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Passions: Ex-ATWT star joins Passions!


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If she is Charity (and she does now look the part with the hair), then she will rock. Two issues though:

1.) She will be in a story with two bad leading men (nuFox and nuMiguel) and one decent actress (Heidi Mueller).

2.) If she is Charity, why is she only here short term? Is it because they wanted a good actress to play her in Sisco and she was only available now or is it because they are only bringing Charity back for a special occasion or to tie up loose ends?

This is interesting though. I love the actress so I will be there to see where this goes.

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NOOO. Ugh. What a horrible role for her to get. SIGH.

Kristina looks far better as a brunette. I almost didn't recognize her!

And yep... I'm now convinced. She'll be Charity.

So ... does that give more credence to the fact that Grace might get offed? That will piss me off to no end. So much unresolved stuff there.

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Sisco can definitely pull it off acting-wise but she looks scary as a blond.

I hope it's a mistake and that she is contract because if they are only bringing her and Grace back short term that sucks. Not only could Grace and Charity returning give Juliet Mills a story and bring the dark side battle back but it could also add some long term spice to the Fox/Kay/Miguel mess.

If both Charity and Grace are returning for a short period, it is obvious that Grace will die and Charity will return as some sort of closure or something. That sucks. Why bring a good actress like Sisco on only for a short time? More importantly, why bring two major characters like Grace and Charity back only to ship them off again?

Ugh Passions!! What are you doing? :angry:

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