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  1. Speaking of the original SuBe being too primetime, I love the sexy version of AW's theme they used for the Summer Desire nighttime special. Can't find video at the moment, but here's audio: http://www.televisiontunes.com/Another_World_-_Summer_Desire.html
  2. Yes, the lamented original opening which was deemed "too primetime". This must be an international version with the full cast and names. Do you guys remember how SuBe took a hiatus and aired reruns trying to capture a larger audience? When they came back, that's when the new opening debuted.
  3. Surprised to see that it aired on USA. Looks like a late Thursday night Cinemax series if I ever saw one.
  4. I am at a total loss on Tina. Must've been my college years when my viewing fell off.
  5. Years ago on her hotline, a few years after he'd left, Robin said he wished he could get back on a soap.
  6. Debbie mentioned in an interview that Susan gave her a going away party when she left the show and I found that so curious as I struggled to remember Angie/Erica scenes from my childhood. Of course they surely spent endless hours at the studio together, but I just couldn't remember their characters interacting. Btw, I smile every time I read this thread title. #Mariah
  7. I concur. I found David rather intriguing in the beginning, dark, mysterious, I loved all the Irene's diary stuff. It would be some years before he became Daffy David, the aging Adonis, but I think putting him in farcical situations with Tina and the Cramer women perhaps set the stage for the silly character he would become. I'm curious if Tuc was behind this turn in the character and what conversations were had with producers.
  8. Reminds me of an '80s Jackie Collins miniseries, or a soap like Paper Dolls.
  9. Yikes. I just looked it up, McKenna and Fillion are six years apart. I didn't think there was even that much of an age difference to be honest with you. I think an actor even two or three years older than McKenna could've sold it. Of course Fillion was wonderful, that era of OLTL was my absolute favorite.
  10. Oh heck no, the Jorian (no one ever called it that, but whatever) s/l could not have worked with McKenna, Dorian would've been a straight up pedophile. It's weird enough when you see the characters interact in older scenes thinking about what's to come. I can't remember the clip of VickRobCal's that I'm thinking of, but Strasser and McKenna cross paths here:
  11. Aww lol I liked Jason. He was charming in a trade kinda way.
  12. SFK

    Antenna TV Thread

    I'm sure the paychecks were a very welcome balm, but oof... I thought Betty White had it bad during the later seasons of TGG... those doozies she had to deliver can't touch the material Beth Howland and (decades earlier) Gracie Allen were given to pull off. I cringe at times. I can only imagine what they thought. I know BH said it could be difficult because she was so unlike Vera. And it's been said of Gracie that she was the consummate come in/get it done/go home type of performer. I can't tell you how many times my mother would say, "NO one can be THAT dumb" while watching Rose, and again, these actors made bags of money, but it's still gotta be kinda tough to play *that* character.
  13. I was about to delicately address Robin's memory, but shame on me, it was Elaine's Dorian I was remembering in scenes with McKenna. He was still on the show though when Robin came back in '93 and during the 25th anniversary episodes.
  14. Erica singing to Bianca in bed. My mother groaned, "Oh Gawwwd..."
  15. There was Charlie (CHAH-Lee #Viki) Banks (Brian Kerwin) on OLTL.
  16. Years ago, a poster was reminiscing about Brenda Dickinson dyeing her hair "a color not found in nature" and tptb at Y&R being super pissed. This was not long before her firing.
  17. I know four thirtysomething Jennas, never considered a Dallas connection.
  18. When Tad and Brooke were getting married, that's the one time I remember Susan Lucci wearing a wig (that wasn't plot-related, e.g., French maid/Vegas showgirl) on AMC. It was a short number, like maybe they were just testing out the look. An interviewer asked her about wearing wigs on the show and she said "very rarely" and I think this was one of those rare instances.
  19. I hear you @Paul Raven I guess what I really meant to say is that when her hair is "right", it's "*really* right" as it's been in interviews, episodics, photo shoots. I wish I had screenshot receipts.
  20. Moreso post-Knots, but I'll add Joan Van Ark to the list. Variations of that long choppy wispy straight look, she's sported some really nice 'dos. Jane Elliot, Linda Dano, and Louise Sorel with their iconic '80s Sassoon cuts. DAVID CANARY! Alicia Minshew There were some misses during the mid-eighties on GL, but Beverlee McKinsey had a gorgeous thick head of hair, maybe too good to be true all the time? On AW, she sported that short signature cut, eventually rocking out her full Leo mane. I really liked her short cut in her final days on GL.
  21. I think that was just the given name of the property, like Wildwind. Nice exterior shot of Linden at 4:52
  22. I remember when Alex handed over the keys to the penthouse to Todd. I feel like Todd and Blair lived there longer than Carlo and Alex.
  23. Bianca is most famously from Shakespeare but boy does it just SMACK of quintessential eighties snob. I'm reminded of the Mr. Belvedere where Heather wants to be called Bianca (of course Angela keeps calling her Binaca), and Beverly Hills Teens with the raven-haired villainess Bianca.
  24. Linda infamously got her extensions stuck on a rope during a climbing segment on Attitudes. Robin Strasser shared on her hotline that her big red Dorian hair circa 1993 return was weave.
  25. Daimler would've been a perfect name for yet another little badass child of Blair's. She dropped the name and adopted Cramer, but it would've been a nice tribute to the folks who raised her.
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