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  1. Are there any other trans folk here?

    1. ChitHappens


      Not me but what do you want to talk about?

    2. EllenP


      Just scoping it out and seeing if there are other soapy trans people.

  2. Correct. Everything you said. I usedto clean her house. My brother did her yard. Nicest, sweetest lady I have ever met.
  3. This show is only played out because it lacks vision. This has gone on too long for it to not be sony/cbs interference. People hates on MAB but she has some good things brewin that made y’all wanna tune in everyday, right?
  4. Well, I wish Tom well, whatever the case may be. I have always appreciated his insights into the recent (2000-present) soap writing process via twitter or blog posts.
  5. Found an update on Kathryn Hays. This article appeared in her hometown newspaper around 2 weeks ago: https://www.bcrnews.com/2020/01/23/retired-actress-pays-visit-to-nursing-home/a5nbe3j/ I also read on the Eileen Fulton Fan Club page on Facebook that Eileen Fulton recently moved back to North Carolina. I guess she’s really retired from the NYC acting/performing scene!
  6. Thanks! Yes, I must be confused because they did combine the sets around early 2006, I think. I believe they got rid of the dining room portion at that point too. Speaking of Holly’s home, parts of it became the kitchen in the updated Jessup farm house that Cassie and, later, Olivia lived in.
  7. OMG how horrific! My condolences to Alley!
  8. Someone under the name AlexDevane has been posting full episodes of the show from the early 2000s, pre-2005 massive budget cut. The stories sucked other than a few spots here and there like 2002-early 2003 and mid-to-late 2004. But I am amazed at how good the show looked and how many sets the show used! Question: in Josh and Reva’s house they got from Vanessa, were there two different living rooms/dens? As I have been rewatching, the rooms look nearly identical, but one has stairs and you can see the dining room. When I was watching at the time, I thought the rooms were one in the same. After rewatching though, I am realizing that they may not have been the same room at all! At any rate, that house was so much better than Lincoln Logs Cross Creek used in the year just before the production change.
  9. I’ve been thinking about Marj Dusay’s death and how I wish we had recent updates from our ATWT people like Eileen Fulton, Don Hastings, Marie Masters, and Liz Hubbard. I know that we have had a Kathy Hays update in the last year when she was honored by her Illinois hometown, to which she recently moved back, and there were several pictures from the event. I just wish we could hear from the others, especially divine Ms. Eileen!
  10. The new opening theme shots are not taped in the same lighting as the others. I am happy that the opening is updated and includes Stafford, Mealor, and others, but the difference between the shots is jarring. B&B had a similar problem with their previous 2 openings and mixing higher and lower quality cast shots.
  11. Is a new group cast photo supposed to be coming out soon? Thought I mighta read a rumor about it a while back and that more opening title cast poses were being shot at the same time. Traci is one of the only characters worth watching for now... and she is not on enough. MS’s return has been a waste when it doesn’t have to be. Hoping that Phyllis’s story is shifting directions. I want more Nikki and I actually wouldn’t mind more Victor. Has anyone noticed the sets getting smaller again or is it just me?
  12. OMG yes. I am flashing back to her first couple of days back as Alex immediately post Joan Collins. It was such a weird over the top performance even for Marj! She started to tone it down a bit after a few days and she was good for a few months before Ellen Weston took Alex’s story into clown town.
  13. Let’s hope that Jill emerges out of this sh*t unscathed and still viable. It is obvious that the show suddenly shifted gears with this Adam story and effed up any momentum once DG whined his way out of the Traci pairing and they pigeon-holed Cane in.
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