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  1. VW is rocking that tan.
  2. This is the most poorly written crap I have ever witnessed. It's not even embarrassing, it's egregious. To think that people get paid to produce this [!@#$%^&*] is blood curdling.
  3. I follow Victoria Wyndham on Instagram, I really enjoy her posts and I'm so happy that she's living her best life in Connecticut with her horses and dogs and birds on a lovely piece of property. Her artwork speaks to me, we share the same tastes.
  4. I can't put my finger on it but Susan is reminding me of SMG in that short clip. I've never thought that they particularly look alike but there's something in that clip that is really giving me the connection.
  5. I never knew that Bay City was a university town, nor that the opening quote was Keats. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I was totally rooting for Leslie that year and figured Erika had it in the bag for the following year. Of course she was wonderful, but I thought Erika won a year too soon.
  7. Dorian was down there for a month. Jean made Dorian phone Cassie to tell her that she was in Spain and had no intentions of coming back to Llanview. When Jean learned that Cassie had the call traced to a local cell phone, Jean knew her plan was unravelling and she agreed to release Dorian (on several conditions) once the house was clear. Todd confronted "Viki" about their pervy father and Jean lost control and Niki emerged. She took off for Atlantic City and left Dorian starving in the secret room for days. Dorian busted through the wall and discovered an underground tunnel. I was certain this tunnel was going to lead to Eterna, but no, they didn't go there. 😆 Jean reemerged and rushed back to Llanfair just in time to catch Dorian before escaping, and released her as promised. It all eventually came out but at first Dorian had to honor Jean's conditions to keep Viki's abuse and other personalities a secret, and to dump Joey and marry David. In return, Jean would ensure that "Viki" wouldn't further pursue murder charges against Dorian since it turned out that Irene's diary confession that got Dorian off death row was a forgery.
  8. It's all a matter of retro-logic really as Robin Strasser pitched the idea of introducing the sexual abuse factor into Viki's history of DID. She's admitted that she sort of shot herself in the foot by doing so as it led to the revelation that Viki killed her father when Robin used Dorian's responsibility for Victor' s death as major character motivation. Me too. As well as the scene I believe @Paul Raven talks about where Karen whoops Dorian's ass.
  9. Rare Claire Malis sighting ten seconds in.
  10. Has VR guest-starred on any of the OWN series? Rather than be wasted on Y&R, she should be a series regular on one of those shows, she's certainly as capable as/more soapily equipped than Robin Givens. VR could play a Dru-type, in the vein of so many soap stars afforded the same opportunity in daytime (soap hopping playing essentially the same character with a new name and set of circumstances). If we still had at least 10 soaps on the air, maybe VR would have had this chance by now (assuming someone in daytime with a spine stood up for the "uncastable"). And then there was "sassy" full-figured Sofia, and I wish somebody would look me dead in my face and tell me that had nothing to do with Oprah in The Color Purple.
  11. Thank you! Yes, upon her resumé, I now recognize her. I mistakenly remembered Louie having Dementia rather than cancer. At any rate, even then I appreciated his presence on the show for filling out that age group and giving Kate something to do. They'd do a little more with that with another soap alum of a certain age, Stu from SFT as Gwyn's dad.
  12. Yeah, it's gross and disgustingly transparent to use the star of the show to sway the audience into rooting for an irredeemable character. I didn't care for it when OLTL used Viki in the same way with Todd, but that was done masterfully in comparison to this mess. At least one could fathom how a person sought to find the best in her hitherto unknown sibling.
  13. That's what I thought, then considered it was a Deneuve "face or fanny" thing. I love Morgan, glad to hear that she's doing well.
  14. Yeah, I'm forgetting the details, but she used tainted crème that disfigured her, she was in bandages for a go.
  15. Does anyone know the name of the actress playing Beatrice? I know I know her from another show (maybe TCS?), I just can't place her at the moment. This is around the time I first say Patricia Barry as Isabelle (my mother: "They done changed that picture for the thousandth time..."). I missed the chemical burn stuff when the face cream turned Celeste Holm into Patricia Barry. I'm guessing that was late '92?
  16. Yes, Arthur Burghardt. She never ever calls him by name, but that's who. She *begged* for him not to be cast.
  17. Totally. I watched this the other week when it was posted, and I could practically hear the register printing out all of Ms. Holly's receipts. At least Erika Slezak had the good sense to admit that Viki didn't deserve to be Carla's matron of honor (which Holly took as an ungrateful affront). I can't help but laugh at 4:00 where Viki gets yet another closeup and Erika seems to be thinking, "WTF am I doing here..."
  18. It's such a big theatre no-no, one of my soap opera pet peeves. Though it's justified if they were feeling defensive in the presence of Victor (not that these two are the type to make acting choices).
  19. Were their arms crossed for the entire scene?
  20. Yeah, Robin talks about being visibly pregnant IRL and fans not believing she was actually expecting as she ran up and down the staircase during those scenes.
  21. I remember asking my mom if Victor had ever been on the show and she was like, "Oh my God, yes!" It was so fascinating to me, learning the Lord history in reverse. Victor is perhaps the most influential dead character in soap history, still driving story thirty years after his death.
  22. We only saw five years of it onscreen, but Myrna Graves vs. Clarissa and Judson Tyler began thirty years prior to where the action started on Capitol in '82. Shown in flashbacks, Myrna and Clarissa were best friends and Myrna was giddy telling Clarissa about Baxter McCandless who she'd fallen for... hard. But Baxter had his eye on Clarissa, Clarissa broke sis code, Myrna sought revenge. She accused Clarissa's dad, Judge Judson Tyler, of being red during McCarthyism and he was blacklisted, his political career destroyed.
  23. I don't recall but you've reminded me that Frankie and Bobby Warner were also buds, they were a few years older than me when I was a kid. I don't think they were ever on the canvas at the same time as adults.
  24. Yes, I always loved any reference to Nora being Jewish. I even remember Rachel referring to herself as "a good little Jewish girl."
  25. How explicit was OLTL about the Siegels' faith? I'm thinking about how some years later on AW, Iris' mother Sylvie's Judaism was "heavily inferred" but never outright stated. I can imagine clunky "safe" dialogue using phrases like "interfaith marriage" and whatnot, but I'm curious how often the word Jewish was uttered and how Agnes Nixon established their religion to begin with. Did the Siegels go to temple, observe high holidays? @Paul Raven @vetsoapfan
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