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Y&R: Intervention for Lauren

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Again Thanks to OceanView at N/P site!



For the past few weeks, new mother Lauren has been out of sorts - partially from the stress of dealing with an infant and also from worrying about Sheila returning. However, when Lauren comes close to breaking down, Phyllis and Michael step in and demand she get the help she needs.

"She's beginning to lose it," acknowledges Christian LeBlanc. "She's been acting very strange; is very paranoid, doesn't want to leave the house...She's starting to become agoraphobic, so Michael and Phyllis step in because they're concerned about her."

Do they ambush Lauren? "No, it's not like that," explains CLB. "They have her doctor, Dr. Okamura, come over and talk about it. Lauren takes it well; she doesn't freak out like some other people do in interventions. But Michael is terrified. She's usually the level-headed one and he's like, 'Oh my God, she's crazy!' It's interesting that they're doing a story about post-partum depression. It's something that really does affect moms. Lauren already has some issues since she missed out on much of Scotty's childhood. She's afraid of being a bad mother and feels out of control."

Still, unbeknownst to Lauren, her fears about Sheila aren't completely unfounded since Paul has been keeping her very-much -alive rival in captivity - something which Michael is now aware of. "It's a bizarre situation," nods CLB. "He's definitely worried about Sheila, but doesn't want to worry Lauren, so it's a lot on his shoulders. It does get very precarious for him. It's a hard one because he stepped into it and didn't plan to learn about Sheila. But he'll do anything for Lauren. He needs to control that situation. He needs to succeed at protecting his family for once."

Tracey will rock this!

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