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  1. What are some of the episodes that you know of that collectors are holding us out from?
  2. Potomac, Chevy Chase, and Bethesda are the three primary ritzy Montgomery County Maryland suburbs of D.C. They, like the ritzy Virginia burbs of D.C. are primarily Jewish, WASPy, white. Prince George's County Maryland, the sister Maryland County of D.C. burbs alongside Montgomery, has the highest concentration of wealthy blacks in the USA. Prince George's County is where this franchise should have been set. Authentically. Realistically. Some of you may be familiar with the MGM National Harbor where Cher is currently in residence. That's Prince George's County, and it's a lovely ferry boat ride along the Potomac river, or drive on the beltway to go see her. My point is, if Bravo wanted to be authentic and capitalize on the wealthy blacks of the D.C. burbs, they chose the wrong region. Maria's parents, Sargent and Eunice Kennedy Shriver's home in Potomac (Lynda's neighbors on Harrington): https://www.google.com/amp/s/variety.com/2008/dirt/news/ambassador-and-mrs-shriver-list-potomac-estate-1201228487/amp/
  3. I have yet to watch an episode of Potomac but I was just thinking about the franchise as I'm from there and made a post about Capitol a few hours ago (the Clegg, McCandless, Denning homes on Capitol were exterior shots of houses in Potomac). Lynda Carter lives in Potomac and is our biggest local Hollywood celebrity, has she ever appeared on show? I don't think so, but she's a ubiquitous presence at the annual Kennedy Center Honors. When I flew to Florida a couple months ago, she was on the cover of the in-flight magazine at Reagan National.
  4. I think it was her second stint at GL when Marj did an interview where she shared that Myrna was her favorite role. That was before Vanessa, which I think became her favorite as she got to do a slice of all her soap characters combined and really draw upon her comedic background. Marj was for all intents and purposes my first Alex because she was in the role when I really started watching GL faithfully. I was totally transfixed, I loved her, and it was months before the light bulbs went on and I realized she was Myrna and Monica Warner. Thing is, I just love Marj and her Marjness, what she brings to everything she does. I absolutely adore Beverlee McKinsey for the same reasons and I think I have an easier time than others accepting the two distinct portrayals of the character since I basically watched the transition in reverse via tape trade in the late '90s. AFWIW, try as I might, I have a hard time imagining Beverlee McKinsey as Myrna. I'm picturing her in scenes written for Carolyn and Marj and I just can't picture her playing that character beyond the very Iris-like scenes where she's lounging in a dressing gown having Clarissa over for a Pinteresque tea.
  5. The ALF cartoon had one of the best cartoon theme songs ever. Such a drastic departure from that of the sitcom, it'll still randomly pop into my head.
  6. Yeah, Linda didn't want Felicia to have a facelift, she said, "That was Jeanne Cooper's thing." A million years ago, I was an extra in the movie Minority Report which filmed in D.C. We were moving to another location and I was in a people carrier with some of the wives of crew members. They were all from L.A. and kind of drooling over the monuments and I mentioned Capitol which would fly from L.A. to shoot on location. One of the ladies perked up and said her friend Todd Curtis was on the show. This is a really long way of me getting to the point that we talked about his car accident that caused substantial trauma to his face. For those of you who don't know, he was temporarily replaced by Russell Todd, then Todd Curtis returned and they wrote his injuries into Jordy's storyline. The lady I was chatting with said he had a real rough go of it, and they certainly worked that art imitates life element into Jordy's storyline as well. I read that the show actually made him up to look more injured than he actually was.
  7. And Robert Newman's character is described as "deceased" so I wonder if he'll just be appearing in the pilot or if this is a "memory" series with lots of flashbacks ( which I would certainly prefer over a ghost).
  8. That's where they lost me. And then they had to go and throw in Ford too. But I love Morgan and Darnell and I fully support anything being shot in New York employing actors and crew.
  9.  Nathan Fillion, the 50 year-old "Rookie". I guess it's never too late, there's hope for us all.

  10. What's up with Carly's hair? She looks like a Saluki. Who's this whiny girl in the hospital with Michael? I'm so behind.
  11. Been watching various episodes from the eighties last few nights. That Dorothy Lyman was a trip, it's no wonder that memories of her were etched in my four-year-old brain. Wish I could find the scene where she hurled dinner plates at Ray, I remember watching that on our cousin's VCR as she'd taped that day. Also watched Silver/Jeremy/Natalie/Erica/Goldie stuff. "The role of Noelle is now being played by Claire Beckman" is the first one of those I ever heard as a kid. Anyone know why Rosalind Ingledew Allen left the part? On her own volition or let go?
  12. Antoinette "Skye" Chandler, Millie "Dominique Deveraux" Cox, Cassandra "Caress" Morell
  13. Yeah, I love how the melody is the singer vocalizing, no lyrics. Reminds me of Vesta doing the theme for The Women of Brewster Place.
  14. I liked Rae's, but there was another version with edgier music (I wish you could "doot doo doo" into your phone and post an audio file of what you're referring to...). https://youtu.be/44sKZiDraIM
  15. I read that by the end of the series, the cast absolutely hated working on the show. They taped on an elevated set to accommodate ALF and everything revolved around the set-ups for the puppet which meant lots of long hours on set waiting for ALF to be ready. The last day of taping, they wrapped and Max Wright got in his car and sped off.
  16. Speaking of the original SuBe being too primetime, I love the sexy version of AW's theme they used for the Summer Desire nighttime special. Can't find video at the moment, but here's audio: http://www.televisiontunes.com/Another_World_-_Summer_Desire.html
  17. Yes, the lamented original opening which was deemed "too primetime". This must be an international version with the full cast and names. Do you guys remember how SuBe took a hiatus and aired reruns trying to capture a larger audience? When they came back, that's when the new opening debuted.
  18. Surprised to see that it aired on USA. Looks like a late Thursday night Cinemax series if I ever saw one.
  19. I am at a total loss on Tina. Must've been my college years when my viewing fell off.
  20. Years ago on her hotline, a few years after he'd left, Robin said he wished he could get back on a soap.
  21. Debbie mentioned in an interview that Susan gave her a going away party when she left the show and I found that so curious as I struggled to remember Angie/Erica scenes from my childhood. Of course they surely spent endless hours at the studio together, but I just couldn't remember their characters interacting. Btw, I smile every time I read this thread title. #Mariah
  22. I concur. I found David rather intriguing in the beginning, dark, mysterious, I loved all the Irene's diary stuff. It would be some years before he became Daffy David, the aging Adonis, but I think putting him in farcical situations with Tina and the Cramer women perhaps set the stage for the silly character he would become. I'm curious if Tuc was behind this turn in the character and what conversations were had with producers.
  23. Reminds me of an '80s Jackie Collins miniseries, or a soap like Paper Dolls.
  24. Yikes. I just looked it up, McKenna and Fillion are six years apart. I didn't think there was even that much of an age difference to be honest with you. I think an actor even two or three years older than McKenna could've sold it. Of course Fillion was wonderful, that era of OLTL was my absolute favorite.
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