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  1. Wants GV to come to Days as Shawn Brady!

  2. It has come to my attention that there is some confusion over me, Tim Lowery (PhoenixRising05), announcing the end of Salem Lives and only a week later starting up a new blog over at DR. I feel the need to clear the air about this issue and I am going to say some things I would rather not everyone know but I feel it needs to be mentioned now due to all the questions so here it goes. First off, we left things hanging because the plan is to pick up Salem Lives again. I needed a break and the stories on Salem Lives involved many characters and were often complex and needed two writers to keep them organized. We also have a big cast at Salem Lives. I have alot of personal problems right now, which is why I am not around as much. I have sick relatives and I am ill myself, things I don't like to get into on the boards. That is in many ways why Salem Lives began stalling the past few weeks. I just didn't have time to communicate with Roman on stories and get us all organized on episodes and such. If we can't communicate, the blog suffers and that was beginning to happen to Salem Lives. We started arguing on things because we weren't talking as much, due in large part to me having to take on a second job and having to deal with my family issues and my own health issues. Many people were suggesting the past two months that I take a break. I tried to keep it going and even gave Roman the option to keep going on his own, since he didn't want to quit or end things. However, Roman's just as busy so he chose not to and we both agreed to end it...for now. My plan is to pick it up one day soon and bring Roman back with me, if he so chooses. This blog at DR is going to be different. Smaller cast, simpler stories, episodes will be shorter most days, and because I am on my own, less time consuming. I don't have to communicate and take all the necessary time needed to go back and forth on story structure and so on. I can just go and write on my own time and post when I have to on my own time. I love writing and need it for my own escape and relaxation. The only way I could continue and fit it in is on my own and the way I am doing it with the new blog. Roman has given me his support, as have others. I wouldn't do it if that wasn't the case. I love Salem Lives and SONBC. I am itching to return to the stories Roman and I have planned. I just have to do what I have to do right now and I will be happy to address any further questions in PM's. My purpose for posting this was to explain things a bit in hopes that there are no misconceptions. I hope this helps clear the air. Thanks for all your support and understanding and see you all around the boards. Phoenix
  3. EP/HW'S TIM LOWERY (PHOENIX) AND PATRICK L. EWING (ROMAN) PART WAYS As our fans know, the past few weeks have been difficult for the blog. I, Tim Lowery, have not been around as much as I normally am due to personal reasons. I hate that the blog has suffered but, most of all, I hate that my friendship and partnership with my partner has suffered. Sometimes life presents you with many challenges at once and it can take alot of time and energy to work through those challenges. That is what is happening right now. There has been a great amount of thinking on my part over the past few weeks about the future of this blog. I have tried numerous times to devote the proper attention needed but it's difficult because I find myself very much behind on planning and when you are part of a partnership it makes it even more difficult because you have to be able to communicate and send things and so on. Ultimately, I just don't have the time for the blog as it is and that pains me to no end. I love writing and I loved working with my partner. I just started seeing the writing on the wall and it was doing neither of us any good. Another part of my decision-making was that it just wasn't fun anymore. When I started this, my second blog, I was inspired and had so many ideas. Then, this remarkable creative mind began reading and commenting and he soon began sending me story ideas and a partnership grew out of that. More importantly, a friendship grew out of that and that is more important to me then the blog or anything to do with it. My hope is that Roman and I can remain friends despite how things have ended up at this moment. The bottom line and, really, neither one of us is to blame, is that the fun was gone. I started feeling disinterested and at times felt like I didn't know whether I liked what was going on or what was there. Alot has to do with personal reasons but I think alot is due to change being needed. This may come off selfish but I just think I need to start doing things for me. So much of my life right now is taking care of family and dealing with work and such. I just feel it's time for me to relax and to just do things to enjoy myself. That doesn't happen much when you leave the house at 6-6:30AM and don't get home until around 9PM. Other then getting online during the workday, everything else is constant work and stress. We all need a a little escape and I just wasn't getting that. I always said when I felt like I was doing a chore or a job, that it was time to end things and it got to that point. I would say I have to do an episode and that is not what I want. Part of the reason I tried to make a go of it was for Roman and for our fans. I hate that it just couldn't come together. As for what happens to the blog, right now I don't know. I don't have the time or energy but I may maintain it on a more different schedule or find some way to cut things down. I have to think and see what happens. I would love to continue writing for the fans but it has to be just for fun and I have to feel a certain freedom. I have to be inspired so I have to think about it and consider everything in my life right now. Whatever happens, I will update the fans through here. Now, to the fans, your support and loyalty was tremendous. Without you, Salem Lives would never have become what it is and you all pushed us to strive for greatness. We can't possibly thank you enough. Lastly, to my partner and someone I consider one of my best friends, Roman, I know things aren't good right now but I hope, if nothing else, the friendship we built over this past year or so does not just go away. That is of great importance to me. Through all the disagreements and through good times and bad, your support and help was truly touching. You are a gifted mind and a gifted soul. Truly talented and don't ever doubt an ounce of that talent. Your writing is something that should be appreciated and I hope you continue on with it in some way. Thank you for one of the best times of my life and I am so sorry it had to end like this. God Bless and I wish you all the best! Hope to talk to you soon! To the fans, I wish you the same and hope to see you around the boards and such. Thanks for everything! Tim Lowery (PhoenixRising05)
  4. SCHEDULE UPDATE!!! Due to personal issues and time constraints, Salem Lives has been on an up and down schedule of late. It could not come at a worst time given that it's sweeps so in an effort to maintain the excellent sweeps we have going, this week will feature a two episode a day schedule to catch us up. In other words, 10 EPISODES IN 5 DAYS!!!! To avoid confusion, here is how this will work out starting with today: Monday 2/25/08: The Monday 2/18/08 episode and Tuesday 2/19/08 episode will be posted. Tuesday 2/26/08: The Wednesday 2/20/08 episode and Thursday 2/21/08 episode will be posted. Wednesday 2/27/08: The Friday 2/22/08 episode and Monday 2/25/08 episode will be posted. Thursday 2/28/08: The Tuesday 2/26/08 episode and Wednesday 2/27/08 episode will be posted. Friday 2/29/08: The Thursday 2/28/08 episode and the regularly scheduled episode for this day will be posted. We look forward to getting back on track and we thank you for your patience and understanding. Stick with us!
  5. Actually, she has kidnapped Evan but never really got away with Sam but I see what your saying. I knew this would be controversial and it will be even more in upcoming episodes. She is at the end of her rope and that will be really evident next week.
  6. Yes, Patricia knew of him, especially since Joey ran from the scene to get help when he found Joelle. When he returned, all the cops and EMT's scared him and he heard his mother was dead. He didn't want to go to an orphanage or to strangers so he ran off. Yes, he has been reported missing and there will be some scenes coming to address some things. The Amy scene I was worried about but the way I imagined it in my head is that Amy be new at the Pub and I had Nicole disguise her voice too. I was going to have her steal something from Orpheus to disguise her voice like Orpheus did during the MCF story but I thought that may be too much. Good questions though.
  7. *SALEM LIVES IS BACK AFTER A BRIEF HIATUS. WE EXPECT TO BE FULLY CAUGHT UP BY SUNDAY. THANKS FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING AND PATIENCE AND STICK WITH US...THE REST OF SWEEPS IS EXPLOSIVE!!* FEBRUARY 15, 2008-EPISODE #437: REACTION RADIUS Steve and Hope sit at a booth and Steve says it sure feels nice to just have a decent meal for a change. Hope agrees, saying that it also feels good having her old friend back. Steve smiles and then says he’s going to the bathroom. He tells her to try and not eat everything while he’s gone. She sticks her tongue out at him as he gets up......and he walks right into Bo and Carly. Bo gets angry and Kimberly tries to tell him not in the club. Carly and Caroline agree but Bo wants to know what is going on, asking why Steve can’t keep his hands to himself. Hope wonders where Bo’s hands have been since Carly has breezed back into town. Bo can’t believe she’d ask that but Hope says that nothing is going on between her and Steve. And, she feels he doesn’t have the right to know any longer. Caroline says that’s enough. Bo should be ashamed of how he’s acting on Maggie and Max’s big night but he doesn’t care as he storms off. Carly says how sorry she is and Kayla grabs Steve and yanks him toanother side of the huge room. She wonders what he was doing and he says nothing. After what has happened, Kayla can’t believe he would rub her face into what he did. Steve says that’s not what’s happening. Kayla strongly disagrees and says if he wants to save what’s left of their life together.....he better get his act together and fast. She walks off as Shane comes over and asks Steve if he is ok. He says he’ll be fine.......when he’s back with his lady. Sami walks up to Marlena and Belle and they all greet each other. Marlena asks how Lucas is doing and Sami says with Roman there with him, he’s holding up pretty well. Belle says she got a letter from Shawn overseas and he says he misses everyone very much. Sami asks if he is ok and Belle says that the fighting is fierce but he’s keeping his head down, like Bo and Victor have told him. Marlena just hopes Roman will be proven not guilty so he can come home. It’s been one problem after another. As Belle excuses herself, Sami and Marlena sit down. They both love the new club but Marlena takes her hand and asks if she is getting involved in Lucas’ case. Sami looks at her mother and tells her that she will do what she has to do to save the man she loves. Marlena truly can’t blame her and just tells her to be very careful, knowing she can't stop her. Roman would never forgive her if something happened to Sami while he was locked up. As the band plays, Doug, Julie and the rest of the Horton family gather around Victor and Marlena. Victor says he got some nice musical acts to come to the opening but everything is secret and he doesn’t want anyone bugging him as to who it is. Doug just hopes that Abby will be safe from Lawrence. Alice says that there are a lot more people than just Abby who has to worry. Marlena agrees, saying once again that everyone has to watch their backs. Meanwhile, Jack wonders where Billie is....... BILLIE'S P.I. OFFICE As she lays in her office on a couch. Kate tries to wake her up from her drunken state and she stirs but still has a bottle in her hand. Kate takes the bottle from her and sits her up, saying how sorry she is for what happened. Billie wonders if Kate loves anyone else but herself and Kate says she has always loved her kids......she just has a bad way of showing it. Billie agrees, saying that she should have listened years ago when her children told her to let up. Kate knows she will spend an eternity paying for the mistakes she’s made.......but she truly did it out of love. A drunk Billie is helped up by her mother, saying all she ever wanted was a mother who loved her for her. Instead.......she got a mother who always made her feel worthless. Kate starts crying as she helps Billie sit down, saying that she is sorry about making her feel that way. Billie is her first baby and if she had it all over to do again, she would change everything except one thing....... Her love for Billie. Kate sits next to Billie as she rests her head on Kate’s shoulder and Kate rocks her back and forth. Mother and daughter cry as Kate makes Billie a promise.......after she helps to get Lucas free, she will help Billie become the wonderful person she’s always knew she was. And she will try her best to stop meddling. Billie laughs, saying that if she had a nickel for every time she heard that........and Kate stops her.........she stops her from taking another drink. Kate tells her they both have a long way to go as the scene shifts back to... RADIUS Tony takes Anna on the dance floor as Carrie walks up. Tony and Carrie hug and he excuses himself as Anna and her catch up. They say how nice each of them look and Carrie asks how the new business venture is going. Anna says fine. She hopes all goes well, especially with this new partner she has. Carrie hopes so too as Abe is seen dancing with Celeste. The scene then shifts to the outside.... As Jean waits in a long line trying to get in. All she wants to do......is to talk to Alyson. Alyson, meanwhile, is inside with Philip, but his mind is on Nicole. Alyson ask what’s wrong and he says it’s just business. Belle sees them get up and walk to the bar and it pisses her off, which Philip notices......and smiles about. They then start dancing which pisses Belle off further and Victor walks past her to tell Maggie that one of the special acts has arrived. She gets excited as they are led to the back and the scene shifts to... SALEM INN Nicole is now in full disguise (black-haired wig, eyeglasses, and dressed in lots of layers) outside of Alyson's suite. She wishes she didn't have to do this but needs the ransom money to get out of Salem and doesn't know how else to get it quick. She then says Sam is Eric's child and Evan was her child for the first nearly 6 months of his life so there is some right in this. She knocks on the door, takes a deep breath, as Sharon the babysitter answers and asks what she can do for her. Nicole lies and says there is a problem and Ms. Parker and Ms. Brady sent her to pick up the children. She says it's a family emergency and she needs to take the children to them right away as they must catch a plane. Sharon is shocked but seems suspicious, saying she would like to hear from Ms. Parker and/or Ms. Brady first. Sharon says she will go and call them since she has their cell numbers. As she goes to make the call, a desperate Nicole realizes she has no choice. She takes one of the baby toys and knocks Sharon over the head, knocking her unconscious. She then hides Sharon behind the couch, packs Evan and Sam's things, puts them in a traveling bag and prepares to leave, wishing it didn't have to be this way but she had no choice. As Nicole puts both babies in the carrier and and prepares to leave when Sharon stands up, blocking the door. She picks up the phone and tells Nicole she isn't going anywhere... As the scene fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... LIFEHOUSE PERFORMS AS NICOLE ATTEMPTS HER ESCAPE!! IMPORTANT INFO!! SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  8. FEBRUARY 14, 2008-EPISODE #436: RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES WAREHOUSE IN SALEM'S WEST SIDE WAREHOUSE DISTRICT Nicole is with Joey at an old, abandoned warehouse on Salem's west side near the pier. Joey asks if this is a good hiding spot. Nicole admits she's known people to hide in some of the warehouses around here and it should be good for awhile. Joey asks her again why she was so mean to Philip and Jean earlier. Nicole says she needed their help and refused. She tells Joey it's a long story but she will tell him there is a good number of people out there that she feels never even bothered to understand her feelings and where she was coming from. She feels if someone at least had tried, she may not be in this predicament. Joey asks what they are going to do with so many people after her. Nicole says she needs him to stop asking questions if he is to stick with her and she points out she still thinks they should part ways. Joey says he isn't going anywhere but he will stop asking questions if she wants. Nicole contemplates for a few minutes and says there is something she can do but it's risky and it's extreme but she may be out of options. She gets up and gets into disguise, telling Joey to stay here. Joey refuses but Nicole assures him she will be back. Just like all the times she left him at the apartment...she always came back then and she will come back now. Besides, she will be bringing some people back with her. Joey asks who. Nicole says he'll see and says she will be back, telling him not to be quiet and suggesting he hides if someone should come in as homeless people often hide out in the area. Joey nods as Nicole leaves and the scene shifts to... PIER Sami and Kate are walking and are stunned by the info they received from Silvana. Sami feels they are on the right track to saving Lucas and can't wait to hear the rest of what Silvana has to say tomorrow night. Kate agrees and says she wishes they didn't have to go through hell on that stage and with all that men. Sami smiles and tells Kate to admit she loved it. Kate says she will pretend she didn't hear that and adds that she is going to go see Billie and fill her in. She's wanted Billie's help with this anyway but she's had trouble getting a hold of her. Sami thinks that's a good idea as Billie may be able to help. Kate tries calling her again and gets no answer, admitting she's been worried about her. Sami admits Billie's been acting strange lately. Kate says she is going to head over there. Sami tells Kate she is going to Maggie and Max's club opening to meet her mom and Belle. Kate forgot that was tonight and tells Sami she will see her tomorrow. Sami nods and says it was nice working with her. The two exchange looks of sarcasm. Kate tells Sami not to push it and then walks off as Sami laughs and walks off in the other direction and the scene shifts to... BILLIE'S P.I. OFFICE Billie is passed out at her desk, a bottle of gin that is a little under halfway filled sitting next to her and several empty bottles of liquor lie in the room around her. The camera then pans in on her face as we hear Billie murmuring "No." It turns out she is having a nightmare and the scene shifts to that nightmare. Billie is in a dark room and she then sees Jack in the distance, telling Billie: Jack: I can't love a Dimera. Nobody can. She then sees Abby. Abby: Your a Dimera. Your evil. She then sees Bo and Hope. Bo: I can't believe I was ever involved with you. Hope: I always had a bad feeling about you. I guess I was right. Billie begins screaming in anguish as she sees Stefano and Orpheus appear. Stefano: Another darling granddaughter to help continue the Dimera legacy. Stefano walks up to Billie and kisses her hand. Stefano: I know you will make me proud. A true Dimera, you will be. Billie screams "No!!!" as Orpheus walks up, saying: Orpheus: Like father, like daughter. Billie breaks down in tears and turns around in disgust to see the man she knew as her father for years, Curtis, standing before her. Curtis: I always knew you were trash. That you weren't worth a damn. Now, your Dimera trash. No one will ever love you. How could they? Your not only garbage like your mother...your a Dimera too!! Doesn't get much worse then that, Billie girl!!! Billie