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  1. I remember asking my mom if Victor had ever been on the show and she was like, "Oh my God, yes!" It was so fascinating to me, learning the Lord history in reverse. Victor is perhaps the most influential dead character in soap history, still driving story thirty years after his death.
  2. We only saw five years of it onscreen, but Myrna Graves vs. Clarissa and Judson Tyler began thirty years prior to where the action started on Capitol in '82. Shown in flashbacks, Myrna and Clarissa were best friends and Myrna was giddy telling Clarissa about Baxter McCandless who she'd fallen for... hard. But Baxter had his eye on Clarissa, Clarissa broke sis code, Myrna sought revenge. She accused Clarissa's dad, Judge Judson Tyler, of being red during McCarthyism and he was blacklisted, his political career destroyed.
  3. I don't recall but you've reminded me that Frankie and Bobby Warner were also buds, they were a few years older than me when I was a kid. I don't think they were ever on the canvas at the same time as adults.
  4. Yes, I always loved any reference to Nora being Jewish. I even remember Rachel referring to herself as "a good little Jewish girl."
  5. How explicit was OLTL about the Siegels' faith? I'm thinking about how some years later on AW, Iris' mother Sylvie's Judaism was "heavily inferred" but never outright stated. I can imagine clunky "safe" dialogue using phrases like "interfaith marriage" and whatnot, but I'm curious how often the word Jewish was uttered and how Agnes Nixon established their religion to begin with. Did the Siegels go to temple, observe high holidays? @Paul Raven @vetsoapfan
  6. Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams shared this sentiment, i.e., Angie (Chief of Staff) and Jesse (Chief of Police) in their *cozy* loft. 2.0 righted this, IIRC.
  7. I remember a fan in the AOL OLTL forum defending Kassie's casting saying that the Badderly s/l was over and Blair didn't need to speak Japanese anymore so her race didn't matter. 🤷🏽‍♂️ I didn't see these episodes but I've read that the show even went to the trouble of reshooting Addie's flashbacks of her sexual assault with a white actor in place of the original Asian actor.
  8. I recall a lengthy debate re: "Mamie" here at SON some years ago. The search box may turn it up.
  9. No, I think the character's DEATH had something to do with it. 😜 Bridges and Page were stunt cast to draw viewers to the pilot movie where they'd hopefully take enough interest in the rest of the action to tune in on Monday. The movie is clearly scripted to relieve the two stars of their duties by having them be the murderer and the murdered. Cranston talks about this in his book, how promos flashed shots of the various cast members teasing who would be the victim and who would be the culprit and it was evident that it would be the two movie stars. I have a foggy memory of a Bridges quote Seli Groves uses in her Ultimate Soap Opera Guide. I think he was asked how he liked working on the soap/would he do it again, and Bridges says something to the effect that he enjoyed the experience enough, but they killed his character so it was a moot point. Groves follows this with a quip about how we daytime fans know that soap death is seldom permanent. I'm a huge fan of Geraldine Page, I think she's the best thing about the whole two hours. She would have been an extraordinary addition to any soap, if only for a three-month arc. Imagine what Lemay would have written for her.
  10. Wow, that was... somethin'. Is it any wonder why so many dudes in Hollywood wanted her? I love Eli Wallach in Baby Doll, as the unconventionally sexy antihero.
  11. This link was to the Capitol Megasite, ran by a lovely Italian gentleman named Claudio, but unfortunately the site is no longer online. Too bad because there were many pictures, articles, and of course things like the bibles, that I haven't seen anywhere else. What I remember most about the original bible was that the Cleggs vs. the McCandlesses wasn't nearly as central. Even more interesting was the strong emphasis on ingenue, Merle, a beautiful biracial coed. From what I remember, it was implied that she could almost pass but was always aware of the difference between herself and her white housemates. I think it was also implied that there was mystery surrounding her parentage. Regrettably, all of this was dropped. (On second thought, perhaps it was for the best.)
  12. What makes the red satin and sax opening so special to this day is that it completely broke tradition, and every other version of Y&R's titles has been a modernized take on the original with none of its timeless elegance and beauty. Sure, we got some very memorable campy shots of cast members preening over the years, but nothing can touch Sandy Dvore's charcoal sketches that captured the depth and the essence of actors and their characters in the way a great artist can do. Y&R could have stuck to the original arrangement of Nadia's Theme (with that gorgeous sonorous cello) and charcoals forever. Imagine how special it would have been to witness forty-some years of drawings of Katherine, Victor, Nikki, et al, a visual history. But switching out flat white for billowing crimson, ditching strings, adding the actors' names (Bill Bell's response to the squish credits), the 1999 opening titles struck out on their own and I highly doubt the show will ever again think outside the box.
  13. Joanne and Michael are Christian Slater's godparents. Of course Christian's mother is OLTL CD Mary Jo Slater.
  14. Yes, but dubbed in Italian. All of the show's first few years are on YouTube in Italian. I don't think I've seen the pilot movie in English since WoST. And in nearby Potomac. I was too little to remember them shooting in my area, but I've read old articles in the Post about how freezing it was and poor Bill Beyers was sick as a dog.
  15. Exactly. "Birds are the new dinosaurs so quit crying in your cornflakes when we cancel your Triceratops."
  16. Okay, comparing soaps to YouTube influencers is where I draw the line. And shut up Andy Cohen.
  17. I remember talking to my friend on the phone and my mother picking up the receiver in the kitchen to share the news that Robin was HIV+. My mother sounded devastated. I love seeing so much of Erika Slezak.
  18. Twice. I loved those first few seasons of TRW. So many moments etched in my memory.
  19. That was a hair audition if I ever did see one. 😆 And all that talk of "bazooms"!?
  20. Having Dr. Marlena Evans, the institution, run a rush test on the syringe no questions asked, cuz ya know, after all it's you Ben... gag. I enjoy Gabi. Her beauty, her wardrobe, her spunk... she reminds me of some of the classic soap vixens.
  21. And Judith Light as Robin makes her speech. 😆 This is the year that Chaka SuLu allegedly pounded the table when she didn't win.
  22. I don't think I realized just how brief Victor and Dorian's union was in fact. She moved quickly. I haven't read my AMC 25th anniversary book in years, not sure that I knew about the story with Ann and the suspected child abuse. Sounds interesting.
  23. Patricia Mauceri is in tonight's episode of Bull (CBS).
  24. I appreciate the Dynasty-like specificity, i.e., "We're gonna show you exactly who you're gonna see this episode."
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