH was NOT the first show back in production with covid protocols, BOLD was    
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