then screams out again and begins pounding on Curtis, saying "No!!" repeatedly and then the scene quickly pans back to Billie, who jumps up and quickly awakes at her desk, sweating and in tears. She then takes the bottle of gin and, as her hands shake, begins gulping it down as the scene shifts to.... MAGGIE AND MAX'S NEW CLUB Victor arrives with Bo and Carly. Maggie is shocked to see Bo and Carly. Carly says she had to convince Bo to come. Bo says that between Caroline and Carly convincing him and Victor as well, he had no choice. Plus, he heard Kayla was coming and Stephanie agreed to watch JT and Theo at the Abe's. Bo says he also had to support Max of course. Max comes over with Caroline and Abby. Both are happy Bo made it. Bo says he would've never lived it down if he hadn't. Caroline smiles and embraces him, saying they all need this night. Frankie would want them to enjoy life again. Kayla then arrives with Shane and Kim. Kim apologizes, saying they had to drop Stephanie at the Carver's. Shane adds that Abe and Celeste are on their way. Caroline is happy Kayla came out, saying she did the right thing. Kayla says she wanted to support Max and knew very well Caroline and the rest of the family wouldn't rest until she came out. She says she is only staying for a bit. Caroline understands. Bo and Kayla embrace and ask how each other are doing. Kayla says she is struggling. Bo nods. Caroline asks Maggie and Max how they came up with the name "Radius" for the club. Maggie says they had a couple of names but she left it up to Max. They thought about naming it after Frankie or Mickey or someone they loved but thought it may be too much. They want people to be able to enjoy life at the club and felt they needed a modern name that appeals to everyone and is catchy. Max thought of "Radius" because it has a vibe that many college students will like and it seems to fit the club. Plus, as a former race, it sounds cool to him. Everyone laughs. Maggie directs their attention to the stage area, which she says is called the "Red Zone," named after the nickname Mickey gave her. Max adds that the bar area has a drink named after Frankie called the a "Francois Crush" and adds there are several booth and table areas named after Mickey, Frankie, Jennifer, Eric, and Austin to memorize them. Maggie says it helped with organization since the club is large so they thought naming table areas after deceased loved ones was a nice idea. Everyone is impressed and likes the references to loved ones lost. Max says they hope to come up with more ideas to honor loved ones lost. Meanwhile, Alyson and Carrie walk around, checking out the club. They bump into Marlena, who has come with Belle, and the 4 of them catch up. Philip then arrives and Alyson excuses herself when she sees him. She wishes him a happy Valentine's Day. Philip says he got her message and tried calling her to say he couldn't make it. It's not a good time. Alyson asks if something is wrong. Philip recalls his encounter with Nicole and says it's just been a bad day. Alyson tries to persuade him to stay, reminding him he promised they would get together. Philip realizes Alyson won't give up until he gives in so he agrees to stick around for a little while. Alyson is pleased. Meanwhile, Jean arrives outside and discovers a long line and that the club is only letting people in a little at a time now to control crowd flow. Jean hopes she can find Alyson inside, insisting they need to talk. Back inside, Abe and Celeste have arrived and are greeted by Alice, Doug, Julie, Mike, and Bill. They all wish each other Happy Valentine's Day. Alice reminisces about Tom and how he used to always take her on a night on the town on Valentine's Day. They never liked a quiet Valentine's Day. Julie says Doug always did the same and it seems they are doing the same thing this year, being at the club and all. Bo and Carly then greet Abe and Celeste. Abe asks how Bo is doing. Bo says he's dealing as the scene shifts to... SALEM INN A disguised Nicole walks down the hall and observes a suite, hoping the babysitter Alyson and Carrie left the kids with isn't too of a problem. She then admits how easy it call the Pub and get Alyson's phone number from Amy, the Pub waitress, so she can find out if Alyson and Carrie had gone to the club opening too like she thought. Nicole says the situation couldn't make this any easier and then admits she doesn't want to do this but has no choice. She needs money quick and this is the best way she can think of to get it. She has no other options and then admits that there is some right in this. Sam is Eric's son and Evan was her son the first 6 months of his life. Nicole wonders if this is how things were meant to end up. Her ending up with Sam and Evan and both children being her ticket out of Salem to begin a fresh start. Nicole observes the suite and the hallway and takes a deep breath, saying there isn't much time and she needs to do this now if she is ever going to. Nicole moves in on the suite as the scene shifts to... MAGGIE AND MAX'S NEW CLUB Hope is walking outside the club, wishing she had not come but knowing Doug would've probably came and got her himself if she hadn't agreed. She then hears a horn beep at her. It's Steve, who asks Hope what she is doing. Hope fills him in on Doug practically forcing her to come to the club. Steve says he was on his way back from taking Adrienne to the airport and asks if she wants company. Hope isn't so sure with so many people they know inside but Steve reminds her they will have to deal with what they did the rest of their lives and they are friends. Besides, he doubts Bo and Kayla will be there. Hope admits it would help her as she doesn't feel like dealing with this on her own. Steve admits he doesn't feel like being alone. He's had Adrienne there with him and now she is gone. Hope finally says ok and tells Steve to park around back and meet her at the service door. Maggie instructed her to show ID to enter around back so she doesn't have to wait in line. Steve agrees and pulls in around back. Back inside, Marlena tells Carrie she wishes they had their husbands this Valentine's Day. Carrie nods, saying even Sami doesn't have Lucas. Belle looks on, saying they just need to pray things get better. Tony and Anna have arrived and Tony brings drinks to their table as Anna hangs up the phone, saying she has great news. That investor that postponed their meeting earlier called. He's going to come and meet them at the club in a few hours. Tony admits that's great but he wanted to spend Valentine's Day with her. Anna says they still can before and after they meet with the investor and, this way, he gets to meet him too. Tony says ok and says he will just have to deal with the little interruption. They kiss and wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day. Kim tells Kayla, Shane, and Caroline she wishes they had something to celebrate on Valentine's Day. Kayla nods. Bo and Carly come over. Bo is shocked when he sees Hope and Steve together being greeted by Doug, Julie, and Alice. He then sees them walk over to the bar. Kayla sees this and is unsettled as well. Bo becomes furious and walks off in Hope and Steve's direction. Carly follows, begging Bo not to do this, as the others, including Kayla, follow as well. Doug, Julie, and Alice see this and think trouble may be coming. Julie admits she was shocked Hope and Steve came together too. Alice says they just need to hope things don't get out of hand. Victor walks over to Maggie and can see she's trembling. He tells her not to worry...the musical act issue has been taking care of. He says he pulled some strings and there was two modern music heavyweights in the area and they will be there momentarily. The local band just needs to fill some time before they arrive. Maggie is overjoyed and embraces Victor, saying he is her lifesaver. He says she can show him her appreciation later. Maggie says she will. Afterall, it is Valentine's Day. Maggie then asks who the performers Victor got are. Victor thinks they should keep it a secret so he whispers in Maggie's ear. Maggie is stunned and excited. Max and Abby are dancing. Jack comes over with his notepad, jotting down ideas for his article on the club opening, and asks Max if he should be fulfilling his management responsibilities. Max says he is but needed a break. Abby smiles. Jack rolls his eyes and walks off. He wonders if Billie will be coming and tries, calling her. No one picks up. Jack is worried and asks himself what is going on with her. The scene then shifts to... BILLIE'S P.I. OFFICE Billie looks at her phone and then pulls it right out of its socket, saying she is sick of hearing it ringing and giving her a headache. She then tosses the phone against the wall, asking why people don't just leave her alone. She then hears Kate knocking at the door and tells her to go away, clutching her head and drinking more gin. Kate says she heard a loud noise and says she is coming in, whether she likes it or not. Kate then uses a hairpin to pick the lock, hoping she remembers how to do it right from her sleuthing exploits. Billie, thinking Kate can't get in with the door locked, is shocked when the lock turns and Kate enters. Kate is shocked to see a disheveled and drunk Billie. She sees the gin in her hand and all the bottles around her. Kate shakes her head in disgust and sadness, saying: Kate: Oh, God. Billie...no. No! Billie just looks out into space and takes another sip out of her gin bottle as the scene pans back over to a crying Kate, who is still shaking her head in disbelief, and then fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... KATE TRIES TO REACH BILLIE AS NICOLE MAKES HER MOVE!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!! SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!!
  9. FEBRUARY 13, 2008-EPISODE #435: TO THE TRUTH SALEM PARK Nicole and Joey are hiding some bushes. She looks at her watch, hoping "he" got the message from Henderson. Joey asks who they are waiting for. Nicole tells him to nevermind and to just be quiet and do nothing, since it's obvious he isn't going to leave her side. Joey smiles. Just then, Nicole sees whoever she has been waiting for and tells Joey to stay put. Nicole emerges from the bushes and the camera pans around to show Philip, who turns and is shocked to see Nicole. He realizes she is the one that left a message with Henderson to meet him. Nicole smiles, saying she knew he would call the cops or someone else and that he would refuse to see her so she called and disguised her voice as best she could, pretending to be a prospective investor and nothing that she heard in the newspaper Titan was working on a multimedia endeavor and used it to her advantage. Philip calls her a bitch and asks what the hell she wants. Nicole says she will get right to the point. She needs money and the use of the Kiriakis jet to leave Salem...tonight. Philip smiles and asks why the hell he would let her do that. Nicole says because she knows all about how he betrayed his own father, a betrayal that nearly killed him. Philip pretends to not know what she is talking about but Nicole says she has a surveillance tape of him talking about how he helped Orpheus kidnap Victor and how he helped bring him to the cruise ship last summer. She wonders how Victor would feel if he knew that. Philip calls her bluff but Nicole warns him not to do that, citing what happened to Steve and Hope. They did the same thing and blew her off and ended up losing everything. She asks if Philip wants to suffer the same fate. Philip thinks she is lying and wants to see the proof. Nicole wants the money and the plane first and then she will give up the tape. Philip contemplates and thinks Nicole would have the proof with her right now if she had any at all. Nicole says it was too risky but Philip thinks she is smart enough to have made a copy. Nicole admits she hasn't had a chance but Philip isn't buying it. He tells Nicole it's a no-go. He then grabs her and says he is calling his father and turning her ass in. Nicole then pushes Philip to the ground and tells him if he tells anyone he saw her, she will make sure Victor and all of Salem knows what he did. Nicole adds that he will regret refusing her...just like Steve and Hope did. The two stare each other down as Nicole runs off into the night, leaving Philip on the ground, wondering if Nicole really does have the proof she claims to have as the scene shifts to... MAGGIE AND MAX'S NEW CLUB Alice and Laura embrace as Bill, Doug, and Julie watch. They are heartbroken Laura can't stay for at least the opening. Laura says a patient she was counseling in Africa needs her and she has to go. She's been away long enough as it is. Bill says he wishes he could go back with her and says he will be back soon. Laura says she knows he needs to stay in Salem for Lucas and assures him she will make sure everyone knows that. Laura and Bill embrace. A frantic Maggie comes over with Jack and Abby, saying the music acts for the night have canceled. She has no idea what she is going to do. Julie tries to calm her. Laura embraces her, saying she will be fine. Maggie wishes she could stay. Laura does too but insists Maggie will be fine. Laura then says her goodbyes to Abby and Jack, telling Jack to take care of her grandchildren and himself and ordering Abby to listen to her father and to go to that safehouse in the morning. Abby nods and the two embrace once more before Laura says her final goodbyes and walks off, wiping away tears. Meanwhile, Maggie asks Max what they are going to do. Max says he doesn't know anyone who can help. Maggie is in a panic, saying the club opens in two hours and wonders what they are going to do as the scene shifts to... SALEM INN Jean knocks on Alyson's door and is shocked when an unknown woman opens the door. Jean asks who she is. The woman introduces herself as Sharon and she is with the Salem Inn babysitting service. Jean asks where Alyson is, saying she is her daughter. Sharon informs Jean that Alyson went with two other woman, one an older woman, to a club opening. She explains that Alyson left her son with her and one of the other woman left their baby son with her too. Jean looks in and sees Evan on the floor, playing. She figures Alyson must have went out with Carrie to Maggie and Max's opening. She assumes the other woman is Caroline and thanks Sharon for her time and help, saying she will see if she can find them at the club. She blows a kiss at her grandson and walks off as the scene shifts to... Adrienne's suite as she and Steve hug. Adrienne says she really doesn't want to leave Steve during this difficult time. Steve says he is fine and he will deal with it. She needs to get back to Justin and the children. She promises Steve she will call and check in everyday and begs him to be honest with her if and when something is wrong. She assures him that her and Justin will come and visit soon with the kids. Steve nods, saying he will and that a visit would be nice. They embrace again and say they love each other. Steve then offers to take her to the airport. Adrienne insists she can take a cab but Steve insists he take her, reminding her of all she has done for him with everything going on. Plus, she is letting him have her suite. Adrienne gives in and collects her luggage, which Steve helps her with, as the scene shifts to... LOOKERS STRIP CLUB In the alley outside, Silvana asks why Sami and Kate would want to see her. They fill her in on how they came across her in Joelle's contact book. Silvana asks if they broke in to Joelle's apartment. Sami and Kate look down. Kate fills Silvana in on how they feel Lucas is being framed for all that he did to Joelle and for Joelle's murder. Sami adds to that by saying they don't trust the police and their measures so they are handing this themselves. Sami says she loves Lucas with all her heart and he is the father of her son. She doesn't want him punished for something he didn't do. Kate echoes those sentiments, saying she loves her son and she can't bear to lose him. Sami informs Silvana she is the daughter of the police commander and half her family is in law enforcement. Silvana asks if that is supposed to scare her into dishing dirt on Joelle. Sami says they just need her help. Silvana shocks them both by admitting they don't have to scare her or pay her off to get info on Joelle. She hates the bitch. Kate asks why. Silvana explains how Joelle and her were best friends in high school but parted ways when Joelle went off to college. Her family sacrificed alot to put her through college but Silvana's family couldn't afford it no matter what they did. Silvana explains she couldn't find a job so she became a hooker and then eventually an exotic dancer and that is how she ended up where she's at. It's the only way she had to make money. She did it behind her family's back and her family became ashamed and threw her out. They didn't care that she was trying to help. It was about honor and about not selling herself to the highest bidder. Kate looks on, clearly thinking of her own past. Sami asks about Joelle. Silvana says she could tell through everything that Joelle looked down on her but they still remained friends. Joelle had fallen on hard time after college. She didn't have what it took in the corporate world. People would beat her out for jobs. She was like jelly compared to all the pariahs out there. So, as Silvana continues, Joelle ended up broke and living with her. Silvana offered to help, saying she could her a job at the club she was working at but Joelle was like her family. Too much pride and cared more about her reputation then doing what it took to survive. Eventually, though, she gave in but didn't become a dancer. She became a hooker and that is how her son, Joey came into the world. Silvana adds that Joelle kept the truth from her mother but, when her mother caught her with a john one night. she had a stroke and ended in paralyzed and very ill, a condition that never improved. Kate interjects, saying that is why she hired her. She saw all that Joelle had been through. Sami sees tears in Kate's eyes. Kate tries to hide them and wipes her eyes. Sami turns back to Silvana, telling her to go on. Silvana explains that Joelle quit working the streets after her mother's stroke but she needed money more then ever with a baby boy and a sick mother now. So, she went back into the corporate world to find something while also waiting tables at a restaurant for the time being. Eventually, she ended up with work when she was hired at Basic Black and then she moved on to Roberts and Co. Kate nods, saying she was a hard worker and good employee for many years. Silvana nods. Sami asks about their friendship. Silvana admits that once Joelle began working full-time, they barely saw each other. She had her mother and son and her job while she worked nights and slept during the day. They only recently began getting close again because she felt she needed someone to confide in, a fact that led to them not being friends anymore. Kate asks why. Silvana says that it was always about Joelle and her problems and then, after years of seeing and hearing from her sparingly, she starts spending time with her again just to dump her problems on her. She got sick of it and they had a falling out. Silvana adds that on top of that, alot of what Joelle was doing, she didn't agree with and wanted no part of it nor did she want to know about it. Sami asks what she is talking about. Silvana admits it involved some guy Joelle kept calling her "meal ticket" and she was prepared to do whatever it took to get him. Sami and Kate both look at each other, knowing this is likely about Lucas. Silvana is told by one of the bouncers, who comes outside, that it's her to perform. Silvana says she needs to go. Sami and Kate would like to hear the rest of what she has to say. Kate promises she will be paid for her cooperation and help. Silvana says she has 3 performances tonight so she thinks it best if they come back tomorrow night...8PM. She tells them to wait for her in the alley since they won't be welcome inside. Silvana puts her cigarette out and goes inside as Sami and Kate joyfully look at each other, feeling like they may have the break they need as the scene shifts to... MAGGIE AND MAX'S NEW CLUB Maggie in on the phone with Victor, telling him Max found a local act to fill some time but they still need two main