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  1. Did a little more research... Duke University has Michael Malone's collection of files from from his years in the business including 13 Bourbon pilot, outlines, and scripts.
  2. Michael Park and Henry Simmons, John Beck and Lonette McKee as @Paul Raven mentioned. ETA: IMDb has Nicole Forrester listed, maybe she was MK?
  3. How was Robin? Some friends of mine did In the Heights with him in MD, they speak highly of him as a person.
  4. That's funny, I did a Google search for the 13 Bourbon Street pilot about a week ago, I've hoped it would pop up online for years now. I thought I'd finally lucked out but it was a totally unrelated project. I remember Eric commenting that Michael Logan raved about it. I'm sure Linda Gottlieb or somebody has a copy lying around or knows where to get one.
  5. Found myself on an early '80s OLTL jag tonight. What a dynamic duo. Robin is really at her best when she plays it simply because she effortlessly makes the most delicious acting choices. I marvel at Erika's 80-second monologue that she probably learned the night before. In theatre, most actresses I know would be calling, "Line?" for weeks. I was trying to figure out what this scene was reminding me of, and I realized it was flashes of scenes between Joan and Diahann on Dynasty and Barbara and Stephanie on The Colbys in terms of the way the actors handle the, shall we say, "elevated" language with impeccable speech and proper emphasis. As a colleague of mine would say, they're "(giving you) the nouns and the verbs", they're telling the story and not treating it as secondary to their schmacting or "mood".
  6. Those crazy "I will CUT you" eyes. Meanwhile, I'm so glad she's on Instagram. I enjoy following her lovely Fairfield existence. At the time it was still Port Charles which made me wonder. Scrapping a two year-old very ABC soap with a direct connection to their flagship soap for a cancelled P&G soap still in that treacherous timeslot smack dab against the first half hour of Y&R... oof, all so risky.
  7. Wow, I never knew such a lineup existed. It is kuh-razy. EXACTLY. G-d forbid someone younger should know more about a particular subject.
  8. I was in an arts magnet program in high school and one of our freshman year projects was to create our own sitcom or soap opera. Our teacher taught us that one of the tenets of soap opera was that the word bitch was never used. This was 1994, and I was the soap "expert" in class like, "No! Where have you been!? I have certainly heard bitch on multiple occasions!" Meanwhile, I was miffed that she showed Seinfeld instead of Martin and Y&R instead of AMC when we watched examples in class. The saving grace was that it was a Jill-heavy episode. But yeah, she fought me and insisted that bitch was never uttered.
  9. So apparently my friend Mundy was on Potomac (we also live in Montgomery County) singing the other night. The ladies went to an open mic or something? Only saw a screenshot on Facebook.
  10. I knew about them trying to get the rights to Felicia, but it surprises me that ABC would want to take on another (low-rated) soap and where would they put it?? I adored the idea of Linda coming to ABC, I wish they'd given her more to do. I hated how they never gave her scenes with Robin. Actually, my big fanfictasy was for Victoria Wyndham to join the show as Dorian's cousin in a s/l where she befriended Viki then betrayed her, Viki and Dorian joining forces to take her down. We got shades of that with Echo.
  11. I can't stand precocious children and pushy momagers.
  12. I know, just ribbing you, you know you're my heart. xo I wonder who we could in fact contact about getting Capitol released somewhere. Someone on YT is offering the complete series but I'd need to learn Italian first.
  13. Geesh, how sensitive of you.
  14. Well, I guess this circa 1979 Ralph Carter/Haywood Nelson slashfic ain't gonna write itself...

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      You're doing the Lord's work.

    2. ReddFoxx


      Looked up what slashfic means. That's really naughty.

  15. Lol imma text Fran, I think I'm actually onto something Maggie and her husband suddenly get a dream opportunity overseas and can't take their kids, Brighton's wife leaves him and their son, Gracie gets ocked-knay up-yay... they all rely on Max and Fran (who done with California have decided to move back east... to the old townhouse! Fran could plotz every time Brighton's son (his mom was of the chosen people) calls Fran "Yetta"!
  16. I hate that they got rid of that sexy very Central Park West opening theme. "They" said it was too primetime. Bollocks. It was probably the best thing about the show.
  17. I might just tune in to watch the cast slowly bloat and sniff their fingers. Meanwhile, the black cast is like, "I wish a [!@#$%^&*] would try to put a chicken wing in my hand on national television. Not like anybody's watching, but still..."
  18. @Gray Bunny yeah, when they moved Swans to early mornings, it was lost on me. I think it came on while I was already on the school bus. It's crazy, because when I was in early elementary and I got dropped off at my grandparents' before school, my cousins and I watched kids programming for no less than two hours on Fox and what is now Fox Plus and CW. It's allllllll morning news now. Same goes for the afternoons and Saturday mornings. We live in a world where network Saturday morning cartoons are dead! Sad. Was she the one with the swan birthmark on the sole of her foot?
  19. YES! Robyn Ross played Brooke and I was devastated when she left the show, lol. In hindsight, she had a mature, patrician quality that belied a girl of fifteen. She's what I'd imagine Iris Cory was like as a teen. Absolutely. He slipped so well into the complete opposite type as Scott on AMC. I have an ep I taped back in the day when Bobby is in front of the class showboating and being all "charismatic" (*eyeroll*) while giving an oral presentation and Anita is giggling and eating it all up and poor Scott is looking on like the dog peed in his Fruity Pebbles. I think Shane would have done well with Jacob Young roles like Rick and J.R.
  20. I watched Swans and Tribes but scheduling/shuffling made it hard for me to keep up with either as a sixth grader. The one teen soap I watched most consistently was Nickelodeon's Fifteen. Every Sunday afternoon after church. I was obsessed with that show. When I met Ryan Reynolds at a screening of Van Wilder in D.C., that's the first thing I asked him about. He played far-from-heartthrob dorky Billy, Canadian accent and all ("What are you talking aboot, Brooke?")
  21. There's the infamous scene where Dorian faked like she was incapacitated and Clint tossed a fake snake in her bed and she jumped up.
  22. Thanks! Crazy how I can remember things from twenty years ago but those final years of AMC and OLTL get so blurry...
  23. Did Viki go off on Larry when she found out about this?
  24. I need to check it out! A lot of people still didn't have cable in the mid-late '80s and it was a HUGE deal in my elementary school when FOX started airing Double Dare after school. There was another kids game show called Fun House hosted by J.D. Roth and a swishy heavyset announcer named Tiny. Lots of fun.
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