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Y&R: SOW/SOD Scoop

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Credit to OceanView @ the Nick and Phyllis Newman board :D

Week of April 23

Jack and Sharon's relationship is threatened.

Gloria panics when Will uncovers new evidence in the Jabot case.

Sharon tries to comfort Neil.

Nick and Brad face off.

Can't Miss - Thurs. April 26 - Gloria goes to extremes to get a rise out of Will.

Week of April 30

Nick and Phyllis' wedding rehearsal doesn't go as planned.

Nikki's campaign decision infuriates Victor.

Gloria makes a daring move.

May Sweeps

"May is like the movie Jaws," says EP/HW Lynn Latham. "Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water..."

Victor/Nikki/Jack/Sharon: "The Senate race is a campaign full of dirty tricks and it just gets dirtier as both jack and Nikki try to turn an unfortunate event to their own advantage. Expect more problems between Nikki and Victor because she has stepped out from behind his shadow and Jack continues to lose faith in his marriage to Sharon." But watch for a major smackdown! "Victor's plan against Jack will finally come to fruition in May."

Brad/Victoria/JT: "The timing couldn't be worse for a pregnancy. Victoria is so excited about becoming a mother, but she's less excited about the prospect of raising a child with Brad, someone who cheated on her. But as Colleen continues to reject JT, he finds himself turning more and more to Victoria, just when she's in need of a friend."

Phyllis And Nick: "Phyllis has found herself in legal jeapordy as her dream wedding to Nick becomes a nightmare."

Amber/Cane/Jill/Katherine: "As Amber finagles her way into the bosom of the Chancellor family, her outrageous past comes back to haunt her. Kay and Jill each want Cane to be by her side and they find themselves vying for his affections."

Colleen and Adrian: "Korbel confronts Brad about messing up his future with the Paris museum, which ultimately led to Adrian not being a professor at GCU anymore. So Adrian is tired of Brad's constant interference and makes a threat of his own, one that Brad better heed."

Gloria/William/Jill: "She's rushing to the altar with William, but a man from her past shows up to cause trouble. Her contamination of the moisturizer has long been hidden, but the walls are closing in as everyone's DNA at Jabot is being tested to see if there are any matches with the DNA found in the glove. Also, Jill finds out about one of Gloria's schemes."

Daniel and Lily: "As Daniel tries to put his fascination with pornography behind him, Lily becomes consumed with finding out every detail about her husband's private life. That becomes an obsession that crosses the lines of privacy."

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