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  1. Yes, I own a couple of them, tucked away somewhere. I haven't read them in over a decade, but I kind of remember the one that starred Constance Ford and Beverlee McKinsey. Lemay was self-published, the plays are probably still available to order. I got mine through Barnes and Noble where my significant other was working at the time.
  2. OMG, Wendy aired this promo last week but as you can imagine, they had to censor more than half of it. How do I even watch this mess?? Never heard of Zeus.
  3. Frodd Strasser went so far as to also impersonate Long in the chatroom, as though she were a special guest who agreed to chat with us as a favor for a friend. It was all just tew tew much.
  4. @vetsoapfan Share with us your impressions of the post-Pinkerton pre-Strasser, Malis era of Dorian on OLTL, please.
  5. B&B's Macy Alexander was named after the two department stores. PC's Donatella Stewart was named after Donatella Versace and Martha Stewart.
  6. How did Gilles' Alexis exit last season? I catch the show when I catch it, I don't really have the will to go back and catch up.
  7. 😆 Flo had to settle for a tin whistle from a Cracker Jack box.
  8. Khan is correct. I'll always fondly remember Mr. Rasulala as Rog and Dee's slippery daddy on What's Happening!! and James' shady childhood friend on Good Times.
  9. That's a very cute story, thanks for sharing.
  10. I'm D.C. too (North Bethesda) and I don't see why FOX5 felt the need to add yet another hour of news at 4pm. Still getting used to my Judge Judy being moved to 3pm. 😜
  11. Anna Stuart is a hoot in that episode posted upthread, she nails icy snob. Poor Brent, Linda is always in his light, I didn't watch AW as a kid in the '80s, was this a perpetual issue for him? I hope not. Then again, Linda is also in Petronia's light, so perhaps it's not so much a height issue. I saw Petronia in Macbeth at Michael Kahn's Shakespeare Theatre here in D.C. a couple of years ago... ever radiant and commanding. My friend was in the cast and I tried my best to impart that they had a legend in their midst. I felt the same way when Joan Van Ark and Jean Le Clerc were down here doing Camino Real. My friends didn't know them from Adam and sadly sort of dismissed them as the eccentric soapy kooks in the cast who'd had too much work done.
  12. Would love to see that scene of Dorian getting sprayed.
  13. I will watch this, this show tugs more on my heart than say Full House. Henry and Grandma will be missed.
  14. 😂 It's okay. I didn't KNOW him know him. I was a huge OLTL fan in high school and it's surreal to me that he's dating David Vickers.
  15. 😆 Andrew was a year or so ahead of me at Marymount Manhattan College before I transferred to SUNY Purchase. We worked together for the theatre program, helping to audition new students. I'm sure he doesn't remember me, but I certainly remeber him, introducing himself from Nebraska. I didn't know him socially, but he seemed like a nice enough guy!
  16. I never watched as a kid, I mostly remember the show as being a sitcom punchline. I wouldn't mind watching the original if it's streaming somewhere, though it really just hit me that I'm no longer... thirtysomething. WTF does the time go...
  17. The best $100 I ever spent. I have pics from the nosebleeds of teeny Miss Lucci onstage as we all roared and cried. I remember admiring this cream Bentley parked outside the Garden, and about a week later, seeing a People magazine photo of Susan and Helmut being chauffeured in it. *I just remembered how a few of us got to hang out with Jeanne Cooper for a while out on the sidewalk because the Bell soaps chartered a red double decker bus and they left for their after party and [!@#$%^&*] left Jeanne motherfucking Cooper behind.
  18. If that Evan/Sonny spoiler is true, I think a more interesting alternative to yet another triangle would be the addition of another LBGTQ couple with whom Will and Sonny are social. Surely, an underlying possibility of cross attraction, but I think it'd be interesting to see another gay couple, foils, with an entirely different dynamic. I'd certainly make one of them a trans gay man, and at least one of them a POC. I think of some of my friends and storyline upon storyline come to mind...
  19. On Instagram, @adamtghani has posted Katherine and Jill's first scenes, if you're interested. Lots of other soap content.
  20. Thanks, I was specifically looking for these, I don't know why they didn't show up in my search. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  21. What'd I miss? I cut it on at the very end when they were about to catch Vivian.
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