acts. Victor assures her everything will be ok and tells her not to panic, saying he is on his way. Maggie says she will try but she just wants everything to be perfect. Victor is sure it will be. Meanwhile, Carrie and Alyson walk in with Caroline and are greeted by Alice and Julie. Caroline says Max said they could come early. Max walks up and kisses Caroline, who says she is proud of him for the beautiful club he and Maggie have. Carrie tells everyone how her grandmother would not stop until she agreed to go and said they had to convince Alyson to come as well. They left Evan and Sam with a babysitter at the Salem Inn. Caroline says she just wanted the family together tonight and that she has convinced Kayla and Kim to come to. Shane is bringing them. She thinks Kayla could use a night to forget everything. Alyson didn't know she was considered family. Caroline says of course she is. Doug and Bill listen in and Doug says he convinced Hope to come by too. He just thinks she needs a night out to forget everything and Bo has JT tonight. Bill asks if that is a good idea considering the circumstances. Doug says that Bo, Hope, and Kayla will see each other eventually and there will be alot of people at the club so it shouldn't be that big of an issue. The scene then shifts to... PIER Jean is on her way to the club, hoping she can get to Alyson before it becomes hard to find her in a packed club. Nicole and Joey approach and Nicole's eyes light up as she tells herself it must be her lucky day...Jean was just who she was looking for. Nicole tells Joey to hide behind some crates and approaches Jean. Nicole calls out to Jean, saying long time no see. Jean is shocked to see her and can't believe she would be out in public with all the people that are looking for her. Nicole smiles, saying desperate times call for desperate measures. Jean pulls out her phone and says she is calling the police. Nicole warns her not do it that but Jean is about to dial. Just then, Nicole says if she does that, she will tell Alyson the truth about what happened to her father. Jean is stunned and asks what the hell she is talking about. Nicole says she has surveillance evidence that would tell Alyson what really happened the day her father died. Jean is trembling and can't seem to even speak. Nicole tells Jean she wants $3 million dollars within 24 hours or she shows Alyson the tape. Jean thinks Nicole is lying and insists there is no secret. Nicole asks why she is shaking in her boots then. After a few moments, Jean turns and asks how she is supposed to get that kind of cash. Nicole smiles, telling her to use that creative mind of hers. Jean thinks she is bluffing and that she has no proof. Afterall, how would she be able to get surveillance evidence. Nicole says she has her sources. Jean thinks for a moment and says she isn't doing a damn thing for her. Besides, who would believe her after all she has done. Nicole asks if that is her final answer. Jean tells Nicole defiantly she isn't scared of her. Nicole thinks Jean should be, reminding her of what happened to Steve and Hope when they called her bluff. She asks if Jean is sure. Jean gives her a cold look. Nicole walks off. Jean begins to dial on her phone. Nicole orders her to stop and says if she tells anyone she saw her, Alyson will know the truth within the hour. Nicole then tells Jean she had her chance and made her bed. Now she has to lie in it. Nicole walks off as a still in shock and worried Jean looks on. Nicole walks over to Joey, grabs his hand, and drags him off. He asks why she was mean to that woman and to that guy earlier. Nicole tells him to stop asking questions if he wants to stick with her and then sees some officers in the distance. She says she is running out of time and drags Joey off, telling him to come on as they race off into the night and the scene fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... MAGGIE AND MAX'S CLUB OPENS!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!! HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  10. FEBRUARY 12, 2008-EPISODE #434: WATCHFUL EYES LOOKERS STRIP CLUB Ed wants to know if the two will go out on stage or not. Sami says she has a cold and can’t go on stage. Kate looks at her like she’s crazy and asks when the cold came on. Sami says just now and the two women start arguing when Ed tells them to stop. He walks off but not before telling them they have one minute to get on stage.........or else. The women decide to go on with the show.... And walk out on stage in front of the drunk, whistling crowd. The music starts and Sami looks at Kate, saying that she is following Kate’s lead. Kate rolls her eyes as she starts to dance and Sami and her separate as they take a side of the stage. Both women slowly start to take their clothes off, with Sami thinking of Lucas and Kate thinking of........something to drink. The women then start to walk toward each other, not knowing they are about to collide. They do and the music stops, with Kate yelling at Sami about what she was doing. Sami says dancing and Kate says that’s a laugh. It looked like she was having a seizure, Kate says. Well, Sami tells her, at least it didn’t look like she had a bat shoved up her ass. Kate gets offended and takes a swing at Sami, who ducks and tackles her off the stage.... And into the crowd below. Ed runs out and breaks it up and sees both of their wigs have fallen off. He kicks them out of the club and into the alley and, when some of the drunk patrons try to follow, Silvana, who is in the alley smoking a cigarette, stops them cold with threats of being dealt with by the bouncers. As the men go back inside, the two ladies thank Silvana and she wonders why they went through all that trouble since they clearly aren't strippers. They look at each other and then Kate tells her.... They are there........to see her. PIER Nicole sits on a bench with Joey next to her. She knows she has to get money so they can leave town and Joey says he can get a can and panhandle. Nicole shoots down that idea but gives him credit for thinking on his feet. She has an idea but thinks it would be best if, just for a little while, they parted company. Joey says he’ll be good and Nicole doesn’t want him to get hurt. At that moment, two men come walking down the stairs, which makes them hide. Nicole and Joey overhear their conversation and one of them mentions Victor. Now she knows she has to get out of town.......these are his men. They sneak off undetected as Nicole says she has an idea but she has to act fast........ ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY Roman and Lucas watch television in their cell. Roman has to pay up to Lucas for losing the Super Bowl and Roman is none too pleased. As they watch the news, a report of a plane crash comes on the screen, which makes Roman flashback to a memory of Bo running toward him on a beach. His head starts pounding and Lucas asks if he is ok. Roman yells at him to leave him alone and Lucas backs off. The memory subsides and Roman apologizes. Lucas accepts and asks what is going on. Roman says.......he wish he knew. UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Belle runs up to Marlena as she walks out of her office door, telling her she’s there to drag her to Maggie’s club opening if she has to. Marlena says she was going to support Maggie anyway. Belle is glad and says that with everything that is happening with Roman, she needs a night out. Marlena tells her she doesn’t know the half of it. If she told Belle everything her and Roman have been through......it would look like War & Peace. Belle knows that, even with Lawrence on the horizon, things will work out. Marlena knows that too, and they both walk down the hall arm in arm. ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Orpheus looks at a map of Salem and simply says........ Orpheus: Well.........it’s.......nice to be back. As he smiles, he sits down in front of a control panel and zooms in on Stefano’s living room at the penthouse. Stefano and Lincoln sit at the dinner table discussing if Roman can remain in his fog long enough for his people to get to him and Lincoln doesn’t know. He tells Stefano that Roman is getting bits and pieces of his memory back more and more each day.....but one of the side effects is working. His personality is changing. Stefano smiles, saying...... Stefano: Exactly how I wanted my best Pawn to react. Stefano then takes a sip of his drink and tells Lincoln to keep a close eye on things. Lincoln leaves the room and, in a move that shocks Orpheus, Stefano walks up to the monitor he had planted in his penthouse and looks into it, saying....... Stefano: I know who you are.....and I know where all the monitors are. You have one week to get them out of my home.......before I lay waste to yours. With that, he smashes the monitor, leaving Orpheus to praise his father. As he laughs..... Stefano tells a returning Lincoln that it’s now time to set Cassie into motion. Lincoln knows Stefano hates doing this and Stefano says...... Stefano: I do, my friend........but, she is the only one now. The one........who will start the chain reaction. Stefano sees Lincoln leave as he makes a move on his chess board with a Pawn........ And the scene fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... NICOLE TAKES ACTION!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!!! HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  11. FEBRUARY 11, 2008-EPISODE #433: UNDER MY SKIN ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Orpheus tells Nicole long time no see and says he is pleased to see she made herself at home in his hideaway during his absence. Nicole is in shock and points out Orpheus is supposed to be dead. Orpheus laughs, reminding her who is father is. He says the son of the Phoenix is set for life. Orpheus: You know, Nicole. I'm quite shocked about this young little friend of yours. I mean, is this the first child you've been in major contact with that you didn't steal...or did you? Nicole: Bastard! (moves to slap Orpheus but he catches her hand in mid-air) Orpheus: Now I thought you were smarter then that. Tsk Tsk. Nicole: So, what now? Your back. What happens? Orpheus: Very to the point. I like that. Nicole: Perhaps we can make a deal, like the old days. You help me, I help you. I need money and a way out of Salem. Orpheus: Ah, yes. You've made enemies out of most of the town and Victor's people are after you, along with the cops. Brutal! Nicole: I need your help. Orpheus rolls his eyes. Orpheus: Been there, done that. No use for you anymore. I have alot on my plate without having to worry about a pain in the ass like you. Nicole: We've worked out deals before. Help me. Orpheus: Not this time, In fact, there is no time to waste. Get your little friend and get out. I have much to do and don't need anyone, least of all you two, getting in the way. Nicole: We could work something... Orpheus: Get out! Nicole backs away and says he will regret this. Orpheus reminds her their partnership is over. They both served purposes for the other and now he has no purpose for her so it's not beneficial to him to partner with her once again. Nicole begs him to just get her out of Salem but he refuses to listen, saying she made her own bed and she has to lie in it. Orpheus: I helped you steal Evan from Carrie and did everything in my power to help you hold on to him. Nicole: For your own gain!! Then, Eric and Austin ended up dead because of you. Orpheus: You pulled the trigger that killed Eric. Austin would not have been involved had you not done what you did. Nicole: It was an accident. I wasn't directly responsible. Orpheus: Maybe not but, much like your recent actions on New Year's with poor Frankie Brady, you were involved. And, yes, I know all about your little exploits in my absence, which brings up something else I did for you. I provided you with the tape you used to blackmail Steve and Hope. Not my problem you misused it. Nicole: I was trying to prove a point. Orpheus: Yes, that the Brady's are hypocrites. Well, good for you. Too bad your crimes have added many new people to your list of enemies. I'm sure you will make a few other enemies too since you've been looking through my surveillance tapes. Nicole looks at him, stunned. Orpheus: I know everything, Nicole. Always. Nicole: Everything I did....I did out of love. Love for Evan. He was my son first and, while he really wasn't mine, Carrie and the Brady's didn't have to isolate him from me completely. Hell, they even kept me from my own husband's funeral. They made things worse. I screwed things up with Eric. I know that but...losing Eric was bad enough. Not being able to mourn at his funeral...not ever seeing Evan...and then there is Sam. Sam is the last living link to Eric. He has Eric's eyes. I see so much of Eric in him and that is why I'm drawn to him. Yet, I'm kept from him too. Orpheus: Can you blame them? Your kidnapped Evan and tried to kidnap Sam twice. Your clearly delusional. Nicole: I take most of the blame but those around me share in it. They made things much worse and it's funny how they are forgiving to others but, when it came to me, my ass was kicked to the curve, without a chance. They give others chance after chance but, me, nope. One and done. Nobody understands and I don't think anyone ever will. Hell, Eric never seemed to either. Brandon did in some ways but... Orpheus: I've had enough. You have a half hour to pack you and the kids [!@#$%^&*] and get out. Hope you enjoyed your stay! Feel free to tip on your way out! Orpheus walks off but not before issuing Nicole a warning and tells her to pass it on to Joey too. He warns them both to not tell anyone about his hideout or about his being alive...or else. He then tells Nicole she should know what the "or else" is. Orpheus smiles bids her a good night and tells her to tell the kid the same. Orpheus walks off as a worried and confused Nicole looks on, unaware of Joey, who is in the background, having heard the whole exchange between Nicole and Orpheus and the scene shifts to... LOOKERS STRIP CLUB Sami and Kate walk up outside the club, dressed in stripper garb and see that they are in luck. New strippers are being hired. Sami thinks that makes their job easier. Both are wearing tons of makeup and high heels.. Sami is dressed from head to toe in red leather and Kate in black leather. Kate points out that their outfits look a bit too similar, except the color. Sami tells her they have more important things. Kate can't believe she is wearing a halter top. Sami points out she is wearing a jacket on top but Kate still feels uncomfortable. Sami thinks they need to come up with undercover names. Sami goes with Lacey and Kate goes with Mona. They enter the club and see that it's covered from wall to wall in men. Just then, a muscular guy and an older man walk up to them and ask what they are doing in a gentleman's club. Sami and Kate introduce themselves, using their aliases, and say they are there to work. Ed recognizes Sami's voice and thinks it's familiar. Sami, realizing Ed is who she talked to on the phone and worried he will remember her, quickly dismisses the claim. Sami points to the "Now Hiring Dancers" sign in the window. The older man examines them and says he likes their work, especially the older woman. He looks at Kate, saying he loves the sophisticated look. A Naughty Businesswoman performance will bring in the bucks. Kate gives him the evil eye for a moment and then snaps out of it so he doesn't catch on. The older man introduces himself as Ed, the manager. He points to the muscular man next to him and says that his name is Deuce and he is the bouncer. Ed says they are short on dancers so it looks like it's a lucky day for all of them. He needs them both on stage in the next five minutes. Sami and Kate panic, saying they weren't expecting to perform tonight. Ed says they must. They don't have enough girls. He reminds them they were looking for work. Sami and Kate realize they are stuck and decide they have no choice. They both agree, reluctantly. A large round of applause and yelling is heard by men in the club. Ed says it seems like he was a little off and they will need them on in less then 3 minutes. He tells them to go backstage and get ready...now. Sami and Kate hesitate but realize they have no choice. Deuce shows them the way. As they walk off, Sami and Kate both see a dark-haired woman in a robe talking to Ed and hear Ed call her "Silvana." They then see Silvana head backstage and Sami tells Kate that is who they are looking for. As they go backstage, they can't seem to get to Silvana, who is picking out outfits and busy talking to people. Ed then comes backstage and tells them it's their time. He says he has already introduced them and wants them to perform as a team. He tells them to wing it . Sami and Kate both realize once again they have no choice and they must go out and perform. They look out into the audience at all the rowdy, screaming men as the scene shifts to... SALEM INN Tony and Anna return to their suite with Lexie behind them. Tony says she didn't have to come back with them but Lexie insists she wanted to make sure he was ok. He knows he is hurting with what Cassie did to him. Tony admits it does hurt but he still has hope she will come to his senses and he doesn't plan on giving up on her either. Not yet. Tony: I of all people know the temptation of what Stefano can offer can be rather difficult to overcome. However, what you must give up and devote your life too...it will end up eating you alive. I just hope Cassie realizes this or my daughter will truly be lost. Anna wonders if they should call Marlena but Tony reminds her that Marlena has enough to deal with nor will Cassie listen to her. He thinks she just needs time to think and perhaps she will realize her mistake. Lexie says she has to go as she has to cover someone's shift who took her place earlier. Tony thanks her for everything and tells her to be careful as there is no telling what Stefano will do now that he knows. Lexie nods and thanks him, saying to call if he needs anything. Lexie and Anna exchange goodbyes as she leaves. Tony then looks at a picture of Cassie solemnly. Anna comforts him as the scene fades to... DIMERA PENTHOUSE Stefano tells Cassie how proud he is of her. Cassie is silent and Stefano asks if she regrets her decision. Cassie says she wants to be someone he can be proud of. She wants fame, power, and influence but she hates that she has upset her father. Stefano tells Cassie that Tony will realize in due time that he was holding her back and, if he does not, that's tough. She is doing what is best for her and what she needs to do to live the life of her dreams. Stefano points out sometimes excruciating sacrifices need to be made to be all that you can be and that may be the case here. Stefano caresses Cassie's cheek and kisses it, saying she did the right thing and has proven herself a true Dimera. Cassie smiles as Stefano says he has business to tend to. They will talk later. He kisses her hand before leaving the living room. Once Stefano is gone, tears begin to stream down Cassie's cheeks. She remembers the look on her father's face when he realizes she told Stefano everything and contemplates calling Tony. She goes to the phone, picks it up, and then remembers Stefano's words and all that he is offering her. She decides not to make this harder then it is and puts the phone down, saying the less she talks to and sees Tony, the better. She then says she can't look back. She must look forward and have all that she was promised and all that she feels she deserves. Cassie wipes her tears, walks away from the phone and then walks out of the room as the scene shifts to... SALEM PARK Nicole is dragging Joey along. He asks why her friend kicked them out. Nicole says there wasn't enough room. Joey says she is lying and says he heard them talking. Nicole is shocked and asks if he heard everything. Joey nods. Nicole tells him she doesn't want to talk about and says they just need to keep moving. Nicole then sees police in the distance and takes Joey's hand and drags himself, telling him: Nicole: Come on! We have to go! The walls are closing in.... Nicole and Joey race off through the park as the scene slowly fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... CHAOS ERUPTS AT THE STRIP CLUB!! IMPORTANT NOTE!!!HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!!
