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  1. This is sublimely awful. I've seen Kim's album cover where she's grinning her brace face off, not sure that I knew about this one. Thanks for sharing! The songwriters over at Jem wrote circles around this dreck.
  2. Kelli Maroney did indeed play Tina for a short stint. Not sure if any footage is still on YouTube. When the hell was Kim Fields on AMC singing about Michael Jackson?? Are they confusing something with the FOL episode where Tootie loses her shıt over Jermaine?
  3. Zoe is annoying af and Zende is corny as sh!t. The real couple is Carter and Paris, but they are both too goody-goody and would unceremoniously be sent packing for their lack of conflict.
  4. When Wyatt kissed that Flo mannequin and it shook. Please tell me this show airs five nights a week in international markets. Can you imagine following this show only once, even twice, a week? My nickname for B&B is "How to write the same episode five times a week", it would be absolutely maddening drawing this series out any further.
  5. I had such high hopes for The Monroes, like it was going to be The Colbys all over again. I was in the 10th grade I think and my media production teacher did some moonlighting on set when they shot on location. But the show was shuffled around and put on a long hiatus. I remember them airing the first episode again weeks after the premiere hoping to catch an audience.
  6. I binged Emerald Point some years ago and I was disappointed. In short, it was boring. Frankly, I wish it had tried to be more like Dynasty. Boasting that it was from the creators of Dynasty did it no favors and almost felt misleading as it lacked pop, sizzle, and pizazz. I’m not saying that the Shapiros’ creativity should have been limited to churning out Dynasty knockoffs, but Emerald Point did nothing to improve their brand. The show had some great cast members who couldn’t even save it. I really liked Patrick O’Neal as Harlan and nothing against Robert Vaughan, but I wish O’Neal had done the full season. And by the way, I stand firm that The Golden Girls got Lloyd Bochner’s character, primetime TV star Patrick Vaughan’s name from this show. I seem to remember that Sela Ward was the highlight of the series. I won’t spoil, but she has IMO the most memorable scene of the entire season which involves the Eurythmics. @All My Shadows Where did you watch Paper Dolls? I saw the pilot movie at the Paley Center, and by the time I finally got SoapNet, I wasn’t able to catch it all. By the way, has anyone seen the original TV movie with Joan Collins as Racine? I also need to watch Flamingo Road. I was all set to binge Connie minus one or two episodes that weren’t uploaded. I made myself a private playlist that YouTube promptly deleted. I was so pissed.
  7. My grandparents watched every day for decades and my grandfather could not STAND him. A favorite family anecdote is when Grandaddy accidentally turned to channel 9 instead of 7, saw PB on Y&R and blurted, “Ohhh SH!T.”
  8. I was two minutes ago years old when I found out they were related.
  9. Cady's Jennifer grounds the show for me, something a loopy show like DOOL needs. Her performance has a quality that reminds me of Erika Slezak as Viki and Victoria Wyndham as Rachel, the even keeled grace under pressure.
  10. General Hospital is my definitive answer. I can hardly believe how I can't make it through more than a few minutes of this show when I was such a huge fan during the Labine era. It was my favorite soap and I watched as soon as I got home from high school. Things may have been different had my college schedule not been so demanding, but there was a loooong stretch in the 00's where I just did not care for AMC and OLTL. I grew up watching AMC and I was obsessed with Lord of the Banner/DID OLTL. I missed Robin Strasser for one, and both shows seemed hollow, AMC particularly gimmicky. I did ease back into the shows when I graduated and was home unemployed. I'm glad that I was a viewer for their final years.
  11. Thanks to @teplinfor sharing a wonderful interview of Beverlee McKinsey that her son Scott posted. Click on the link and scroll down. I encourage you to watch the full interview but I’m sharing this with AMC fans for the juicy and hilarious dish starting 36 minutes in. https://www.facebook.com/scottmckinsey Are you serious?
  12. Oof. Is there a date for this article? I’m wondering if this was Tyler’s hero’s welcome home party from the show’s first week. I recall reading that the set they built for the gala was at the time the largest ever created for a soap opera. I believe OLTL’s great hall of Eterna later claimed that distinction.
