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  1. Exactly. "Birds are the new dinosaurs so quit crying in your cornflakes when we cancel your Triceratops."
  2. Okay, comparing soaps to YouTube influencers is where I draw the line. And shut up Andy Cohen.
  3. I remember talking to my friend on the phone and my mother picking up the receiver in the kitchen to share the news that Robin was HIV+. My mother sounded devastated. I love seeing so much of Erika Slezak.
  4. Twice. I loved those first few seasons of TRW. So many moments etched in my memory.
  5. That was a hair audition if I ever did see one. And all that talk of "bazooms"!?
  6. Having Dr. Marlena Evans, the institution, run a rush test on the syringe no questions asked, cuz ya know, after all it's you Ben... gag. I enjoy Gabi. Her beauty, her wardrobe, her spunk... she reminds me of some of the classic soap vixens.
  7. And Judith Light as Robin makes her speech. This is the year that Chaka SuLu allegedly pounded the table when she didn't win.
  8. I don't think I realized just how brief Victor and Dorian's union was in fact. She moved quickly. I haven't read my AMC 25th anniversary book in years, not sure that I knew about the story with Ann and the suspected child abuse. Sounds interesting.
  9. Patricia Mauceri is in tonight's episode of Bull (CBS).
  10. I appreciate the Dynasty-like specificity, i.e., "We're gonna show you exactly who you're gonna see this episode."
  11. What!? I wasn't watching at this time and assumed her true identify had yet to be revealed. Egregious.
  12. I've got the CC on and Olivia is identified as Amy. What's the backstory on the name change?
  13. And yet again, you prove that you're one of my people. I've been meaning to start a TLC/Discovery thread for a while now but figured there was little interest. Y'all are hanging out in here! In addition, I'm obsessed with the 90 Day Fiancé franchise and Naked and Afraid, and a new season of Smothered will be starting soon. I recently binged on Tiger King, and I'm afraid I've overbinged and exhausted my favorite podcast, Crime Junkies, which all of you should be listening to! SImilarly, I'm a huge Dateline fan to the point of annoyance when I see that several episodes will be airing back to back because I know I can't resist.
  14. My heart warms and breaks thinking about the decades of history Lucci and Warrick shared.
  15. Totally. 90 minutes with no intermission is a popular runtime for plays, for both audiences and actors, and that's after at least a month of rehearsal. 90 minutes 5x/week sounds absolutely draining for the professionals, and tedious for the audience... like glorified background noise while one carries on household duties.
  16. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, but back in the day I imagined an updated opening where we super zoomed in on the hourglass, and Truman Show-style, scenes from the past and actors' images were reflected on grains of sand slo-mo falling through time.
  17. There's a clip on YouTube of Grant Aleksander relating this story/these words of wisdom Beverlee McKinsey shared with him during their GL days.
  18. It's NOT gonna happen ChickenNuggetz92, it's NOT gonna happen!
  19. Conversed with/Worked with/Know personally: -Julia Barr -Allison Hirschlag -Marj Dusay -Lawrence Saint Victor Chatted with at the '99 Emmys: -Jeanne Cooper -Lisa Peluso -Stephen Schnetzer -Charles Keating -Kale Brown -Linda Dano -Shemar Moore Spotted around town in NYC: -James DePaiva (UWS) -Sherri Saum (UWS, multiple times) -Colin Egglefield (Barnes and Noble) -Erika Paige (H&M) Social media exchanges: -Susan Lucci -Robin Strasser -Victoria Wyndham -Linda Dano Missed opportunity: -Ellen Holly (my parents dropped me off for college in Westchester County, NY; they checked into their hotel and met Ellen Holly in the elevator, she was attending a family birthday party)
  20. @Khan This is the theme you were speaking of... SOD disparaged the smooth jazz version of HOTL and praised this return to an upbeat version but imo it was way inferior to the original and the smooth jazz.
  21. Erica did get a couple of tongue in cheek mentions when Sydney's old flame, Jackson Montgomery made crossover appearances (Sydney snarkily referring to Erica as, "Whatshername"). But to your point, my gut reaction was no way. However, the more I consider it, I think it could have worked for a matter of months, like Rosemary Prinz's favor to Agnes Nixon back in 1970. I immediately thought of the rumored Alexis spinoff from Dynasty and how that would have crippled the parent show. I don't think Our Private World did much damage, while we certainly wouldn't want anything resembling Texas Iris for Erica in The City. But I like the idea of Erica back in New York mixing with Olga and Tess in the modeling industry, dining at Nexus... And the reboot proved what we always knew, that Erica is one of many inimitable PV personalities and the story holds up just fine with her in absentia. I love Morgan Fairchild and I loved Sydney Chase, so no regrets, but perhaps Susan Lucci would've been the better way to go. One never knows, I mean look at the dud that was the Rae Cummings parade. Star power can only get you so far with tepid storytelling.
  22. Mr. Dennehy signed our Playbills and chatted with a few of us who went into the city to catch a matinee of Death of a Salesman on Broadway. He was a wonderful Willy Loman and seemed like a kind man. And of course soap geek here mentioned Elizabeth being on GL ("Oh yeah, she was on there for a little while..."). RIP
  23. I work about a block away from Neiman's here in the D.C. area. Their Christmas book is legendary, I've got 2019's still on my coffee table. Fantasy gifts include: an Aston Martin designed by Daniel Craig (in blue to match his eyes, natch) for the cheeky price of $700,007; custom Christian Louboutins for $125,000; an $89,000 sable coat; a custom dog house co-designed by Denise Richards at the starting price of $70,000; a makeup masterclass and Istagram video with an IG personality for $400,000... the list goes on. Thanks to the Lifetime movie, more people have been introduced to the Clark Sisters. When Karen was coming out of her coma following terrible complications post-gastric bypass, Dorinda asked Karen if she wanted to go to Neiman Marcus and Karen started rapidly blinking her eyes. Our answer to Marshall Fields was Hecht's, which all became Macy's. I know MF was acquired by Macy's as well, and I appreciated that MF was able to keep its name. We had a luxury mall that was anchored by Bloomingdales, I. Magnin, and Lord & Taylor. The entire mall has been razed for redevelopment (open air shopping and dining plazas are back in vogue) save for L&T which was promised a mall in their lease. They won a multi-million dollar settlement and the store stands alone surrounded by a huge parking lot and nothingness where a mall once stood. Breaks my '80s nostalgic heart.
  24. Jeffrey Osborne's theme is right up there with Peabo's as far as I'm concerned, I still sing it in the shower.
  25. I love the closing theme, but damn if its melancholy quality didn't make me sad as hell once cancellation was announced. They're LOVE BIRDS Khan, get it!? [email protected] As for Generations' theme, for years I remembered it to be Joplin's The Entertainer before WoST came along.
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