  12. WEEK OF 2/11/08 EDITION INSIDER IN DEPTH: FRANKIE'S DEATH Salem Lives fans were left in shock as the month of January brought an end to the life of Frankie Brady (Billy Warlock). EP/HW Tom Lowery sits down to talk about the controversial decision and it's aftermath. Salem Lives Insider (SLI): How did the decision to kill off Frankie Brady come about? Tim Lowery (TL): First off, let me say that we love Billy Warlock and he will be missed by all of us. We wish we could've done more with him prior to his character's demise but sometimes things don't work out as planned. We had put him on contract last year and while he appeared often, he wasn't as active as we would've wanted. Anyway, to answer your question, my partner and I began discussing it at the end of summer, shortly after the many cast cuts we had decided on back then. I had tossed the idea around in my head for awhile and once I had become determined to do it, my partner and I discussed it and we went ahead with it. This is a tragic tale but it's one we felt would affect the whole canvas in such a way that it progresses story and takes some characters in new and exciting directions. We just felt the story was too good to pass up. SLI: Did killing Frankie off have anything to do with adding some emotional weight to the fallout from Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Steve's (Stephen Nichols) affair: TL: In a way, sure. I mean, there is enough fallout there, especially with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) losing her baby. I guess what it does is layer yet another problem on the pile of problems the Brady family has. It just ups the stakes and adds another wrinkle. Ultimately, this was more about Greta (Julianne Morris) and starting to tap into her "inner Kiriakis" if you will. It also adds fuel to the fire that is Nicole (Arianne Zuker). She played a big role in the events leafing up to Frankie's demise and she will have to pay the piper for that. SLI: The Frankie/Greta romance had finally seemed to hit it's stride so why kill him off now? TL: Well, that is the one regret I have. The romance itself I feel was progressed almost too slowly. That was more to do with pacing and our cast then anything else. We have alot of characters and take on alot of umbrella stories and sometimes those things happen. The romance aspect was adjusted a little and we went with the whole "she didn't admit her feelings for him until it was too late" idea because it set things up to give us the same result anyway. It wasn't the original direction we had desired but it ended up ok. As for why kill him now, we had always intended to kill him in this time frame. We knew what stories were coming to a head and what events we had going and felt it was the perfect time to do so. SLI: Were you concerned with killing a major character off and then going ahead and killing the unborn child of a supercouple (Steve and Kayla)? TL: Sure. There is always that concern, especially with us because last year had alot of doom and gloom. That is why we had things so lighthearted during the holidays and wanted things to be of a celebratory manner, sort of like the calm before the storm. The Brady's have been through so much and are going through so much so it is of concern to keep throwing more and more at them but it makes the payoff worth it in the end. Sometimes you just have to tell a story when writing, even if it leads to backlash. We believe in risks and I think sometimes you just have to go forward and put the story out there and assure the fans to stay with you because it will lead to a great payoff. Things don't always end up with a good result but if the story has a good result, the fans will begin to trust you and will be willing to take the ride with you. You just have to hook them first and that often means taking a chance. SLI: How you feel the scenes of Frankie's death turned out? TL: Wonderful from my view. It was very draining for us to write. The emotional stuff always is and this especially was with all the Steve and Hope fallout as well. I will say that when writing the scenes right after the death, I even began crying. There I was writing the final scene with Greta laying next to Frankie and then I added the song for the "One sweet Day" montage and I lost it. I think from the point Frankie died until his funeral I must have cried or came close about 4 times. I hope the fans found it just as effective. We both worked hard on making it special and a tribute to the character and hope that was the case for the fans. SLI: Salem Lives underwent many cast cuts last summer and brought back many fan favorites for short runs during the holidays, some of which still remain on the canvas. Is Billy Warlock the last cut for awhile or will there be more? And what will happen to some of the holdover returns from the holidays? TL: Well, Billy is the last big cut for awhile. Many of the short-term returns will be ending. Things will begin to stabilize in the next month. There really won't be anymore upheaval until summer. SLI: Thanks for sitting down with us. TL: Your welcome!! DON'T MISS THE BIG SWEEPS EVENT!!! CARRIE UNDERWOOD AND LIFEHOUSE GUEST STAR AS MAGGIE AND MAX'S CLUB, "RADIUS" OPENS!!! It's a big week in Salem this week as Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Max (Darin Brooks) open their new nightclub..."Radius." As previously reported, the event will feature most of the cast and will feature special musical acts. Those musical acts are country music superstar Carrie Underwood and current chart-topper band Lifehouse. "We wanted to make this a unique and special event and we felt it was fitting to do it during sweeps," says EP/HW Tim Lowery. "It provides a fun atmosphere for Salemites, which is needed after the emotional year we've had so far, and it advances lots of story. We are so happy to have Carrie and Lifehouse with us. They are huge right now and the fans should love it." How did the club get it's name? Well, Lowery has a funny story about that one. "We were going to do a fan poll but our last few fan polls went practically un-noticed and circumstances prevented us from getting a poll up to give fans enough time so while we were selecting pics for the club, we came across one with the name "Radius" on it and felt it was perfect. Fans can expect the name to be explained on air in connection with Max and there will also be other little tidbits too, like the name of the stage area. Fans will get a kick out of it." Expect Underwood and Lifehouse to appear between Thursday February 14 and Friday February 22. CASTING ALERT!!! CHAPPELL RETURNS!!! DELHOYO BACK!! THOMSON AND LONGORIA-PARKER IN!! EVANS, ROSE, AND BAUER OUT!!! The Salem Lives casting merry-go-round continues. Fans were shocked when Crystal Chappell made her long-awaited return to Salem on January 24 after nearly a 14 year absence. "We had been hinting at two big returns and she was one of them," EP/HW Tim Lowery says. "We wanted to go the surprise route with her and it seemed to be effective. We love having her back. Crystal is one of the best and Carly is such a rich and vibrant character. I've always wondered what the Carly/Bo/Hope dynamic would be and now we get the chance to see. With Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope's problems, it was the perfect time." As for the second hinted at surprise return, Lowery is keeping mum. "Our fans should have an idea based on the stories we are telling," Lowery winks. As for Delhoyo, whose character Orpheus stunned fans by returning from the grave this past Friday, Lowery insists it was always the plane. "We love Orpheus and feel he has great potential. It wasn't utilized in the 80's so we are doing just that now. We had to rest him so the holidays could be peaceful and happy. It also allowed us to tell other stories. He is back to be a part of our huge umbrella story and we are glad to have him." In other words, Salem better watch out. Also, expect to see Mark Wahlberg return as Orpheus's special agent, Micheal Stone, in the days ahead. In regards to Thomson, Lowery is mum. "His character will be involved with Anna getting her business up and running again but I won't say anymore then that. There is more to him then meets the eye for sure." No word on the name of Thomson's character but insiders confirm the role is contract. Longoria-Parker joining the cast is perhaps the biggest shock. The "Desperate Housewive" siren and former Y&R star will be coming on board for what is now a 3 episode stint, but sources hint it can turn into more and that the gig is essentially recurring. "With the strike, we were able to get her and she loved it," says Lowery. "She is playing Silvana Vargas, a friend of Joelle's who Sami (Alison Sweeney) and Kate (Lauren Koslow) seek out on an undercover mission at a strip club. It's fun role and Eva loved it. It was great having her." In other casting news, the short-term runs of Judi Evans (Adrienne), Shayna Rose (Stephanie) and Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura Horton) are over. Evans and Bauer will last air on Wednesday and Rose will end her run sometime in early March. Rumor has it that Rose will not be back in the role if and when Stephanie makes a return but Lowery would not make any comment on that. "All I will say is their runs are coming to an end but we will see all three characters again at some point." Lowery states. COMINGS AND GOINGS Nick Benedict (Curtis Reed): Benedict returns in a dream of Billie's on February 11. PREVIEWS AND PEEKS INTO WEEK OF 2/11/08 -Billie battles her demons. -Nicole and Joey are forced on to the streets. -Sami and Kate's undercover mission goes haywire. -Salem gathers for the opening of Maggie and Max's club. -Nicole decides to take desperate measures as the walls begin to close in. -Kate makes an alarming discovery. HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: THURSDAY AND FRIDAY FEBRUARY 14 AND 15 VALENTINES DAY BRINGS THE OPENING OF MAGGIE AND MAX'S CLUB AS ALL OF SALEM GATHERS TO CELEBRATE!! NEXT WEEK: Nicole and Joey say goodbye. Tony and Anna disagree over her new business partner. Nicole is at the end of her rope. Billie lies to Kate. Abby is in danger.
  13. FEBRUARY 8, 2008-EPISODE #432: SURPRISE!! MAGGIE'S CLUB The family works to help Maggie get the club ready. They are then surprised to see Abby and Maxwell walk in. Jack follows behind as Abby says she’s not going to the safe house tonight. Jack tells everyone he’s tried to convince her otherwise but she’s as stubborn as her mother, which Abby takes as a huge compliment. She wants to be there for the big opening and Lawrence or anyone else won’t stop her. Julie tells her it’s too dangerous and Max says it’s no use. They’ll get her out of town in the morning. DIMERA PENTHOUSE Tony and Anna just look at Cassie. Alexandra walks in, wondering what just happened, and Tony tells her. She walks over to Cassie and congratulates her.......finally, Stefano has a descendant he can be proud of. Stefano can’t believe it, saying... Stefano: After everything I’ve done for you all.....to betray me like this....... Tony: You really have your nerve, old man. Betray you?! You have made ALL of our lives a living hell for 30 years! Stefano: How can you speak to me this way? Tony: Because you deserve it. Lexie: After what you’ve done.......you’re lucky any of us are even standing in the same room with you. Stefano: You all......disgust me. Anna: And I curse the day I ever met you. Guess you forgot how you had Tony, Renee and me living under your roof. And for what?! To prove who should receive your fortune. You bastard. Stefano: Tony...........you are dead to me. Just remember that. Tony: Gladly, Stefano. Good thing I know this. Now........I won’t have to get you anything for Father’s Day. Tony looks at Cassie and walks over to her. With one tear falling down his cheek, he tells her...... Tony: My dear........you have no idea what you have done here today. But, when that man leaves you ruined in the streets........don’t come running to me. Tony, Anna and Alexandra turn to leave. As they do.......Cassie runs out into the hall, begging them not to go. Stefano walks out behind her, wondering why she wants these turncoats to stay. Cassie can’t answer. All she can do is look at Tony’s back. He still hasn’t turned around and refuses to do so. Cassie says she only did it because there is another war coming their way.......and Stefano says that this time, everyone may be ruined by it. Lexie and Anna look at Tony, who turns to face his father and little girl....... And he tells them both that for all he cares, whatever they get they deserve. He’ll be damned if he ruins his life because of some garbage Stefano got involved in. Stefano spits at Tony and Tony rushes over and grabs Stefano by the collar as the ladies try and pull them apart. Tony then says to a shocked Stefano...... Tony: I have never forgiven you for what happened........to my mother on that island all those years ago. And........I will spend my life making you pay for that........dear Father. Tony shoves Stefano against a wall and turns, walking out the door with a seething rage that makes everyone fearful. ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Nicole walks into the bedroom and sees Joey reading. He asks if she will read with him and she says she’s too busy. She then turns her purse over on the bed and rifles through it, looking for anything she can hock to get money and get the hell out of Salem. Joey sees her doing this, shakes his head, and gets up and goes into the other room. Nicole calls out to him after a few minutes but he doesn’t answer. She goes to the bedroom door and calls again. Nothing. She starts walking down the hallway and goes into his room. She doesn’t see him. She gets worried, thinking he has ran off. She runs to her bedroom, throws her shoes on, and runs out the bedroom door...... And runs straight into a sight she never thought she would see again. She sees Joey, walking into the room, with a huge smile on his face. He is sucking on a lollipop and Nicole stares at the person who gave it to him as this person walks into the room..... Person: CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PERSON!!! Well.........aren’t you going to say hi? The person smiles at a shocked Nicole and the scene freeze frames on her face........ And slowly fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... SAMI AND KATE: UNDERCOVER!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!! HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!!
  14. FEBRUARY 7, 2008-EPISODE #431: CHOICES SALEM INN Anna returns to the suite and is shocked to see Tony there. She can see he is upset and asks if something is wrong. He first wants to know about her day. Anna says the meeting with the prospective investor had to be rescheduled and she then tells him about her visit with Carrie. She says it went well and she got to hold her grandson for the first time. It was marvelous. Tony is happy for her. Anna tells Tony she knows him and knows when something is wrong. She urges him to confide in her. Tony then fills her in on what happened when he saw Cassie. Anna is shocked and asks if Tony thinks she will sell him out. Tony says he honestly doesn't know and says there isn't much he can do. this is Cassie's decision and he thought he would give it time before storming over to Stefano's admitting he already called Lexie and left her messages, filling her in. Anna worries about what Stefano will do to Tony and Lexie if Cassie tells him about their plotting to bring him down. Tony admits it's worrisome but admits he is more worried about Cassie and what she will become...if she chooses to follow in Stefano's footsteps. The scene then shifts to... CARVER HOUSE Lexie and Celeste are watching Theo play and having tea. Celeste tells Lexie she is so happy they can be with each other again and talk. It's so nice to have her daughter back. Lexie agrees and says it's time to move on. Celeste is happy to hear that and happy Lexie is taking control of her life. Lexie smiles, saying it's feels good and adds she loves being back at the hospital, although her surgical rotation is rough. Abe then comes home and is shocked to see Lexie there. Everyone greets each other. Abe says he is happy they are all getting along and Theo seems much happier now too. Lexie agrees. Celeste admits she knows things may never be the same and tells Lexie she will do whatever she can to repair the damage done to their relationship and to make things right, including moving out and back on her own. Lexie tells Celeste she doesn't have to do that. Theo is used to her and he doesn't need anymore upheaval, especially with her and Abe divorcing. Abe agrees, saying Theo needs stability right now and tells Celeste she would be missed. There is an awkward silence. Celeste reminds Abe of how close they became. Lexie interjects and says it's fine. She says that she even gives them permission to see each other if it makes them happy. She has come to accept how close they became and is dealing with it. She admits it will take more adjustment but thinks it will be fine over time. Lexie adds that all that matters is that they are happy. Abe chimes in and says what matters is all of their happiness. Lexie agrees and thinks it may be best for him and Celeste to go out and see what happens. That way there are no regrets of what could've been. Both Abe and Celeste aren't so sure. Lexie assures them it's ok. She's fine and Theo will be fine too. He is still young and he's already dealt with everything else well. Lexie then looks at her watch and says she has to get going for her shift. She reminds Abe and Celeste of what she said and orders Celeste to stay put. Lexie embraces both of them and says goodbye to Theo. Celeste and Lexie then both thank each other and Lexie says she will see them later and will pick up Theo tomorrow. As they all agree, Lexie leaves. Abe and Celeste look at each other and talk about what Lexie said. Celeste tells Abe she thought whatever they were feeling was over but admits she was just trying to convince herself. Abe feels the same and wonders if Lexie is right and they should go out to see what happens. Celeste wonders if Lexie is really ok with it. Abe thinks she is but that it will never feel right to her completely. She will deal with it though and Abe points out Lexie is right. They owe it to themselves to explore this. After some silence, Celeste agrees and thinks the opening of Maggie's club is the perfect time to do it. Abe nods and says ok. They both smile at each other as the scene shifts to outside where Lexie is making a call... To Tony, who picks up his cell. Lexie tells him she got his message and asks what is going on. He tells her about what happened with Cassie and how she may or may not expose their plan to destroy Stefano and rebuild his empire. Lexie is stunned and asks what they should do. Tony says he was giving Cassie time, figuring there wasn't much he could do and hoping she makes the right decision, but thinks it's time to go over to Stefano's to see if they can do something. Lexie says she wants to be there too and will get someone to switch shifts with her. She adds that she will meet him there. Tony agrees. They hang up. Tony tells Anna what is going on and Anna says she is going with him and just hopes Cassie makes the right decision. They race out the door as the scene fades to... DIMERA PENTHOUSE Cassie walks around the living room, recalling her encounter with Tony and learning about what he and Lexie were up to. She remembers Tony's words and is clearly torn. She then wonders what she should do and if she should tell Stefano. Stefano then walks in and asks what she is talking about. Cassie can't see to say anything to cover her tracks and is flustered. Stefano asks what is wrong, pointing out he can see she is upset. Cassie says she doesn't feel well and tries to walk off but Stefano grabs her, pointing out he overheard her and wants to know what she is keeping her. He tells her he can feel her trembling and says he needs to be able to trust her. He reminds her of her desire to be involved in his business and be a true Dimera. He tells her he needs to be able to trust her and that means telling him right now what is going on. Cassie is shaking and says she can't. Stefano is stunned as the scene shifts to... DEVERAUX HOUSE Jack and Max put the last of the luggage in the car. Shane comes over and says that Forrest and Miranda are out at the safehouse making sure everything is set. They all walk into the house and tell Abby they will be leaving within the hour. Abby says no they aren't. She isn't going, at least not now. They are stunned. Shane reminds her of the danger she is in. Abby pulls out the newspaper and points to an article on Maggie's club opening tonight. She reminds Max he is Maggie's partner. He can't not be there on opening night. Max says it's ok. He talked to Maggie. Abby doesn't care. This is a big deal for him and Maggie and he needs to be there. Jack adds she needs to be protected and reminds her this isn't just about her...it's about JJ too. Abby says she knows but they can go first thing in the morning and put guards on JJ tonight. She knows Max wants to go with her so her going out there means he will too or that he will be too distracted. She begs them to just give her one night. She adds that there will be many people there, including all of their family and friends, many of which are cops. She also adds that if Lawrence wants her, he is going to find a way to get her. Shane doesn't believe that. Abby then begs again for them to just delay leaving until tomorrow. Max points out Abby isn't going to back down. Shane looks at Jack and Jack caves, saying one night and that is it. She leaves first thing in the morning. They will then stop by the Pub for Max to say goodbye to his family and then it's off to the safehouse. Abby agrees. Shane hopes she knows what she is doing. Abby says she does...and says she is doing it for Max. Max smiles, saying he doesn't want anything happening to her. She insists it won't. They embrace. Shane says he will get some guards to put on JJ and will let Forrest and Miranda know what is up. Jack looks at Abby and Max embracing, hoping his daughter's decision isn't one she will regret as the scene shifts to... ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Joey finishes lunch and puts the dish in the kitchen sink. Nicole comes over and mentions that he hasn't talked much today. Joey says he doesn't want. Nicole asks what is wrong. Joey says it's nothing. Nicole can see he is upset but understands if he doesn't want to talk. Joey sits on the couch and says he just feels embarrassed about last night and him crying in her arms like that. Nicole points out he is going through a hard time and it's understandable. Afterall, he has been keeping it all inside. Joey says it's on purpose. He always had to be the man of the house with his mom and grandma. He wanted to show he could take care of them and himself since they had enough to do. Nicole says he is a child and shouldn't have to be that way. He should be enjoying life before responsibilities hit. Joey admits he doesn't know what to do. He's scared and doesn't like to say that. He doesn't want anyone to know he is scared. Nicole says it's ok to be scared. Everyone is at times and many keep that to themselves. Joey asks if she's scared now. Nicole is silent. Joey says he knows she is running from some people and hiding out and asks if she is scared about what may happen. Nicole looks at Joey and says she is scared. Not just of those after her...but scared of herself. Who she is. What she has become. Joey doesn't understand. Nicole thinks it should stay that way and tells him to just play his video games or something. She has some stuff to do. She gets up and walks off. Joey then yells out to her. Nicole turns around. Joey tells her thanks...for everything. He never thought he would find someone who really cared about him and what happens to him again and he can see she does, whether she says it or not. Nicole is silent and doesn't do anything but nod. Joey smiles and turns his attention to his video games. Nicole watches him and can't help but smile as the scene shifts back to... DIMERA PENTHOUSE Stefano tells Cassie that lying to him would be making a big mistake. Defiance and disloyalty will not be tolerated. Cassie doesn't know what to do and tells Stefano she is confused and doesn't want anyone to get hurt. Stefano reminds her of all he has done for her. The opportunities he has given her and will give her. Cassie looks at him as he tells her that he can give her the world. All the power she desires. He tells her betraying him would be throwing all that away and she is close to doing that now. Cassie thinks for a moment and then softly murmurs: Cassie: He's my father. How can I... Stefano: Ah. So this is about your father. Cassie, if this is an important matter that affects me and my business, I must know about it. I know he is your father and you should love him. However, he is holding you back. I will help you realize your true potential. I will make you all you seek to be. You know I can, Cassie. You know I speak the truth. Cassie thinks for a moment and, with tears streaming down her face, tells Stefano about how Tony and Lexie's have been planning to bring him down for months and rebuild the Dimera empire. Stefano is stunned and becomes enraged. He calls them traitors. Cassie puts her face in her hands, wondering what she has just done. Stefano says she did the right thing and asks how she found out. Cassie tells him about her visit with Tony as Tony and Anna are showed in by a maid. Tony and Anna both look at a emotional Cassie. The look says it all as Tony realizes Cassie has told Stefano everything. Anna looks on with worry as an enraged Stefano tells Tony he does know everything...and that is not good news for him and Alexandra. A worried Anna holds Tony close as Cassie watches on, fighting back tears, while an angry Stefano engages in a tense staredown with Tony as the scene slowly fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... A SHOCKING EPISODE ENDING YOU CAN'T MISS!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!!!HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  15. FEBRUARY 6, 2008-EPISODE #430: RELATIONS PART II ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY Marlena sits down and starts telling Roman that she is bringing him out. She starts counting backwards from 10 to one once again and when she is finished......Roman opens his eyes and asks if he hurt her. She says no.....he just scared her a bit. He says how sorry he is for that. She asks him if he remembers anything and he says someone was trying to put him under anesthesia to perform some type of surgery. Marlena ask if he is sure and he says yes. She tells him it’s good that they are making some progress. Roman hopes so. Next thing he knows, Roman says....... Roman: You may tell me that I revealed I’m half Brady/half DiMera. Marlena takes his hand gently, sits in front of him, looks lovingly into his eyes and in a very sweet, quiet, gentle voice, tells him.... Marlena: Roman.........my darling............I would never, EVER........tell you some stupid [!@#$%^&*] like that. Roman thanks Marlena for that. He then wants to continue but she says no. He has been through a lot in the last day or so. Roman says he has nothing but time now and has nowhere to go. Marlena and he laugh and she says that, if he’s feeling up to it, she’ll come back tomorrow and they can continue then. He thanks her once again as they hug and part ways. Once Roman is alone, he wonders what has happened to him.......and what Stefano did to him 2 decades ago. Meanwhile, in front of Salem Place... SALEM PLACE Anna is walking back through the shopping mall, coming from a business meeting, when she spots Carrie with Evan. They stop and Anna remarks how good Evan looks. Carrie thanks her and Anna says that she is sorry they haven’t seen much of each other. But, she understands with recent events. Carrie just tells her to take things slow, which Anna agrees with. Anna then asks to hold Evan for a moment. Carrie agrees and Anna picks up and holds her grandson for the first time. Evan smiles at Anna and plays with her necklace as Carrie smiles as well......and is genuinely touched at how Anna is reacting. Anna then looks at Carrie and gives Evan back to her and thanks Carrie for this moment. She then says a quick good-bye...... Before running off and wiping the tears from her face. Carrie can see her from a short distance and tells Evan that he will like getting to know his other grandmother. As she puts him back in his stroller and they leave........ HORTON HOUSE Mike walks into the family home, taking off his scarf and seeing everyone there. He starts to tell them about the meeting at the Pub and Julie wonders if Jack should send Abby away with what is about to happen. Mike says that he is already doing that. Alice remarks that she is really sick of all the threats to her loved ones. She wants to know why Stefano and the others just can’t let people live in peace. Doug would like to know that answer himself. Julie says it’s a good thing the fighting has stopped. Laura and Bill agree. Julie then says that she and Laura need to go help Maggie get the club ready and the men volunteer to help. Alice also asks to go along and Mike says he will help her. She needs to get out of the house. As the Horton's start to get ready and leave........ SALEM PARK Cassie sees Tony walking toward her in the park. They stop a moment and hug one another deeply, with her saying she misses him. Tony says that is why he wants her to come live with him......and away from her grandfather. She says that will not happen.......Stefano accepts her for who she is. Not who Tony demands her to be. Tony doesn’t agree with that but Cassie says would a good person commit a hit-and-run and not say a word? Tony used to think there may be no hope for her......but knows differently. She ask why......because he turned out to be so soft? Tony is offended, saying that it takes a strong person to turn their back on what a man like Stefano has to offer......and he should know. Tony wants the DiMera name to stand for something other than kidnapping, brainwashing, terrorism and murder. Cassie stops and ask.... Cassie: Are you planning on removing Papa as head of the family? Tony stares at Cassie and then looks away, trying to duck the question. She says she knew it. Well.....if he tries, she will join Stefano in stopping him. Tony can’t believe that she is so blind. Cassie says money and power will do that. Cassie turns and leaves and Tony says to her.... Tony: If you tell your grandfather........what happens will be on your shoulders, my darling. Can you live with that? Cassie stops but doesn’t turn around......because she doesn’t want Tony to see her wiping the tear from her eye as she walks off. Tony then turns his back and starts to walk away, wondering what did he do this time. The scene shows the two walking way from each other......and slowly faded to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... CASSIE MAKES A BIG DECISION!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!! HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  16. FEBRUARY 5, 2008-EPISODE # 429: RELATIONS SALEM INN Down in the restaurant, Tony and Anna keep looking at each other as they eat breakfast. Anna tells him she has a meeting with a prospective partner. Tony hopes everything goes well. She asks him what he has planned for his day. Tony says nothing....except for trying to get through to his daughter. Anna says she knows how hard that is and Tony begs to differ. Carrie wasn’t raised by Stefano. Anna has to give him that point. Both of them then finish their meal and wish each other well as they walk out into the bright morning. Meanwhile, outside the DiMera penthouse........ DIMERA PENTHOUSE Stefano sits in a park and watches the kids play. Lincoln walks up and sits down, asking if he is ok. Stefano says he’s fine. He just started thinking back to when Tony was a little boy. He says if he had only done right by him when he got older......but, Stefano says, that is in the past now. Lincoln says that maybe he should reach out to Tony. Stefano feels it is too late to make the wrongs right with his son. He then turns to Lincoln and asks how Roman is doing in prison. Lincoln says his people are protecting him......per Stefano’s orders. Good, Stefano says. He didn’t realize something he did 24 years ago would rear it’s head in this day and age........but here it is. Stefano then asks if Marlena has made any headway with unlocking Roman’s memories and Lincoln says to the best of his knowledge, no. Cassie then comes walking up, admitting she has heard their whole conversation. Stefano grows angry, wondering how she hid from them in a park. Cassie laughs, saying there are big trees there. Stefano has no choice but to laugh himself at her statement. He asks her to sit down and Lincoln stands and wonders what she has in mind. Cassie wants to help with Lucas. Stefano says that Lucas Horton is none of her business. He has enough problems of his own. She says ok then......how about helping with Roman Brady. Stefano gets upset, saying that this is a personal venture for him. Too much is at stake to leave this in the hands of a child. Cassie says she’s no child.....and wants the chance she was promised to prove it. Stefano says he will give it some thought. Cassie starts to say something and Stefano stops her, saying..... Stefano: Never overplay your hand, my darling. Cassie obeys and kisses him on the cheek before she runs off. Lincoln asks Stefano if he will involve her and he says he just may. It’s time for her to prove how much of a DiMera she really is. Cassie then gets a phone call from Tony, asking to meet her. He says that he would like to sit down and talk about things.......and clear the air. She thinks about her conversation with her grandfather and agrees to meet with Tony. Back on the park bench, Lincoln asks if Stefano is using Cassie. He says yes......unfortunately. ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY Roman hopes that Marlena returns to treat him as she promised and is happy when he sees her smiling face through the window. When she walks in, all he can say is how sorry he is for what happened and she tells him not to worry about it. She knows he wasn’t in his right mind. She then says it’s time to start again. Roman lays down and, after being put under, Marlena asks him what he sees. He sees a doctor telling someone to put him under and, as the person tries to do this, Roman starts to fight back. He is now saying “No......” over and over again and Marlena is powerless to find out what is going on. As Roman fights this person in his dream, he starts yelling out and the guard tries to get in the door. Marlena jumps up, terrified at Roman’s behavior, and she backs up to the wall. The scene freeze frames on Roman's face....... And slowly fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... CASSIE LEARNS A SECRET AND ROMAN IS LOSING CONTROL!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!! HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  17. FEBRUARY 4, 2008-EPISODE #428: UNDER THE SURFACE ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Joey is still asleep as Nicole checks on him and then goes back to Orpheus' secret surveillance room. Nicole looks through some tapes and can't believe all the footage Orpheus has of so many Salemites she knows. She realizes he really did have cameras all over and was able to get a hold of so much in the way of security footage from many places in Salem. She then says he had dirt on so many people and she then wonders how she could use some of this to her advantage. She pops one of the tapes in she finds most interesting. The tape is of Philip outside the Kiriakis Mansion, back when he considered leaving town so Victor did not learn of how he helped Orpheus kidnap Victor, which nearly killed Victor. Nicole listens to Philip talk about the situation and smiles, saying this may come in handy indeed.... JOELLE'S APARTMENT Sami and Kate continue to search Joelle's apartment. Sami is now looking through Joelle's address book, thinking they may find someone to help them in there. Kate wonders if they should call everyone on the list. Sami thinks they should and just say their are cops investigating the case. It's the only thing left she can think of since the rest of the apartment has turned up nothing. Kate suggests they split up the list. Sami agrees. They both take out their cell phones and begin calling... SALEM INN Alyson enters her suite with Sam and is shocked to see Jean there. Jean reminds Alyson she was released today and admits she wondered if she should get another room or not. Alyson says she doesn't have to...providing she tells her what she wants to know about her father's death. Jean wishes Alyson would drop that. Alyson tells Jean she can't and she shouldn't. It involves her father and she thinks Jean owes it to her after keeping her in the dark for years about her father's death, making her think he ran off. Jean thinks it's best if they leave it alone. She assures Alyson there is nothing hidden. She knows everything now and Jean apologizes for not telling her but she felt it was best. Alyson tells Jean she hates when she says that and says that's fine. She will just find out on her own. She then tells Jean she doesn't have to leave. Sam and her will. Alyson then heads into the bedroom, saying she is going to pack and then calling down for her and Sam's own room. Jean begs her to reconsider. Alyson tells Jean she will reconsider when Jean gives her what she wants. Until then, she doesn't want to see her. Jean asks about Sam. Alyson is silent and says she has work to do and tells Jean to reconsider her stance if she wants to stop this. Jean turns away and walks off and then leaves the suite in frustration. Alyson closes her bedroom door and says she knows Jean is hiding something. Meanwhile, out in the hall of the Inn, Jean privately wishes Alyson would back off...if she knows what is good for her... ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY Marlena thinks Roman has had enough for the night but he tells her the sooner he deals with his memories, the better. Marlena says she is putting her foot down and he will have to wait until tomorrow. She reminds him she is the expert and, besides, she doesn't want to abuse the privileges she is getting in being allowed to come in and treat him. Roman reluctantly agrees and asks her to please come back tomorrow. Marlena says she will be back back first thing in the morning and will make sure her schedule is cleared. Roman thanks her and pledges his love to Marlena, promising her they will overcome all this. Marlena says she knows and tells him she loves him too. They kiss and she bids him goodbye as he does the same and she leaves. After Marlena leaves, Roman holds his head in frustration, wondering what the hell is going on with him and what some of these memories could mean. A guard then comes in to take Roman back to his cell. The guard pulls Roman to his feet as Roman looks on, lost in his own thoughts, as the scene shifts back to... JOELLE'S APARTMENT Sami and Kate are continuing to make calls. Sami is on the phone with a man who refuses to let her talk to the woman named Silvana Vargas, who is listed in Joelle's contacts. The man is the owner at a strip club called "Lookers" and Sami fights with him, saying it's an important matter and she needs to talk to Silvana. Just as she is about to lie and say she is with the police, the owner says that Silvana is working and can't be disturbed. The owner hangs up, angering Sami. Kate asks what happened. Sami fills her in and says that Silvana was the last of the people she had to call. Kate says she is finished too and nothing. Sami points out Silvana is the only person they couldn't reach and thinks they need to talk to her in case she knows something. Kate recommends going in person since it looks like calling will be hard and they don't have another number for Silvana but what appears to be her work number. Sami agrees and wonders why Joelle was associating with a stripper. Kate isn't sure but says they will find out. Sami then points out they will have to go undercover. There is no way they will be able to do what they have to in that strip club without making themselves part of the environment. Kate refuses, saying that it could backfire. Sami reminds her she is experienced at matters such as these from her previous line of work. Kate sarcastically points out she has talents that qualify her for this line of work as well. Sami finally ends their back and forth and tells Kate they will be better able to find and talk to Silvana undercover as strippers. Kate, realizing Sami is right, reluctantly agrees but then asks Sami what if they have to go out on stage and strip. Sami says they will just have to take the risk. She will do anything for Lucas. Kate says she will as well and just hopes this doesn't backfire. Sami says she does as well as the scene shifts to... THE SALEM SPECTATOR OFFICES Alex enters the office area off the elevators and sees a light on in the editor's office. He walks over and enters the office and is shocked to see Greta, on her computer. Greta jumps at the sight of Alex, saying he scared the hell out of her. Alex asks what she is doing there. Greta says it's her office. Alex points out she hasn't been released from the hospital yet. Greta reveals she checked herself out, saying she has too much to do. Alex tells her the newspaper is doing fine. Greta says it's not that...it's Nicole. Alex looks on with worry. Greta then adds that getting revenge on Nicole is the only thing helping her to go on. It's her drive right now and why she is there trying to use Jack's sources and her own as an editor, princess, and Kiriakis to find her. She points out how Nicole screwed with Eric's life and her own but also has hurt so many other people. Carrie, Austin, Lucas, and now she has caused the Brady's and herself so much suffering with exposing Hope and Steve the way she did and Frankie's death, which she is responsible for. Alex then says: Alex: From what I hear, Nicole should take some blame but not all. Correct me if I'm wrong but all she did was push you toward where Steve and Bo were fighting. Between those two fighting and those trying to stop them, they pushed you toward the skylight and then you had no balance and fell. Frankie grabbed you and you both fell through. Isn't that how it happened? Greta: Yes but Nicole should've been up there in the first place. Security was in place to keep her out. She sneaked in with a disguise and an intent on ruining lives. She wanted Steve and Hope exposed because they wouldn't help her. She put herself in a position that led to all this. She kept digging the knife deeper for Bo. She wanted a fight to start. The more pain, the better. Alex: Maybe so but that's all circumstantial. She didn't actually push you and Bo and Steve could've stopped themselves. Greta: Alex, emotions were high. That is asking a bit much. Why are you defending her? Alex: I'm not. You have reason to hate Nicole and she is to blame. But...she isn't the only one. Hope and Steve kept that secret. Bo or Steve could've ended the fight before it went too far. You and Frankie didn't have to be up there. Greta becomes angry. Greta: We were up there to help! Alex: Greta, the point is it was meant to be. I'm a believer in that. I think that is why everything fell how it did with my mother and me coming here and my mother finally telling me about Jack being my father. I think it was so I would have someone when...she died. Greta: Maybe it was but he died saving me. It should have been me. I was falling. He didn't have to reach out and fall with me. Alex: He wanted to. He loved you. Look, I blamed my father for my mother's death right after she died because the pain was fresh. That and the fact that I never knew him. I suppose alot of my anger was directed toward my mother for not telling me about Jack but I deflected that on Jack. I was mourning my mother. I was also angry with myself for not protecting her. For not doing more. I deflected that toward Jack too and it took reading my mother's letter in Switzerland to get me to realize how wrong I was. Greta: You think I am doing that with Nicole because I blame myself for what happened to Frankie, don't you? Alex: Yes. In a way. Greta: Well, I'm not denying that. But this is about much more. Nicole has been screwing with people's lives for as long as I can remember and, especially in the past few months. She was involved with Orpheus and I don't even have to run down her list of crimes to you again. Alex: No, you don't. I get it. I'm sure others feel the same. I just don't think Frankie would want this. I don't think he would want you to lose yourself. Greta is confused. Greta: Lose myself? Alex: From what I know and have seen, your not this type of person. You don't hate. You don't hold grudges, even when you have a right to. Greta: Yeah. I'm a doormat. I probably always will be in many cases. It's something Nicole has exploited for too long though. I don't believe in hate. I don't believe in violence but, in her case, I'll make an exception. Also, remember who my father is. I'm a Kiriakis too, Alex. You know what I may have in me. Deep down. We are who we are and sometimes there are things we don't even know about ourselves. Things happen and then we learn we are capable of things we never thought possible. Alex: Perhaps but that side hasn't been apparent so far from what I know. Like you said, we are who we are. People can change but, I also believe there are some who are who they are, right down to their soul. You can't change that. Hell, even those that do change often fall back into old habits. Look, it's your choice how to deal with this. How to live. I know where you are coming from. All I want is for you to think about this before you make a mistake you'll regret. Before you lose yourself and are never able to go back. Greta: Thanks, Alex. I'm fine and I know what I'm doing. Now, I really do need to get back to work. Alex: Just think about what I said. That's all I ask. And be careful. Greta nods, saying she will. Alex wishes her luck and says he has some work to do so he will be outside if she needs him. He then advises her to take it easy, pointing out she should still be at the hospital. Greta thanks him and says she will be fine. Alex nods and walks off, looking back at her once more before leaving. Greta then thinks for a moment and looks at a picture of Frankie on her desk. She caresses it lovingly and turns back to the computer, saying she knows what she has to do and it's past time Nicole gets what is coming to her. The scene then shifts back to... ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Nicole is now watching the surveillance cameras in Orpheus' secret room and is shocked by what she sees. The camera she is looking at shows Jean at the Salem Inn, outside of her and Alyson's suite, talking about her husband's death. Nicole is smiling as she listens in, saying: Nicole: Interesting...so Jean is keeping something from her beloved daughter, Alyson. Juicy, indeed. I'm sure I can use this too at some point. I can't thank you enough for all these resources, Orpheus. And thank you for dying so I can use them. They may be just what I need to get the hell out of dodge. Nicole smiles as she continues to watch the surveillance cameras and then the scene fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... ROMAN GETS LOST IN THE PAST!!! IMPORTANT NOTE!!! SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!!
