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    Old TV clips - misc.

    Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the piece. Read the Wiki where it's mentioned that Simon's wife's early death brought about his exploration of more serious issues in his plays. Did you watch Fosse/Verdon? I don't think we even have a thread about it here. At any rate, I highly recommend it and the Verdon-Fosses' relationship with the Simons is rather prominently featured.
  2. Could be wrong, but I assumed it was a network decision/suggestion. Not unlike the Parkhursts and the Corbys becoming the Carringtons and the Colbys.
  3. Erica's name isn't on the script cover because she didn't appear in the first episode on January, 5. She made her debut in the eighth episode, which would have been Wednesday, the 14th.
  4. @John, great is thy faithfulness. You've kept him as your avatar all this time.
  5. What was said about Dimitri?
  6. Sorry for the wait, but I'm working in NC until mid-June. I'll upload them as soon as I get home.
  7. I've got Llanview and Pine Valley from the '90s, they were on postcards sold at Disney. When I was little in the '80s, they had a big poster-sized one of PV at my mom's office. I met another lady who'd managed to hold onto one of those '80s maps as well, in hard plastic on her office desk.
  8. I wish a Capwell C would fall on Claire, I cannot stand that macadamia. How long before she hauls off and shoots someone...
  9. It interested me how Dorian became an oft-used name for black male sitcom characters in the '90s/'00s. Certainly more in the vein of Dorian Harewood than Dorian Lord. And later on OLTL, Dorian had a young black male aide also name Dorian.
  10. And yet more news about our Erika... She'll be appearing on 20/20 this Friday discussing former OLTL castmate, Rebecca Schaeffer (My Sister Sam) who was killed by a stalker in 1989. https://michaelfairmantv.com/erika-slezak-to-appear-on-20-20-special-on-oltl-alum-rebecca-schaeffers-murder-that-changed-hollywood/2019/04/07/ Fairman needs to proofread before posting.
  11. Me too! There's a wonderfully generous YouTuber who is uploading Italian dubbed episodes of Capitol every day. I try my best to keep up, there's the language barrier of course, and I have the closed captioning and my limited knowledge of Italian, but Marj is so fabulous in the role. Marj said that Myrna was her favorite soap role, and I think she later amended that Vanessa was her favorite, but in my opinion, Myrna was where she was at her truly best.
  12. Per her tweets, she's fully embraced the character actress chapter of her career, which she's always longed to grow into. She's said that she's put on weight and we shouldn't expect to see what we're used to (physically). My gut tells me she'll be serving the ham thickly sliced. I wish I could find those clips of Marj Dusay as temp Vivian. I liked what little I saw.
  13. That was sketchy when Adam gave the doctor a picture... from that [!@#$%^&*] eating grin on his face, I could've sworn he'd given her a pic of Steve Buscemi.
  14. I still mentally connect her with that other blonde Blair with a twang, Kassie DePaiva. Whenever Georgann Johnson appeared in an Alfred Hitchcock episode, I always thought how great of a soap actress she would have been. Eventually, I looked her up and saw that she had in fact done soaps, and I'm very glad that she went on to many more things after that. But she had what it took to be a daytime leading lady come matriarch for many years.
  15. Interesting. Maybe LS was uninterested/unavailable. This show has been playing so fast and loose with casting, nothing will surprise me from here on out. I hope Robin has some juicy scenes with LK.
  16. Ah, I see... Maybe if I watched more than once a month I'd be hip to these things. 😜
  17. Exactly. Not that DOOL didn't already have a Jett. I assumed "uncle" was just a term of endearment.
  18. So refreshing to hear people who actually can sing singing on soaps. Follow my eyes... 😒 DOOL
  19. Was there an implication that Ciara...*pleasured* Ben when she crawled into bed with him? I had flipped the channel and flipped back when Kayla walked in. When she asked, "How's the hand?", I almost spit out my coffee.
  20. Yikes, I saw the recap from last week... Adam shoving Alexis into the fire was brutal and absolutely irredeemable. It's also completely unbelievable that Alexis wouldn't communicate to someone, somehow that Adam did this to her. Having her wrapped in bandages and unable to speak oddly reminds me of the veiled woman they had enter the courtroom before they'd found their Alexis in the original series. In tonight's episode, Adam and Jeff had some lines about being cousins, and there was a line about Fallon sleeping with her cousin (Jeff). When was this revealed? Did Blake say something about Dominique being his sister? I had to run out mid-episode, and when I got back, Sam was talking to Cristal's brother about him also being gay... what the hell did I miss??
  21. Sadly, I must agree. It's a shame. I'm sure I could scroll through the thousands of channels and find something else to watch, but soap is in my blood. To be honest, I wasn't too thrilled with the last several years of favourites AMC and OLTL either, save for some bright spots here and there.
  22. Cissy Houston and The Sweet Inspirations providing excellent background vocals. 😍
  23. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's so great to watch these old Facts of Life episodes where soap Divas like Claire Malis and Marj Dusay play the mothers of main characters. Since the days of Friends (at least), they surely would have stunt cast, never giving these talented ladies a chance to shine.

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      I agree. And the stunt casting dates so so badly. 

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