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AMC: Greenlee's Fact vs Fiction

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1. Greenlee's fiction: "You stole Ryan from me" (to Kendall)

FACT: No Greenlee, you stole Ryan from Kendall! He was HER man, fiancee, and her future. They were broken up for about 3 days and he was mad an impulsive. What was your excuse? You held onto him and threw the marriage in Kendall's face and even though she had a hard time accepting it for obvious reasons, she eventually moved on and was happy for you. The ONLY reason you dont have Ryan now is bc you walked away from your marriage.

2. Greenlee's Fiction: "I let you carry my child with Ryan"

FACT: Kendall offered to carry your child with Ryan. Did I miss a memo or was your baby the messiah, the second coming. I didnt know it was such a big privelege to carry your child. You make it sound like its some big honor. Kendall was willing to give up her body and her life to give you some joy in your life. She was prepared to make that sacrifice bc she loved you so much. What did you have to sacrifice? She was giving you a gift, you gave nothing.

3. Greenlee's Fiction: "You have the baby that was supposed to be mine"

FACT: Kendall has the baby that YOU abandoned. True, you didnt think you would be getting Kendall's bio baby, but it was still your choice to leave. You made it sound as if Kendall was intentionally trying to screw you over. Thats a lie. She was willing to give up her actual first born for you. Instead you bailed. Who cares if Kendall was stuck with an ever expanding belly that she didnt want; the morning sickness, discomfort and a child she did not want. You jsut up and left and didnt even try to deal with the situation. So please dont come complaining about this baby bc you abandoned him. You walked away

4. Greenlee's Fiction: "You have the family that loved me"

FACT: It's Kendall's family too! When Jack and Erica became married, they all became one family unit. Kendall stayed and she has been an active member of the family, supporting and helping them and vice versa. Again Greenlee, you walked away and left them bc you were too greedy and selfish to be bothered. Walking away; smell a pattern here?

5. Greenlee's Fiction: "Fusion is my company; the only baby I have left"

FACT: Fusion is the company you tried to destroy. The only reason why you gave Babe stock was to run the company into the ground. You wanted to stick it to Kendall and make her lose something that meant something to her so you set out to sabotage her dream in the form of Babe. Now you care about Fusion? And dont even get me started on you calling Confusion your bar. That was Babe's vision and thats Kendall's bar. You just stepped foot in it for the first time

6. Greenlee's Fiction: "If you loved me, you would have fought for me" (to Ryan)

FACT: If you loved Ryan, you wouldnt have played those games! He's not a psychic. Seriously after a year and a half of him NOT going to find you and fight for your marriage, you didnt get the hint that he moved on?

7. Greenlee's Fiction: "I would have given my life for Simone."

Fact: Except you didnt. You screwed her over when you gave your shares to Babe over her and you convenietly rememebred Simone was your friend after she died so you could take her stocks and wreck havoc with it. When your friends were being killed off, you stayed away. I can understand for safety reasons but before that, you werent calling Simone or making plans for visiting her or going off to NY togeher or anything. Your friends are only convenient when you need them

8. Greenlee's Fiction: "Annie is a rebound. You don't marry a rebound.

Fact: What the hell were you! You were rebound with Ryan, both times he was with you

9. Greenlee's Fiction: "You cut me out of the picture"

Fact: You cut yourself out! I wouldnt be surprise if you took a pair of scissors and literally cut Kendall and Ryan from any pictures with you in it if a scene like that didnt play.

10. Greenlee's Fiction: "But you took over my life! I wanted Ryan's baby. But no, Kendall, you had to have him.

Fact: Took over your life? Bitch are you crazy? Dont nobody want your miserable pathetic life! Least of all Kendall. Kendall did not want to have Ryan. Are you forgetting that Ryan was DEAD at the time of insemination. What did you think she was going to reunite with his ghost from beyond the grave?

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I love to hate her but dang, she has a twisted version of reality. She is so delusional when she speaks bc she rewrites history to suit her needs. I dont like how she's playing victim and everyone is evil and out to get her in her world

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I love to hate her but dang, she has a waste version of reality. She is so delusional when she speaks bc she rewrites history to suit her needs. I dont like how she's playing victim and everyone is evil and out to get her in her world

I could love to hate her too, but please live in reality. She is coming off as a pathetic loser. Worse yet, a psychopath. I wish she would feel someone's backhand.

Although, I must say, I loved her outfit and a few of her one liners. She loses me when she starts boo hooing.

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Old Greenlee was a selfish brat. However NuGreenlee was mental heath issues. I don't know if it's the actress or the writing but this is just not Greenlee.

This is SOOO Greenlee. The writing for her is spot on and Sabine is nailing it. Greenlee has always been delusional with mental health issues. Remember this is the girl that stole Gillians journal and tried to win Ryan over by trying to be just like her. Greenlee has always been selfish, self centered and a bit nuts

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    • I dont see them killing Nikolas. He may get rested if Adam Huss is not here long term until they find the new Nik
    • Lots of Stuff coming for Laura with Nik, Spencer & Victor
    • I remember those days of the annual “Chloe Returns” announcements.  Maree and John Martin (Bill) should have been put on recurring when Alice passed away in 2010, heck they should have been the main guest at the HORTON town square opening in 2011. 
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