  18. FEBRUARY SWEEPS EDITION FEBRUARY SWEEPS PREVIEW!!! “Starting in February, we start the story that changes Salem and Salem Lives permanently” says EP Patrick J. Ewing. “We have promised that before and I do apologize to everyone if we have led them astray. This time......nothing and no one will be the same......ever again.” Major Story: “Everything that has a beginning must have an end. And everything that involves the five families comes to a head this year. Everything also goes in cycles and this will prove that. Two men, diametrically opposed to each other, will start a story that will reshape this city and these people forever. One man’s dreams have turned into nightmares and, through major returns, the deaths of major characters, and the adventure, romance.......and love of the people of this story........let’s just say, this is it. Get ready to see a different Salem Lives by this time next year.” Bo/Hope/Steve/Kayla: “Four characters have been through the worst kind of heartache.....the betrayal of a loved one. One of these people will find solace with a lost love, while two others will have the true secrets of their pasts finally revealed and shaped. These four characters, plus one who has recently rejoined the canvas (Carly), are in for very shocking turn starting this month.” Billie: “This woman has been through hell and will continue to go through it, pushing away one man who can bring her through her darkness. Last year, Billie was made a part of the Greek tragedy.....finding out her father is an international terrorist and that her grandfather is a crime lord. But, she will fight through the hell that is her life and, finding the strength that she knows she has, will come out the other side. Max/Abby: “This young lady will make a decision that may destroy her love affair with Max......and put another loved one in danger.” Tony/Anna: “Yes, they are finally going to get a story. And, we are sorry that, like our counterpart, Days Of Our Lives, we waited so long to give these two very talented people something to sink their teeth into. Well, here we go. Anna, excited about her new business, comes into contact with a very charming person who can make her and her venture an international success. But, Tony is keeping his eye on this person and there may be something that will give them both the shock of their lives......and Anna tries her level best to reconnect with her daughter. Make sure you read this story.” Sami/Lucas/Kate: “After all these years, something starts this month that readers may have been waiting for.......Sami and Kate finally team up, on the side of good this time. They join together to help free Lucas from his imprisonment but both women will not realize that Will is also dealing with his own demon......a demon who is stalking him. Can both women protect their men?” Philip/Alyson/Belle: “Philip tries to do two things starting this month......piss Belle off with his shown interest in Alyson and keep his father from finding out about his treachery. But......someone other than Victor already knows and will try to make his life a living hell. And, while Alyson searches for the truth behind her father’s death, Jean gets involved with one of Salem’s most ruthless people.” Alexandra/Abe/Celeste/Stefano/Tony/Cassie: “As Lexie gives Abe and Celeste permission to start a relationship, someone from Celeste’s past, whose been in Salem for a while, may become an obstacle. And, as Stefano finds out about his children's plot to remove him as head of the DiMera dynasty, Cassie is forced to make a choice.......join her father in ending Stefano’s reign or stay with her grandfather.....and help him destroy his own son.” Nicole: “She and Joey bond but it may be too late. The list of people gunning for her has grown and a return from someone in her past may not be enough to save her from a very anticipated downfall that starts this month.” Greta: “After Frankie’s death, she tries to put her life back together. She knew that he was her best chance at having true love and now his death will awaken something in her.......her inner Kiriakis.” “And, with the opening of Maggie’s new club, all of these exciting events and more will kick off. Musical guests will be included and events will take place that will kick start all of Salem Lives’s major stories for this year.....beginning with an event fans have been waiting for. Polls will soon be open to decide the name of Maggie’s new club so please join in. It’s all up to you folks.......and without you, there is no Salem Lives. So, once again, you have our deep and heartfelt thanks.” Teasers For Wk of 2/4/08: Can One Man Finally Unlock His Past....... While Two Women Try And Change The Future? One Woman’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her...... And.......While A Shocking Event Staggers Everyone...... A Huge Gala Is On The Horizon. This Week....On Salem Lives. And Next Week....... Two People Get Closer.... Two Others Go On The Run..... And Old Enemies Join Forces. PROMO WEEK OF 2/4/08 This Year.......On Salem Lives.......... You All Know This Man As Roman Brady. Son.......Brother.....Husband......Father....... And, Most Recently, As The Heroic Former Commander Of The Salem Police Department. But Now, Against His Will.........He Will Become A Deadly Adversary......... The Most Dangerous Pawn Of An Evil Crime Lord. His Mission Will Be.......The Complete Destruction Of Salem’s Five Families....... And Anything.........Or Anyone........Who Gets In His Way. It’s The Story Of 2008........And It Starts This February.........Only........ On Salem Lives.
  19. FEBRUARY 1, 2008-EPISODE #427: SPACED OUT PART III JOELLE'S APARTMENT One of Joelle's neighbors slams the door in Sami's face as Sami rolls her eyes, saying she has questioned pretty much all of Joelle's neighbors and they know nothing, at least that is what they say. She then looks at Joelle's apartment down the hall and tells herself she didn't want to do this but it looks like she will have to break the law to try to find something to help Lucas. Her cell then rings. It's Will, who asks where she is, saying she has been gone for awhile. Sami tells Will she will be home soon and is just running an errand. She asks if he is ok. He says he is, especially with the guard outside the door. He just wishes she would come home. Sami smiles and says she will be home soon, telling him not to worry. Will says it's hard not to with her being out along and everything that has been going on. Sami says she will be fine and says she loves him. Will tells her the same and they hang up. Sami then takes out a hair pin as she walks to Joelle's apartment, wondering if she remembers how to pick a lock. As she fiddles with the lock, back at Sami's apartment, Will goes and sits on the couch but is startled by a noise. He turns around and seems to think it came from the fire escape. He walks to the window and sees nothing. He says that he must be going crazy and hearing things, something that has been happening alot since the summer. Will then goes back to the couch and turns the TV on. the scene then pans back to the fire escape as a mysterious figure climbs halfway up from below, enough to be able to view Will in the apartment. The figures watches Will as the scene shifts back to... Sami, who picks the lock and enters the apartment. She is surprised to see the light turned on and wonders if someone could be there. She quietly walks around, taking out mace. She heads for the bedrooms and enters one. As she looks around, she hears a noise from the closet. She opens it and is shocked to see Kate. Both woman jump and scream and Sami accidentally sprays her with mace. Kate lashes out at Sami in pain as Sami can't help but laugh and asks Kate what the hell she is doing there. Kate says probably the same thing she is doing...trying to save Lucas. The scene then shifts to... STREETS OF SALEM Philip and Alyson continue to wait for the tow truck. Alyson thanks him again for everything, including calming Sam down. He smiles and says it's nothing. She says she is sorry for snapping before when he hinted at their night together. She just thought things were awkward enough and that they agreed to leave it alone. Philip says he felt the awkwardness and it just kind of came out. He apologizes, pointing out he knew what he said before and he thinks it was for the best. Alyson wonders if it is, saying she didn't want to say anything but feels she should. She hopes she isn't doing the wrong thing admitting this but says she can't stop thinking about their night together. Philip is impressed he had that kind of affect on her. He points out he has been thinking about it too but that was expected. They went out to just have fun and let loose and neither was expecting it to go that far so it will be awhile before it's off their minds. Alyson wonders if it could be more then that. She wonders if maybe there is a connection between them now...something more then they think. Philip thinks she may be reading too much into things but Alyson thinks they should do something to make sure there isn't more going on here. They both admitted they've been thinking about what happened and the awkwardness may go away if they make sure there is no possibility of something more. Philip thinks the awkwardness will always be there but then asks what she is saying...does she want to go out on a date or something? Alyson suggests dinner and getting to know each other more. Then, maybe that will give them some answers and put this thing to bed. Philip doesn't see the point but Alyson thinks he is just trying to avoid it and says she can see that he thinks she is on to something. Philip is silent for a few moments and reluctantly agrees, saying they will just make it a night to relax, like the last time. Only this time no drinking as they don't want a repeat performance. Alyson smiles and says that sounds find and she thanks him for listening and understanding. She thinks they are doing the right thing addressing this. Philip nods and then says he sees the tow truck coming down the road. He gets out of the car and waves at the truck as Alyson smiles and the scene shifts to... ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY Marlena tries to bring Roman out of his hypnotic state but he he seems immersed in the past. Marlena tells Roman to think of happier times...to think of her and the kids. Marlena tells Roman to come back to her. She then counts down from 10 and tells him he will snap out of it. She counts down and once reaching ten, Roman's eyes flicker and he passes out. Marlena tries to revive him and, after some time, she does. Roman asks what happened. Marlena fills him in and says she thinks they should lay off this for awhile. The memories are clearly too powerful. Roman doesn't want to and demands they continue. He wants to get to the bottom of this ASAP. He thinks if they don't, none of them will ever have peace. The scene then shifts back to... JOELLE'S APARTMENT Sami helps Kate treat her eyes as a stubborn Kate says she doesn't need her help. Sami knows they hate each other and probably always will but reminds Kate they share a common goal. She reminds her of what they both said when Lucas was taking to the state pen. Kate says she remembers but that was just for show so Lucas wouldn't have to worry about them killing each other, even thought she would still like nothing more then a world free of Sami. Sami says she feels the same about her but thinks they could help each other. They both had the same idea breaking into Joelle's and two heads are better then one, especially in what could be a dangerous situation like this. They don't know who they may be dealing with and they both agree the police can't do anything productive to save Lucas. Kate can't believe Sami is suggesting or would want a partnership, after everything they have been through. Sami reminds her they worked together against Nicole years ago. They could do it again for a common good...Lucas. They both love him and want to save him. She thinks if they combine their talents and work together, they could do this much easier and quicker perhaps. Kate then says: Kate: Hmm...you do have talents. Changing hospital records, lying, scheming... Sami: Ok...ok but let's point out your many talents. Lying, scheming, changing hospital records...wow...looks like we are one in the same. Like I said, we could help each other. Although, you do have me beat in other things like... Kate: Ok. Let's not go there. Sami then asks if they have an agreement. Kate thinks for a moment and nods, saying just until they prove Lucas' innocence. She is only doing this for him. After that... Sami: Back to the status quo. Kate: Exactly. Sami then suggests they go to the hospital after they are done searching the apartment as Kate's eyes look really bad. Kate says she is fine. Sami says she is sorry about that. They both then stop and look at each other, both stunned that Sami apologized. Kate then says that was scary and demands she never do that again. Sami says they are agreed and, as they go back to searching the apartment, the scene shifts to... DEVERAUX HOUSE Abby comes downstairs and says she is all packed. Jack tells her she is doing the right thing. Abby smiles. Jack says he is going to go finish packing JJ's things. He tells Abby he will transported back and forth via the police so he can still be with her. Abby nods. Jack looks at Max and says he is happy he will be there too. Max says he is too. Jack walks out as Abby admits she still thinks it won't make a difference if she is in a safehouse or not. If Lawrence wants her, he will get to her. Max says she may be right but at least it's something. It's an effort and it's better then taking a chance and remaining out in the open. Abby shrugs as Max puts his arms around her, saying he will be right by her side the whole time. He then promises it will work out for the best. Abby hopes he is right and thanks him for everything. As they kiss...a mysterious figure lurks outside, pulling a gun out of his or her pocket. The figure cocks and loads the gun as the camera pans back up to show Abby and Max embracing inside and then the scene fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... SAMI AND KATE GET A LEAD!!! IMPORTANT INFO!!!HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  20. JANUARY 31, 2008-EPISODE #426: SPACED OUT PART II STREETS OF SALEM As Tony and Anna walk the beautiful, nighttime streets of downtown Salem, they see a man selling roses on a sidewalk. They stop and Tony buys one for his lady love. She smiles as he hands it to her, saying..... Tony: I hope this starts to make up for leaving you on that pier all those years ago. Anna smiles once again and rests her head on his chest. She then takes his arm and asks what he’s going to do now. Tony says that with the truce on between Victor and Stefano and the violence hopefully at an end, he wants to connect with Cassie. She doesn’t want his father’s influence to taint her in any way. Anna hopes the same for herself. She knows that she can at least be a friend to Carrie, if not a mother. She now thanks Marlena for being there for her for all those years. Tony then asks how her business is coming. Anna says fine. Once she gets Designs By A.D. off the ground, she wants Carrie to run it for her. Not as a bribe to get her love back but because she has watched her from a distance, and thinks she has the right stuff to be a top designer and businesswoman. Tony agrees and says he will help in any way he can. But, what worries him now...... Is what his father may be up to. Anna says that they shouldn’t talk about that. For tonight, they need to let love be their guide. Tony smiles and agrees as they walk arm in arm down the sidewalk. KIRIAKIS MANSION Victor walks in and kisses Maggie good evening. He fills her in on the latest threat to the family and says that things are about to get dicey once again. Maggie asks whose involved this time and reveals a name she has not heard in years.........Lawrence Alamain. She grows angry, not being able to believe that he has the gall to start trouble again........after what he put Jennifer and the rest of them through. He also says that Carly is staying at the mansion and she says she knows. Henderson told her. Maggie says she must be scared to come looking for help.......from him. She hopes he didn’t take that wrong and he smiles, saying he didn’t. He actually agrees with her. He doesn’t know what Lawrence has put her through.......but he will find out. She then says that the club is coming along splendidly as he says he knows. He’s talked to his foreman and he told Victor things should be ready soon. She thanks him once again for doing that for her and he says it’s no problem at all as they share a kiss. He then takes her in his arms and says..... Victor: My darling, let us go upstairs.........lay across the bed........look lovingly at one another.......and then....... Maggie: Yes........ Victor: Watch the news. Maggie: Party pooper. Both of them laugh as she dims the lights and, as they walk arm in arm to the stairs, she says...... Maggie: You’re no fun. Victor: You didn’t say that two nights ago. Maggie: Oh, stop! And, as they ascend the stairs, the scene turns to........... STREETS OF SALEM Alyson driving down the street, with a crying Sam in the backseat. Her car then starts to sputter and then stops completely as she gets it to the side of the road. As she gets out and tries to flag down a car, after a few minutes, someone stops. And the person who gets out of a very fancy sports car........is Philip. He says what are the chances of them running into each other and she says stuff like this happens in soap operas. He says he’ll give her car a look see. She opens the hood and he checks under it. He says he doesn’t know what he’s doing but maybe he can at least get it back up and running. She thanks him for stopping. He says it’s no problem. He then tries, after a few moments, he starts to bring up their night together. When he does.......she doesn’t want to talk about it, reminding him they agreed that was for the best. Philip respects her wishes. A few moments later, he says that he can’t do a thing but has called a tow truck.....and will pay for whatever repairs she needs. She thanks him and then says she wishes he was that good with children as Sam continues to cry. Philip says he can give it try. Alyson gets Sam and they all sit in Philip’s car. He takes the little boy and, after a few minutes, Sam not only starts to calm down, but starts to drift off to sleep. She is amazed. Philip says he got a lot of practice with Claire. She looks at him holding her sleeping son and the scene fades into..... ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY Marlena sits with Lucas first, telling him that there might be a new threat to all their families and friends. Lucas then says a lot of help he can do being locked up. She then tells him to be very careful.....and tells him that Kate, Sami and everyone is doing their best to prove him innocent so can be let free. He thanks her and then leaves, saying he knows she wants to talk to Roman. Ten minutes later, Roman is led in and she is allowed to take him, with a guard, to a private room for his first session of hypnosis. As he lays down, Marlena slowly and very patiently, puts him under. She starts asking him questions about his past and his memories start flowing...... Bo and him hugging on the pier after Marlena’s first disappearance..........Meeting Isabella.........Marrying Marlena the first and second times..........Running from Stefano’s men in a theater..........Saving Marlena at Ridgecrest, Stefano’s hideout.........and........being shot by Stefano on a mountain top......... Which makes his memory drift to him laying in a room. He can barely make out the voices but he can hear two men talking, with one of them saying......... Man: Are you sure he can’t remember the location? Damn........well, his memory must be erased. If anyone finds out what he knows.......... And then Roman suddenly opens his eyes, terrified. Marlena is shocked and tries to bring Roman out of it but he grabs her by the wrist.....and won’t let go. As she tries to pull away, Roman keeps squeezing harder...... And the scene freeze frames on his face, his eyes opened wide with fear............ And then suddenly go black! ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... DON'T MISS A SHOCKING FRIDAY ENDING!!! IMPORTANT INFO!! HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!!
