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Sorry I suggested a new Coaktail Lounge thread for a new year (in the old Coaktail Lounge thread :lol:), I didn't know it was going to an unpopular opinion...

i kinda dont mind but do. i dont because i get it. fresh start new year all that good stuff. leave the past behind and look forward to a new start etc etc etc... however, the old one had history. it was great. i would at least like to have it to go back and look at it and whatnot.

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Funny Scotty.....<_<


I haven't been able to sleep the past couple of nights (I've been coming down with something) so I get up and do some sit-ups to tire myself out.

Well I try too funny, and it looks as if I have succeeded in doing so. :D

That sucks that you're getting sick.....I've finally gotten over the bad cold I had through the last half of December.

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