  13. Years ago, someone here at SON posted that CVE and Susan didn’t get on, but I can’t verify that. I must have been in elementary school, but I recall what may have been their first scene together. It was at the health club and Erica was on an exercise bike when Charlie approached her. The three Charlies that I remember had such different vibes it’s easy for me to dismiss their connection. For instance, the fact that Charlie was so deeply involved with Erica’s niece Julie didn’t really occur to me. And Christopher Lawford felt like a totally different character
  14. I’m a little surprised that Kelly and SMG are buds IRL. SMG was on Live! one morning (years ago, Regis was still on) and there was absolutely no mention of AMC and Kelly seemed like she could hardly stand to be focusing on SMG.
  15. You know, when OLTL's Dorian was held captive behind sound-proof glass (which ReRon undoubtedly swiped), I never wondered about such things because Robin Strasser, Erika Slezak, and the writers were killing it. Watched those R&J scenes. And the Bard wept. Worse than a high school production.
  16. Jeffersonia on Capitol has the ring of a NoVa D.C. burb akin to Arlington, Alexandria, Great Falls, McLean... The on-location scenes and household establishing shots of fictional Jeffersonia were actually shot on the other side of the Potomac River in Potomac Maryland.
  17. How about Adam's son Miguel on AMC during the J.R. cancer storyline? It's sad how much I've already forgotten about AMC's final years. I do remember a fair-skinned dark-haired Latino character who was on the show but I cannot recall his name. I think he was involved at the hospital but I'm not sure. I can see his face but I can't remember his name.
  18. I was doing summer stock in upstate NY and we were having an open forum with the fellows. I was pleasantly surprised when one of the theatre professionals used his friend/colleague Cusi Cram as a perfect example of a young artist who didn’t feel compelled to stay in the box of “actor” and completely flourished in other areas of the industry. Of course I was the dork to shout out “One Life to Live!” (followed by, “Yassss!” from a young actress) when Cusi’s friend referred to it as “the soap”.
  19. @j swiftyou are correct, she omitted an I after Chuck’s father’s name. Now that I think of it, Phoebe and Capitol’s Myrna Clegg were similar characters. Both sharp-tongued meddling mothers often up to no good who married men who were already fathers before they had even more children of their own. It makes me curious about old stereotypes of “the second wife”/wicked stepmother trope.
  20. I will miss Cady. As someone who grew up watching AMC with no solid knowledge of DOOL history nor emotional connection to it, Cady’s warm familiarity really has made me feel differently about this show.
  21. Anna Claire’s funeral was so sad, I remember they played Clapton’s Tears in Heaven while everyone stood at the gravesite. I can still picture Gloria’s lost, devastated face. Erica gave Gloria Mona’s bible after the service which led into some really great scenes with Erica and Dimitri who had been estranged (a stabbing will do that). Poor Gloria, she really went off the deep end. Poisoning Adam’s rice pudding. David Canary clutching his gut...
  22. When I was a kid in the ‘80s, my mother and her co-workers had one of those cartoon maps of Pine Valley hanging in their office. Years later, I was in an entertainment industry person’s office, and she had one standing up in a plastic frame on her desk. I have a postcard version a friend gave me from Disney World. One of Llanview too. I’ll upload them.
  23. I was *hollering*. I liked how Tiffany's wig was a direct tribute to our Tiffany of the '80s. As for Linda Dano, it's still early, she's not giving us the character, but I love her all the same. I'm not mad at this revolving door casting approach to Vivian, it reminds me of Cluedo where all of those fabulous British actors had the opportunity to reinterpret the same role. To bring Laura back as such a tool seems egregious, but what can you expect from soaps these days... I must admit that I rather enjoy the show for what it is. I watch DOOL and B&B on the apps at night, and I find them very easy to keep up with while being entertaining and not at all sluggish like Y&R and GH. I don't typically notice such things, but has anyone else caught how the ladies' manicure game on this show is top notch?
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