  21. JANUARY 30, 2008-EPISODE #425: SPACED OUT ROBERTS INC. Kate is using the computer is Lucas's office, trying to find any info she can on Joelle in hopes it can lead to something. Later on, Kate has nothing and realizes she has no idea what she is doing. She decides she could really use Billie's help as she is a P.I. and has ISA training. Kate isn't so sure she will help as Billie seems to be a wreck since learning about Orpheus being her father and everything else that has happened. Kate grabs her coat and purse and decides it's worth a shot. She walks out and locks up the office as the scene shifts to... STREETS OF SALEM A disheveled Billie walks down the street, drunk and lost in her own thoughts. She keeps playing out the images of the past few months in her head...Jack siding with Elizabeth, Elizabeth's death and Jack blaming her for it, learning Orpheus was her father and that she is a Dimera along with the fact that Kate never told her anything about it, learning Chelsea isn't hers and that her real daughter is likely dead, Frankie's death...it's all just too much. Billie lets out a cry of anguish and clutches her head and falls to the ground. She tells herself she is no good to anyone. She was trash before and now it's even worse...she is a Dimera. All she will end up doing is hurting the people she cares about most. She lifts her head up and sees a liquor store nearby. She is no longer hesitating or resisting the urge. She decides right away the store has what she wants so she gets up and walks quickly down the block, checking her pockets to make sure she has enough money as the scene shifts to... BRADY PUB Max and Abby arrive. Jack greets them, saying they have been trying to reach them for hours. Abby apologizes, saying they both had their phones off and were trying to just enjoy each other and forget about everything. Abby is shocked to see that Forrest is back and says it's good to see him. Forrest echoes that sentiment but tells Abby they have bad news. Forrest then fills Abby and Max in on the meeting, Lawrence, and the info Carly has given about him. Abby is shocked to see Carly, saying she has heard so much about her. Carly smiles, saying she is sure. Jack tells Abby the danger is real and her and JJ need protection. Shane chimes in, saying he recommends a safehouse. Abby, JJ, and Carly can go since they are the ones in the most immediate danger. Abby says absolutely not to the suggestion outright. Carly seconds that motion. Jack, Bo and Shane remind both woman of the danger they are in. Max tells Abby they are right, reminding Abby of how she almost had to marry Forrest as a way of protecting herself. Abby knows that but thinks running is not the answer. Carly agrees, saying Lawrence is smart and no safehouse will stop him. Bo tries to convince Carly to go but she tells Bo she is not going. Bo tells her it's not safe for her. Hope watches and sees the concern in Bo's eyes for Carly. Steve asks if she is alright. Hope nods. Mike then chimes in and tells Abby that her mother would want her protected. Jack agrees, saying JJ needs to be protected too and he will need his big sister with him. Abby says she is not leaving Max right now. He is going through alot and needs her. Max says it's fine and tells her he would feel better knowing she were safe. Shane suggests Max go with Abby. Max says he is willing to. Abby tells him his family needs him. Caroline yells out it would be alright. They would know he is taking care of a friend. Max smiles at Caroline, who is standing next to Kim. Max asks Abby if she would go if he went with her. Jack approaches Abby and urges her to do this for her brother too. He needs her and he needs to be protected. After a few moments, Abby agrees, as long as Max comes to. Shane thinks they have a deal. Now all attention turns to Carly as Shane suggests again that Carly go too and even thinks Stephanie and Kayla should go given Steve and Lawrence's past. Steve agrees. Kayla tells him to butt out and says she isn't going anywhere. Stephanie says she isn't going anywhere without her mom. Kim points out Kayla is still recovering so it really isn't a good idea. Bo agrees. Shane nods in agreement and says they will put guards on everyone here not going to a safehouse and order extra man power to patrol Salem. Marlena, looking at Sami and Belle and also ate Carrie, thinks that is a good idea as there is no telling who Lawrence will target. Shane then tells Carly she really should go as she is in as much danger, if not more, then Abby. Carly defiantly says she is not going as the scene shifts to... ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Nicole sits in the dark, watching late night TV. Joey walks in to the room, startling Nicole. She asks him what he is doing up. Joey says he couldn't sleep, pointing out he has had a hard time since that first night where he was so tired he couldn't help but sleep. Joey asks what she is watching. Nicole says nothing really. She just couldn't sleep herself. Joey asks if she is worried. Nicole shakes her head, saying she has learned to deal with whatever is thrown her way by now. Joey tells Nicole he had fun playing video games with her tonight. He tells her how he never thought he would laugh and have fun again after his mother and grandmother died. Nicole admits she knows how that feels and thinks she still hasn't overcome that feeling and probably never will. Joey thinks she did tonight as she was having fun and that was not an act. Nicole says that was only temporary and it was right back into the gutter right after they stopped playing and reality became present again. Joey thinks she just needs to loosen up more. Nicole isn't sure she can or that she ever will. Joey asks if it's because there are people after her. Nicole thinks he is a little too nosy and then says it's her turn to ask about him. Joey says there isn't much to tell. She knows everything. Nicole doesn't think that is the case and points out that he acted like he was hiding something earlier when she asked about his apartment being ransacked. Nicole then says she hates to ask this, knowing how hard it is, but how did his mother die? Joey doesn't answer and says he is feeling tired now. He bids her good night. Nicole tells him to wait and apologizes for asking. She can't relate as she hated both her father and mother but she can tell it's hurting him, losing his mother and grandmother. Joey says it's ok and he will see her in the morning. Joey goes into one of the bedrooms as Nicole sits back down. She then grabs her purse and digs into it, pulling out a picture of Eric. Nicole: So, I guess you brought him into my life but why? I mean, am I supposed to help him deal with losing his mom or something? I'm confused and I have enough problems. This kid needs someone better off then me to help him so if your thinking I can help, then you must be sipping some strong stuff up there, honey. Nicole then thinks for a moment and gets up, with the picture in hand, she walks into the bedroom Joey entered and can hear him crying under his breath. Nicole seems unsure of what to do as she can tell he doesn't want her knowing he is crying. She hesitates and looks at him, listening to the faint sound of his cries. After a few moments, her resolve breaks then and she walks into the room, asking Joey if he is ok. Joey says he is fine and doesn't turn around. Nicole says she knows he isn't ok and turns him around to see his tear-stained face, Joey looks at her and breaks down in tears again. Nicole hesitates a bit but then takes him in her arms, dropping her photo of Eric on the ground, embracing Joey warmly as he cries out: Joey: Why did she have to leave me? Why?! Nicole: I wish I knew, Joey. I wish I knew. Sometimes it just happens. Sometimes we lose people we love and feel it's unfair. But, I guess, there is no way to ever know. We just have to deal with it the best we can. Joey: I don't think I can deal with this. Especially not alone! Nicole: You can. You will. And you are not alone. Joey: I have no family, no friends... Nicole: You have me, remember? I'm right here, Joey. I'm not going nowhere. Joey: Your not. Nicole: No. I'm not. Joey hugs her tightly, telling her thank you repeatedly as Nicole lets out a deep breath and looks inquisitively at the picture of Eric laying on the floor as the scene shifts back to... BRADY PUB The meeting is now over and Victor is on his way out. He tells Bo he will see him at home and to tell Shane he will report anything uncovered to him by his people. Bo thanks Victor, who walks out. Bo turns and sees Hope. Bo says nothing and simply walks back over to Carly. Hope watches Bo and Carly together as Steve walks up, telling Hope not to think anything of it. Hope says it's hard not to as she thinks Bo and her may really be through. Steve thinks the same of him and Kayla. Hope says she just doesn't think they can get back what they lost. Caroline tells Kim she is going upstairs to check on Kayla and Stephanie and to lock up the Pub once everyone leaves. Kim agrees. Bo tells Carly he wishes she would reconsider about the safehouse. Carly says she isn't going and no one is going to convince her other. Besides, staying with him and Victor is much safer to her then a safehouse. Shane thinks Carly is making a mistake. Carly says then she will just learn the hard way if that is the case. Bo, Shane, and Miranda look at each other with worry. Jack goes over to Abby and says she is making the right decision. She tells Jack she is doing it for him, JJ, and for Max. She doesn't want them to worry. He thanks her, saying it's the right decision. Forrest comes over and agrees, saying they will move her, JJ, and Max out early in the morning. Meanwhile, outside, a mysterious figure lurks... BILLIE'S P.I. OFFICE Kate is knocking on the door and there is no answer. It's late and the halls are dark so she decides to just leave and try to think of something else to help Lucas for now. She will just call Billie later. Kate walks off, gets on the elevator, and, as it closes, Billie comes out of the other elevator and heads for her office, clearly off balance. She goes inside, throws her coat off, and immediately opens one of the bottles of liquor she purchased. She sits down and pours and immediately starts drinking, saying: Billie: Here's to you, Billie Re...Billie DiMera. Bottoms up... The scene then pans upward on an overheard shot of Billie and then fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... ALYSON AND PHILIP GROW CLOSER!! IMPORTANT INFO!! HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!!
  22. JANUARY 29, 2008-EPISODE #424: CIRCLE THE WAGONS CHEATIN HEART A man walks up to the bar and tries to get the bartender to give Billie another drink but he refuses. Billie tells the bartender that he doesn’t know who he’s pissing off and the man agrees with her. The bartender won’t budge. The man says he can have her drinks put on his tab and the bartender still says no. So, Billie picks up her last drink......and tosses it in his face. The bartender can’t believe it but Billie tells him that since she is a DiMera, he better not do anything stupid. The bartender thinks for a moment, gets a towel, wipes his face, and walks off. The man tries to get close to Billie but she pushes him away. Another patron sees this and goes over to get the man off Billie. As the second guy pushes the first guy, the first man comes back with a roundhouse right. Billie ducks out of the way and, as a bar room fight breaks out, she ducks out the back door and staggers down the street........drunk. Twenty minutes later, she ends up on the pier, sitting on a bench. She can’t believe how bad her life has become and wonders how people will ever except her. She silently looks toward the heavens..... And then once again breaks down, crying. BRADY PUB Caroline has closed it down for the rest of the day and evening. Victor thanks her, wondering why everyone was having that type of meeting with the restaurant open. Bo asks Carly how bad off is Lawrence and she says it’s about as bad as when he caused that earthquake on his island and left everyone for dead. Bo starts to wonder if Roman being in jail has something to do with this. Victor thinks it might. Steve asks Carly, point blank, if Lawrence was behind his disappearance like they all suspected and heard all those years ago and she honestly can’t answer that. Forrest tells everyone to calm down. They are throwing too much at her at once. Carly smiles and thanks him. He takes her hand and says... Forrest: No problem, my dear. Bo is suddenly jealous at this exchange and Hope also watches intently. As Bo walks away, Shane tells everyone that he is coordinating with I.S.A. Commanders in Europe and Asia but finding Lawrence is proving very tricky. Forrest says that his brother has always been like that, even when they were kids. Belle wonders if everyone will have to have armed bodyguards around the clock and Sami comes in from the back, saying that it seems like some sort of vendetta on Lawrence’s part. When everyone in the Pub turns and looks at her sternly, Sami doubles back and, after a few moments, promises..... Sami:Ok.........I will never utter the word “Vendetta” again, ok? Everyone slowly turns back toward Shane and Carrie asks if Roman can be released before Lawrence is found. Jack says that may be their best bet. After all, Roman spent a lot of years as Lawrence’s brother/cousin. Miranda says they are working on that but, for right now, everyone needs to keep their eyes open. Shane agrees, saying that this may involve all the five families. Stephanie asks which five families and Shane says the Alamains, Bradys, Kiriakises, DiMeras........to which everyone gasps......and the Hortons. Mike walks in at that moment and asks...... Mike: What does my family have to do with any of this? Everyone looks around as Mike stares at Shane and Miranda. DIMERA PENTHOUSE In the stateroom at the penthouse, Stefano watches the evening news. Lincoln walks in and sits down, with Stefano asking if the families are still meeting at the Brady Pub. He says they are. Stefano is worried. With his son’s..........death, as it were.........Roman Brady is about to be neutralized. He hopes he doesn’t have to take on all the other families for the secret that is still buried deep. Lincoln knows that he will help in any way possible and Stefano pats him on the shoulder, thanking him for that. Just then, the servant tells Stefano he has a guest. When Stefano says to show the person in.........Hawk walks in and both Stefano and Lincoln do a double take. Stefano walks over and shakes Hawk’s hand and tells him...... Stefano: I would say it was a pleasure to see you..... Hawk: I know......it would be just as big a lie as if I would have said it to you. Both men smile and Stefano asks..... Stefano: So......what brings you here, my old friend? Hawk: Oh, just a warning.......stay away from those people. Especially a very special lady you and I both know. Stefano: (Laughing) Now......do you think I take orders from you? My, my, my..... Hawk: Not an order.......just a warning. Lincoln: You better leave while you still can, old man. Hawk: Stay out of this, boy. Lincoln: I’ll jump in at anytime I want to...... Hawk: Well then.....if you’re feeling froggish, leep then....... Stefano has to get in between both men and remind them not to brawl in his home. Both men stare at each other and Hawk reminds Stefano...... Hawk: Remember what I said, old man. And, as for you, (Looking at Lincoln) I’ll see you around. Lincoln: You can bet on that. Hawk walks out as Lincoln asks if Stefano wants him to take care of Hawk. Stefano tells him that Hawk is truly one man you do NOT want to do battle with. Another man walks in and agrees with Stefano, saying...... Wendell: You better listen to him, Lincoln. No time for flying off the handle. Stefano greets Wendell (Wayne Northrup) as the two men shake hands and Stefano asks...... Stefano: Well........is everything moving according to our plans? Wendell: Of course. My boss and I are in close contact. We should have acquisition soon. Stefano: Excellent. The first phase is about to be launched. Gentlemen, we will only have one chance at this.......and no one can stop us. BRADY PUB Caroline pulls both Hope and Steve to the side and says that she knows what it’s like to make the mistake that they made. She is hurt for her son.....but still loves them both very much. They both appreciate that. Kimberly then comes up and says she feels the same but it will take her a little longer to get past what they did. They both understand that as Bo and Kayla look on. The scene then suddenly fades to.... SALEM TOWERS RESTAURANT Abby and Max are still enjoying their night together and are about to pay the bill. Abby turns her phone on, saying she should check her messages. One is an urgent message form Jack telling her and Max to come to the Pub. Max wonders what’s up and she doesn’t know. Max pays the bill and both he and Abby leave the restaurant....... And neither one notices the car sitting behind Max’s as they get in and drive away. And, back at the Pub..... BRADY PUB Someone stands in the darkness, watching members of the five families converse inside. It is a woman and she pulls out a cell phone. She makes a call and informs the person who answers..... Woman: Well........you were right again. They are all meeting. Shane Donovan must have said something. I know. I’ll be careful.....as always, my love. Good night. As the woman hangs up, the scene shows the inside of the Pub from the woman’s vantage point........ And then slowly fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... ABBY LEARNS SHE IS IN MORE DANGER THEN SHE THOUGHT AS NICOLE AND JOEY BOND!! IMPORTANT INFO!!!HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  23. JANUARY 28, 2008- EPISODE #423: APPROACHING PART II SALEM TOWERS RESTAURANT Abby and Max are sitting at the table, having just enjoyed dinner together. Abby asks if he is happy she convinced him to go ice skating and then out for dinner. Max says it was more like forcing him but, yes, he is happy. He was finally able to forget about everything, at least for a little while. Abby is pleased and asks if he would like to dance. Max isn't so sure he is up for it as he is beginning to return to reality again. Abby urges him to come on, at least for one dance. Max reluctantly agrees and she pulls him out on the dance floor as they hold each other close and dance as the scene shifts to... BRADY PUB Hope arrives and asks Caroline and Kim what is going on. Caroline and Kim are both shocked to see her and ask what she is doing there. Hope informs them that Shane called and said there was an emergency family meeting. She admits she was shocked she was called with everything going on. Caroline says that Shane called her and told her something similar but she didn't know who else was coming. Bo then walks in, with Carly and Victor in tow. Nico also walks in. Caroline is shocked to see Carly and races over to hug her just as Forrest, Miranda, and Shane walk in. Caroline asks what she is doing back in Salem. Carly and Bo fill everyone in. Shane explains that is why he is calling the meeting. Forrest and Miranda have discovered some info that suggests Lawrence is on the move and is either nearby or already in Salem. Everyone reacts in horror as Sami, Carrie, Marlena, and Belle come in with Stephanie wheeling Kayla close behind. Everyone is shocked to see Kayla. Stephanie reveals she has been released. Steve then walks in and cold stares abound. Stephanie asks what the hell is doing there and why Hope is there too. Shane explains he called them as this news concerns them. Shane adds that he knows there is tension but they will all have to put differences aside right now so they can deal with bigger issues. Jack then walks in. Shane tells him about the situation and why he was called. Jack is shocked to see Carly. Bo fills him in on why Carly is back and about her troubles. Shane asks about Billie, thinking she may be of some help with her ISA experience. Jack says he has been calling her but gets no answer. She may be working on a case or just sleeping or something. She's been through alot lately. Kayla points out they all have. The scene then fades to... CHEATIN HEART Billie, who is downing shots at the bar, asking for another. The bartender says she is nearing the cutoff point. Billie doesn't answer and is disheveled and out of sorts. She simply raises her shot glass and downs the contents as the scene shifts back to... BRADY PUB Forrest thinks Abby and Max should be there too since they know Abby is in immediate danger. Shane and Miranda agree, as does Jack, who says he will try calling her right now. Hope walks over to Bo and Carly and says: Hope: Well, I get to finally meet the woman that held my husband's heart for a time. Carly Manning. It's a pleasure to finally come face to face with the myth herself. Carly: Same here. Bo always talked so much about you during our time together. Both woman shake hands. Bo: Hope, like Shane said, don't push it. This is about Lawrence and the threat he poses to his enemies and the rest of us. Don't try to use this to try to soften me up somehow. Hope: I know, Bo. So, Carly, we should get together some time and get to know each other. Just because you and Bo had a past doesn't mean... Carly: I'm not sure that's a good idea. Hope: Why not? Bo: Hope, just back off. Hope: Carly, I know it's a bit awkward but, honestly, I would like to get to know you. Just tell me what hotel I can find you at... Carly: I'm not in a hotel and...I don't mean to be rude but can we just drop this? Hope: Not in a...ah, I see. Staying at the mansion with Bo, huh? Bo: That's none of your business. Excuse us. Bo drags Carly off as Steve approaches Hope, asking if she is ok. Hope admits she finds it funny how Carly has been on the run for months, according to Carly, and she just happens to turn up when she and Bo are having problems. Steve didn't think Carly was a woman that would result to schemes to get a man. Hope points out she may have changed too or maybe the hell Lawrence has put her through has made her want Bo even more...and made her more desperate to get him. A unnerved Hope looks over at Bo and Carly talking as the scene shifts to... ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Nicole and Joey have returned after going to get his video games and other items he wanted. Joey is happy to have some more clothes and games at his disposal. Nicole wonders why his apartment was so ransacked. Joey doesn't want to talk about it, piquing Nicole's interest as she wonders if he is hiding something. Joey is hooking up his PS3 and reminds Nicole she has something to prove to him. Joey then pulls out a dance mat and says he has a dance game that is like Dance Dance Revolution. He challenges her to a dance off. Nicole can't believe he seriously wants her to do this. Joey nods and smiles, saying she is the one that claimed she knew how to have fun when he doubted her. Nicole looks at him, rolling her eyes. She then gives in and tells her to explain the game. The scene then fades into a montage of Nicole and Joey playing the game and dancing. Nicole is trying to keep up with the steps as Joey is keeping up rather well. We see them go through several songs and rounds as Nicole gets better and better and seems to be enjoying herself more and more. Joey is having a good time too. The montage ends as they stop. Nicole is out of breath and actually laughing. Joey says she was right. She does know how to have fun and really started getting good. She even beat him twice at the end. Nicole says she told him she knew how to have fun. Joey says it looks like she does and that she just needed to remember how. Nicole looks at him and, after a few moments, says he is right. She had forgotten as so much had happened in her life. Nothing felt fun anymore. She hadn't really enjoyed anything, until now. Joey asks if she wants to play again. Nicole thinks for a minute and says what the hell and asks what other games he has, saying they should check those out too. She's not going anywhere. Joey smiles and suggests they have another dance round first, pointing out that this time it counts. Nicole laughs and says he's on as they both get into position and begin playing as the scene shifts back to... BRADY PUB Steve approaches Kayla and tells her he had no idea who was going to be there and apologizes, saying he didn't know she had been released and doesn't want to upset her. Kayla says it's alright but tells Steve to just leave her alone. She knows she will have to deal with him, whether she wants to or not, and that they will have to talk about things at some point. She just can't do it right now. Stephanie comes over and tells Steve to just leave her mother alone. Steve puts his head down and walks off as an enraged Stephanie and upset Kayla look on. As Bo and Carly fill Abe, who just arrived, in on what is going on, Jack has just tried calling Abby and Max and tells Shane, Forrest, and Miranda he has no answer and thinks both their phones are off. Forrest thinks it's imperative they warn them and take action. They may even have to put Abby in a safe house since they know Lawrence was targeting her a few months ago. Miranda adds that Lawrence could be nearby and Abby is in real danger so they need to find her. Jack agrees and, as he tries again, the scene shifts back to... SALEM TOWERS RESTAURANT Abby and Max are still dancing. Abby tells Max she is glad they turned their cell phones off. They don't need any interruptions. She tells Max the night is still young and that they can still just focus on each other and enjoying themselves, forgetting everything else. Max tells Abby they need to deal with reality eventually. Abby says she knows but not tonight. They both need tonight and she hopes their loved ones do something similar too. They all need to start healing. Abby adds they will deal with reality and all their troubles...together. She promises him she isn't going anywhere. Max says he is happy to hear that because he can't lose her right now. Abby assures Max he won't lose her. She isn't going anywhere. As they continue to dance and hold each other close, a mysterious figure watches from outside the window as the scene fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... SALEMITES DISCUSS HOW TO HANDLE THE LAWRENCE THREAT AS ABBY AND MAX ARE BEING WATCHED!!! IMPORTANT INFO!!! HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!
