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  1. Years ago on a morning radio show they were interviewing a guy who specialized in men's hair pieces. The female host was very critical saying that they never look natural. They asked the guest to name an example of a public figure who wore a good not obvious piece and the gentleman replied Kevin Dobson. The female host snarked, "See... I *knew* that."
  2. Yeah, they were dropping anvils having Steffy say things like she and Paris will share EVERYTHING, and those lingering closeups at the end of their scenes. All I could think was, "Great, let's have yet a third black person betray their trusting white employer." When Paris sang the baby to sleep I knew straight away they were going to ask her to move in and quasi-nanny. It was giving me Sofia and Miss Millie vibes.
  3. Not even three minutes into this mess and I’m already annoyed. This guy tells this girl that he READ IN HER JOUR NAL that she wrote he’s a bad kisser and instead of asking why the hell were you reading my journal she plants one on him?? And Trina, young lady do you wanna go rinse of Lord knows what kind of substance that is before you give a play by play??
  4. Speaking of relevancy, Michael Bruno and Carolyn Hinsey are two names I haven’t heard since I Wanna Be a Soap Star and that infamous Jossip thread. Are those two still making noise?
  5. I agree about her delivery, but I was willing to forgive it and give her time. She was placed among three good charismatic actors playing her family members who enriched her presence.
  6. I can hardly wait to watch, thanks DaytimeFan!
  7. I concur. I am so tired of her and seeing her be rewarded for her schemes. I am also fed up with the way this show plays fast and loose with the obligatory presence of security cameras in today’s world.
  8. Did you all catch the line about Carter dating the model Shay from Detroit? Not sure if this was one of the episodes that Lawrence wrote, but Shay Flake from Detroit is LSV’s wife and mother of their baby. I went to college with them, lovely people, and I beamed when I heard that reference.
  9. Daphnee was a wonderful Rachel. I absolutely hated what they did to the character under the first two recasts. In hindsight, I wonder if that s/l would have been more palatable had Ellen remained in the role. I think I may have had an easier time going on Rachel’s journey with Ellen ushering it. In any event, watching a young, strong, intelligent woman of color’s demeaning descent into addiction was not a story I cared to be told.
  10. The Victor Lordification of Eric Kane.
  11. Quite a story for Lynne Moody: https://www.today.com/parents/after-50-years-daughter-found-her-birth-mom-who-starred-t217658
  12. Dick Clark had originally titled it The Other View but I guess Babs and Bill put the kibosh on that.
  13. I don’t remember seeing his exit, but I believe he betrayed Erica (yet again) by doing some business dealing with Natalie and he slinked out of town. Albert Stratton was charming and handsome and bore some resemblance to Mark LaMura, but even as a child I didn’t feel that he was right for the role. Maybe someone more like James Farentino. Robin Strasser has talked about how when they finally introduced Gerald Davis on AW, the visual of Walther Matthews in the role struck a chord as we finally saw where Rachel got her dark coloring and features. I think I expected something similar for Erica and Mark’s dad. I wonder if Eric and Erica ever had scenes where they mentioned Goldie and Silver. And yes, they killed Eric off off-screen. I believe he died in Vegas and that was somehow related to Erica relapsing and masquerading as a showgirl. It was revealed that Erica was not merely raped by Richard Fields, but Eric had a hand in it, he “sold” his daughter to Richard to get Richard to appear in one of Eric’s movies. This stuff is getting foggy in my brain, someone feel free to correct me.
  14. I thought that was supposed to be Alice Horton and Nancy Hughes on top. I love it! I hope Gillian has it framed in her home. I would hang that in my own office.
  15. That glimpse of a Sylvie/Iris scene only for the tape to cut out was like a dagger to my heart.
  16. Me too. The first bible was SO different from what made it to air. Not nearly as trite as the Capulets vs. the Montagues second bible. Most fascinating was the female lead, Merle, who lived with other young women in a rooming house. She was described as white passing with unique features among the other girls that tipped her black heritage. I’m assuming she would have eventually been tied to one of the political families, maybe a child of Sam Clegg or Mark Denning.
  17. Are you watching on the RetroTV app/website? I’m out of the loop on how to access episodes. I want to see the series of 1963 episodes titled “How Are Things at Home?” which feature one of my former teachers.
  18. I think the next live episode should begin led by Sheryl a la Barbara Walters the day after Star Jones was dismissed, delineating all of the reasons and whys Sharon is no longer around. Except I like Sheryl and Star. BW and Sharon, no longer so much.
  19. Awful drawings, I’m drawing a total loss besides Tyler and Julie in the center. I will agree with you that upper right seems most like Mark and Paula, and Paula’s actual debut was months to come. She was just the mysterious unseen agoraphobe up in her suite playing her harpsichord in the pilot movie.
  20. How did Kate and Chad become so close?
  21. I've never seen her as Miranda, but in one of those old soap trivia books it's mentioned that Elaine just came up with a random continental accent for Miranda based on no country in particular. Hungarian Zsa Zsa would later play her mother.
  22. I wanted to strangle Hope today. Spit it out! Some fan with the time on his or her hands should edit a laugh track onto Liam’s scenes today.
  23. Damn. Gone already. What are some of the shows that were uploaded?
  24. I am so ready for Paris to beat Zoe's ass. My only regret would be that it's fight choreography and not the real thing. Do Thomas and Vinny have an onscreen long-lasting friendship or was this newly created? I'm surprised that Finn overheard that convo so soon. Figured this would've stretched out for a couple months.
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