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AMC: Calling all Zendall Fans

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I am so excited about the Zendall baby. :D:D:D

How do we twist the writers arms to make sure Kendall actually has this baby!! I really want the baby to be a girl, because that baby girl will have Zach wrapped around her little Zendall finger :)

But even if the baby is not a girl, as long as it lives that will do.

I'm going to have a fit if Kendall get's to have Ryan's kid and not Zach's.

The writers made Zendall a couple because of the fans, so that can make a Zendall baby stay because of the fans.

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Yes, that is a beautiful name.

It is funny how Miranda and the new baby are first cousins twice over. Their mother's are sisters (Kanes)and their fathers are brothers (Cambias'). Talk about All in the Family ;)

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