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  1. I still hate that they killed off Ryan. That along with the stupid destruction of Jake and Paulina for boring Joe was the straw that made me give up on this show in 1995.
  2. In rewatching 1991, I forgot how much I really liked Matt and Lorna. They had such great chemistry. I also forgot how much Jamie annoyed me. Yeah he had all the reason to hate Jake but my God he acted like a jealous boyfriend when it came to Paulina not a brother.
  3. That is a great description. I just watched a lot of 1991 and Anne’s Marley did have an elegance about her.
  4. I’m watching Anne Heche’s final scenes and man am I going to miss her. I thought Jensen was fine as Marley but I never loved her Vicky.
  5. I just found this thread and wow it is amazing! I’m rewatching 1991 on YouTube, love and miss this show! I think the first ep I watched back in the day was when Kathleen died? I have a memory if “Cass” with bandaged hands. Remember loving Sam and Amanda, and the whole Steven paternity mess, and eventually Ryan and vicky, But it was The Who Shot Jake? Story that made me completely addicted, leading into jake and Paulina - still my favorite soap couple ever. As far as I’m concerned the show ended when Jake came back and he and paulina rode off into the sunset and joe - well I don’t care. Oh and Ryan never died. Also remember loving the D&M set mostly because there were so many interactions there. Matt, Lorna, Jenna, Dean, Jake, eventually Paulina and Sam and even Hannah. right now I’m where Jake has proposed the blackmail marriage. I’m one who loves both Cali and Judi, so I’m enjoying it while also looking forward to Judi showing up in a few weeks!
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