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  1. I love Valerie Harper, but I think The Hogan Family got better and better. Whenever I watch reruns, I actually miss those characters, and though it's unpopular to champion such things these days, I would love to see them reunited.
  2. Yeah, I've noticed that the ends of certain scenes are cut short in the Italian edits. With two episodes edited into one, the show is really whizzing by. CJ loved playing Myrna, I wish we could've enjoyed her for much longer. I can't imagine that the show wouldn't have aired a title card when she passed, though I wouldn't expect to see that on an Italian edit.
  3. Thanks for the reminder! She looks smashing.
  4. Marj Dusay's first scene as Myrna. It's interesting how in the Italian dubbed episodes, they always announced Marla Adams as the actress playing Myrna in the episodes where she covered for Carolyn Jones. But when Marj took over, they made no announcement, she was suddenly listed in the opening credits and that was it.
  5. MC's wife, Christine Baranski also acted opposite him on AMC. Robin Strasser teased that she dated a younger OLTL castmate who she was *not* involved with on the show. TP was asked about this in an interview and the interviewer noted that TP took a very long pause before answering. The overall impression was that he'd been indiscreet with SG while still with GT. And Wesley Addy and Celeste Holm.
  6. Sure was nice to see Linda Dano and Victoria Wyndham back-to-back in my IG feed this evening.

    1. DRW50


      How is Linda?

    2. DaytimeFan


      Linda is looking well. Doing that Allison Sweeney show seems to have done her good - she even did the TCA press tour in Pasadena for it.

  7. Yes, you're probably right. Geesh, reminds me of how PBS airs two episodes of Eastenders on the weekend, it'll take FOREVER to get through a serial at that pace.
  8. This is a topic my dad and I discuss from time to time. We share the opinion that when you're being paid millions of dollars, ride that horse until she won't ride no more. It's not just about personal fulfillment or artistic integrity (in some cases, "artistic integrity" certainly belongs in air quotes), but when I think of all of the good that a person with excess millions can do in this world. My philanthropy would be off the charts. In any case, I think all of the examples we've mentioned here lend themselves to the very American notion that shows should go on for years and years and years. We could take a hint from British programmes and Latin American novellas, content to shine brightly for short runs and be done with it. But network television in particular is so hungry for quality hits, that they will bleed a dollar maker for every last drop.
  9. I just caught the tail end of a Sunday episode. Judging by the fashions, the presence of Carolee Campbell, the appearance of Althea, and the closing theme music, I'd think these episodes are from the late '60s. I could be very wrong but hearing that different closing credits music really made me think it was earlier than the '70s
  10. I think it would be more about the music than the actors. I thought about this when RetroTV aired episodes of The Doctors which prominently featured Roberta Flack's The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. While ABC soaps (GH to this day) would replace top 40 songs heard in classic episodes with new/copyright clear music. I doubt those old AFTRA soap contracts covered much in terms of residuals which at the time must have been an unheard of notion for daytime dramas, particularly when tapes were being wiped. At any rate, residual tracking would be more tedious than costly. Those checks would be for pennies, if that. I got a residual check for nine cents the other day. The worst I ever got was a check for $0.00. Seriously. The stamp cost more. And these are for SAG-AFTRA projects in this decade.
  11. Watching Capitol from the beginning, it's really heartbreaking once I've reached the Marla Adams episodes. It's so refreshing once Carolyn Jones comes back, and yet, still heartbreaking knowing how things will ultimately turn out.

  12. Joan/Jackie biopic info: https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/joan-and-jackie-collins-tv-series-coming-from-stan-ollie-producer.amp
  13. We got a huge kick out of that in the daily thread. Those were the days.
  14. Years ago, Robin said in an interview that she and Louise promised one another that they'd never accept each other's roles (which is how they were first acquainted). I doubt she's Vivian, unless she has her friend's blessing.
  15. Why stop there, Jordan? Should've knocked Ciara's stupid ass out too.
  16. I loved OLTL's "What in the name of Love?" promos in the mid-'90s. This warmed my heart. I just wish it'd had a better outcome. From my own YouTube channel, a trader sent me this years ago on a great tape she edited for me.
  17. Tyler McCandless is Air Force, he's introduced in the primetime premiere flying into Andrews where he's met with a hero's welcome. That got me thinking about his reception at the Capitol which would have aired in daytime the following week. I'd only seen clips, but lo and behold, the full episode (dubbed in Italian) was recently uploaded. The sequence on the Capitol steps with your dad begins at 45:17 đŸ’› Here's a picture:
  18. Yes, I remember this well. They showed a portion of it on the AMC 25th anniversary episode of Oprah when they paid tribute to Mrs. Heflin. Listening to Anton here, he sounds like a young Victor Newman.
  19. How interesting, I was just thinking about starting a thread re: long-standing feuds between opposite-sex characters.
  20. I met her after I performed at Awesome Con in D.C. a couple of years ago. Ms. Adams, William Shatner, George Takei and others were doing signings. She was the only person I was interested in meeting. Of course she was there for Lagoon (which had a screening that evening at the AFI in Silver Spring where she was the honored guest). But I knew her best from Capitol and we had a lovely chat about the show and Paula ("She lovvved men"). She was so warm and kind, asking me about myself. I'm very glad that I had the chance to meet her.
  21. It's always a red-letter day when Victoria Wyndham, Susan Lucci, and Joan Collins appear back-to-back in my IG feed. VW even laughed at my lame iris joke re: her garden. She seems to be enjoying a well-earned retirement from television on her beautiful property with her animals. I love her artwork, and I'd gladly make my way up to NY/CT should she ever do a play.
  22. I am so very sorry to hear this. Carmen Duncan was one of those soap actresses I hoped we'd see again, whether she popped up on another soap, daytime or primetime, or even on a Law & Order. I'm so glad that we got that glimpse of her as Lisa on ATWT, but I sure was hoping to see her again. May she rest in peace.
  23. Lately, I've been getting ads that appear on top of posts, literally blocking out people's words. Even if I click on the ad (which I hate to do) or attempt to close it, I can't get rid of it to see what the poster was saying. This is egregious. Anyone else having this problem?

    1. SFK


      Yes, I've done that too! Grr...

    2. ReddFoxx


      I have seen some ads being intrusive while trying to post. It's annoying.

    3. DaytimeFan


      I've dealt with it too for several weeks

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