  24. JANUARY 25, 2008- EPISODE #422: APPROACHING ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Miranda and Shane meet Forrest at Robata’s restaurant in St. Louis. As they all sit down, Forrest tells Shane that his brother is on the move. Miranda concurs, saying that everything that she has found out points to Lawrence making a move soon. Shane wonders if Roman ending up in prison, through Stefano, was just a way to neutralize him. Forrest doesn’t put anything past his brother. Shane then says that after their meal, they have to get to Salem and bring the families together. Someone needs to tell them...........times are about to get bad once again. As they all order there meal, in Salem....... ROMAN AND MARLENA'S HOUSE Marlena sits at the dining room table, reading a letter from Roman. As she finishes, she knows that Roman needs her as his doctor sooner rather than later. She runs upstairs to get dressed and, as Sami comes over to see her, Marlena asks her to come to the state prison with her to see Roman. Sami agrees and, as they both head out..... ILLINOIS STATE PENITENTIARY Roman sits on the edge of his bunk, watching television. Lucas says to him, as he looks up from a book, that Roman isn’t getting any sleep lately. Roman says he’s just having some tough times getting used to being locked up like an animal. Lucas says he’s getting used to the very same thing.......but still seems to sleep well. He asks what it is that Roman is dreaming about. Roman says he can’t make heads or tails of anything but, hopefully, Marlena will help him bring everything out in the open. In the waiting area, Marlena and Sami sit and wait. As Roman comes in, the ladies just look at him and Sami keeps to herself how bad her father looks. Roman and Marlena pick up the phones and Marlena asks him if the nightmares are getting worse. Sami is shocked at hearing this for the first time and Roman reluctantly shakes his head yes. Marlena takes Sami’s hand as she tells him she has an idea......she has petitioned the state to allow her to once again become his doctor...... So that she can help him unlock all these memories. Roman is scared of what he may find and Sami takes the phone, saying that it may be the only way he can get out of prison.. After a few moments, Roman reluctantly agrees and, as both women smile at him...... KIRIAKIS MANSION Bo walks into the mansion with Carly. She still doesn’t know if this is a good idea and, before Bo can answer,..........Victor walks into the room. Bo looks at both Carly and Victor as they stare at each other and Bo then excuses himself and leaves the room. Victor invites Carly to sit down and he goes to pour some drinks. Carly quietly sits on the couch as Victor bring the drinks over and, as he sits down, they toast each other and take a sip. Nico and Bo walk back into the room and Bo remarks that all the furnishings are still in tact, so............. That finally breaks the ice and Victor tells her the past is in the past. Carly really appreciates that, saying that she sees a different man than the one she ran from all those years ago. Victor says that Bo is to thank for that.........and his new wife, Maggie. Carly congratulates him on his marriage, saying she heard about it. Victor then asks why is she back in Salem after all this time and Bo and Nico step forward, with Bo telling Victor...... Bo: She needs protection........form Lawrence Alamain. Victor says that he has been keeping tabs on that man as much as possible but says he’s a touch guy to keep in check. Carly says she doesn’t want to put anyone in danger but came to Salem to warn everyone.......Lawrence is up to something. Victor tells Nico to contact their people in Spain and Ireland and tells Bo to let the servants know that Carly will be staying as long as possible. Victor also says to double the guards around the house. As Victor excuses himself, Bo looks at Carly.... And they both smile at each other. SALEM PARK At the ice skating rink, Max thinks this might have been a bad idea. Abby tells him that his only concern is to enjoy himself. Nobody is asking him to forget Frankie and what just happened but he has to at least try to put it out of his mind, at least for a little while. Max says he knows that but.......and Abby says but nothing, as she runs into him. Both of them fall into the snow, laughing. Max thanks her for all of this and, as she smiles at him, they draw closer to each other slowly...... And share a gentle kiss. The scene freeze frames on these two and then it slowly fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... SEVERAL SALEMITES COME TOGETHER TO PREPARE TO FACE THE LATEST THREAT TO THEIR LIVES... IMPORTANT INFO!!HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!!
  25. JANUARY 24, 2008-EPISODE #421: UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE ORPHEUS SECRET PALATIAL HOME(on the outskirts of Salem) Joey is watching TV while Nicole works on a computer, researching ways to make her escape from the country. Joey soon interrupts her by yelling out he is bored. There is nothing on TV. Nicole suggests going to bed but Joey reminds her he caught up on all his sleep last night and this morning. He says he wishes he had his video games. Nicole says she is glad as she would get annoyed by the sound and annoying visuals. Joey asks if she likes to have any fun. Nicole asks what kind of question that is. Joey points out how she is so serious all the time. Nicole tells Joey she has alot on her mind so it's hard to sit back, relax, and have fun. Joey thinks everyone needs to have fun once in awhile but he doesn't think she knows how. A befuddled Nicole looks at him and says she knows how and will prove it to him. Joey is pleased and says she can start by taking him to get his video game stuff from his house. Nicole can't believe she fell for his game as he wanted nothing more then to make sure she took him to get what he wants. Joey smiles, saying he knew he had no choice as she is one tough lady. Nicole thanks him for the compliment but says neither one of them should go out for fear of being spotted. Joey asks if Nicole is going to jail. Nicole spits out her drink and asks where he would get that idea. Joey smiles, point out she was in disguise when she found him and goes out all the time in disguise and is always worried about being spotted. He can't think of any other reason. Nicole thinks Joey is too smart for his own good. She thinks for a minute and asks if he will back off a bit if they get his stuff. Joey nods, saying he can pick up most of his stuff while there. He couldn't before because things were crazy. Nicole asks what he means but Joey says he doesn't want to talk about it. Nicole says ok and that they can go but she needs to be in disguise and he needs to dress in layers to avoid being noticed, although she points out it is cold so it should be easy. Joey agrees and says then she can prove to him she does know how to have fun. Nicole shrugs him off and says whatever. They need to get ready so they can go and come back ASAP. They both go their separate ways and prepare as the scene shifts to... BRADY PUB Bo is stunned to see the familiar face in front of him...CARLY MANNING!! He embraces her, asking what she is doing in Salem. Carly says she came to warn those she loves and, in a way, for her own protection. Bo realizes she has her memory back. Carly says that happened a few months ago. She says it began when news hit that Steve Johnson was alive. Word of Lawrence being responsible for Steve's "death" was all over and she had always went and read The Salem Spectator at a local coffee shop in Paris. Lawrence never knew it because, if he did, he would stop her. he never wanted her to think about Salem or remember anything so he isolated her from all reminders but she kept being drawn to Salem and knowing about the happenings so, one day, she was at the coffee shop and saw the Spectator and made a stop every day to keep tabs on Salem. That is how she learned about Lawrence's involvement with Steve's "death." Carly goes on to say reading that made her suspicious about Lawrence so she went digging for more info. She learned of all his past misdeeds and her memory began to come back with every piece of evidence she found. Eventually, it all came back and she knew she had to bolt before Lawrence learned the truth. The cops and ISA had been tracking him but they need hard evidence other then Steve's words or circumstantial evidence. Carly points out there is evidence out there and she has it but she couldn't get it out of the house. She just knew if she could escape and lay low for awhile that, eventually, she could help bring Lawrence down. Carly explains how she packed her bags and left Lawrence but, right before that, she bumped into Vivian, who came for a visit. Vivian and her still did not get along, even when she didn't have her memory, and Carly reveals Vivian knew right away that she had her memory back. Bo asks what happened. Carly says, shockingly, Vivian let her go and gave her some money. Carly adds that she stuck around after and that Vivian covered for her and allowed her time to get a head start. Bo admits being shocked by that. Carly thinks Vivian just wanted her out of Lawrence's life. She always did and this was a way of doing it without her hands getting dirty. She just told her not to tell Lawrence. Carly explains she was on the run since, making money by practicing medicine by way of house calls and in a free lance fashion. Bo is stunned by this and asks if she heard about Forrest Alamain. Carly nods, saying she did. She's heard about everything, including Frankie's death. She then reveals she has been in town since after Christmas but kept a low profile. She points out Lawrence is either on his way or already in Salem. She learned that shortly after arriving in Salem as one of his former servants became quite close with her and keeps her updated on what he hears of Lawrence's movements. She didn't want to get caught and she knew they all were going through alot so she just waited for a chance and now she got it. She also wanted solid word about Lawrence before shooting off her mouth or taking a chance and she has heard enough to think he is bearing Salem or already there. Carly admits wishing she could've joined them at Frankie's funeral. She will miss him. Bo wishes she had not taking so long to come forward. Carly reminds him she had her reasons and then adds that all of Lawrence's enemies are in danger so she knew she had to come forward so she called him, not knowing who else to call. She knows he is going through alot. Bo says he is happy she did and says they will take action, with her help. Carly agrees to do whatever she can. Bo asks where she is staying. Carly says she couldn't find work without making her presence known so she is staying in a shelter. She's done it alot on the run, especially in big cities. It gives her a chance to help people who can't afford it. Bo says he can't have her staying there and insists she stay with him. Carly says she knows he is staying at the Kiriakis Mansion so, given her history with Victor, that isn't a good idea. Bo asks if she is stalking him. Carly smiles, saying that isn't a bad idea but says she isn't. Bo insists she stay with him, saying it's been a long time and Victor is probably over it. Plus, she needs her protection right now. Realizing Bo isn't going to give up, Carly reluctantly agrees. Bo is pleased and says they should go right now and get out of sight. They can fill everyone else in later. Carly agrees. They walk off as the scene shifts to... SALEM PARK Jack bumps into Billie, who is wearing sunglasses and seems a little off balance. Jack says he has been calling her and looking all over since she left the funeral and never showed up at the reception afterwards. He asks what happened. Billie reminds him she has been exhausted so she left to try to sleep and just end what was a very hard day but couldn't. Jack thinks maybe she needs sleeping pills. Billie says she will take care of everything and tells Jack she just needs him to back off. Jack says he is just worried given everything she has been through. Billie appreciates that but says she can take care of herself and just needs her space. She tells Jack she has to go and then says bye. Jack says he hopes she feels better and to call if she needs anything. Billie doesn't acknowledge his last words to her and simply walks off. Jack is really worried about her and makes a call...to Kate, who asks what is wrong with Billie. Jack asks why she would think that. Kate says it's not like Jack calls her regularly and admits she is concerned about her daughter and knows they are close. Jack says he is worried too and wants to meet with her to discuss Billie. Kate says she has to meet with a lawyer to discuss Lucas' case but, after that, she will meet him and says she will call him. Jack thanks her, saying he thinks Billie may be hiding something. Meanwhile, under a bridge in the park, Billie drinks heavily from her flask. The scene then shifts to... Another area of the park, where Abby is sitting with Max, asking if he wants to get a bite to eat. Max shakes his head, saying he doesn't know why she would even want to be with him right now as he is a major downer. Abby says she knows he's going through a rough time and she is there for him. Max says he doesn't know what he would do without her. Without her, he would've fallen apart by now. Abby tells him she is just glad she forgave him and gave him another chance because it was truly worth it. Max says he is glad too or else he would be a worse mess right now. Abby thinks their problems last year were a good thing as it made her realize how much she really cares about him. Abby then takes his hand and Max says he agrees. They both smile at each other. Abby then says she has an idea and tells Max she is going to make this day all about just enjoying each other and trying to move on. It's what Frankie would want. Max isn't sure but Abby insists he at least try. She pulls him up off the bench and drags him off, telling him to come on as the scene shifts to... Steve, who is walking aimlessly through the park. Hope is walking up a path and sees Steve. She notices he is upset and asks if he is ok. Steve says he just wants to be alone. Hope asks if it's about Kayla. Steve gives her a cold look and Hope apologizes. It's none of her business. She says goodbye and begins to leave when Steve yells out that it is Kayla and they just had another fight. He admits that he thinks it's over. Hope tells Steve she is sorry. Steve points out they are both in the same boat. Hope nods, saying the future doesn't look so good for either of them and they deserve it. Steve agrees, wishing he had listened to Hope and just left the past alone. Hope says there is nothing they can do but points out they may have had a chance of saving their marriages if Nicole had no interfered. Steve wishes they had no called her bluff. Hope agrees but says that Nicole was unreasonable and that she believes Nicole never cared if they did anything for her. She would've destroyed them anyway to prove her point that the Brady's are hypocrites. She hates all of them for the way she has been treated. Steve thinks someone needs to teach her a lesson, one that she will never forget. Hope agrees, saying she played with their lives and destroyed many others in the process, showing no remorse. Steve admits it won't be pretty if he ever finds Nicole. Hope agrees, saying she doesn't know what she would do to her if she saw her right now. The scene then shifts to... UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL Stephanie is with Kayla, who has told her about Steve's visit. Stephanie thinks she shouldn't leave from now on as she doesn't want Steve to keep upsetting Kayla. Kayla says it's fine and adds she does have to talk to him eventually. She just can't deal with it right now. Stephanie asks if that means Kayla wants to work things out. Kayla shakes her head, saying she has no clue what she is going to do. Stephanie thinks she shouldn't as she doesn't even consider Steve her father anymore. Kayla urges her not to think that way. He will always be her father and people make mistakes. Stephanie emphasizes this was a BIG mistake. Kayla nods, saying if she continues to feel the way she does right now, she thinks Steve and her will be through...for good. Kayla then turns toward the window and looks out it, wiping away tears as the scene fades to black. ON THE NEXT SALEM LIVES... VICTOR AND CARLY COME FACE TO FACE!! IMPORTANT INFO!!HELP SAVE DAYS AND SHELLE!!! CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE FIGHT!!!
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