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  1. It is amazing how rude you are to old and new members of this board. Goddamn no wonder people told me to stay away from here.
  2. I wish that Alan could book Eileen Fulton for The Locher Room! I would love to hear her dish about Goutman, MADD, and Hogan. Has anyone heard an update about her recently other than retiring to North Carolina to live with her brother?
  3. Y&R’s viewership has been creeping up almost every week since new episodes returned, but still hugely down from last year. Parts of the show are watchable, but I can’t sit through Abby, Chance, Summer, or Rey. I also cannot figure out who Phyllis is supposed to be, and I always resent any second of airtime for MCE/Chelsea.
  4. MTS had a necklift back in December according to this interview with ET: https://www.etonline.com/the-young-and-the-restless-star-melody-thomas-details-her-traumatic-childhood-exclusive-151118 I knew that she started looking more youthful recenntly, This was excellent subtle work.
  5. This! Not sure why MTS opted for that terrible wig because her own hair is perfectly beautiful. She has been posting on social media and appeared in other interviews since March with her own hair. Maybe she just did not want it be on screen without the help of hairstylists? Or she did not feel comfortable with her color and cut at the time the show resumed taping? At any rate, the wig was distracting.
  6. I remember FMB or LB saying in 1999 that they would come up with long arcs for characters like Bob, Kim, and Lisa but could never get them approved after Kim’s heart story (even though that got them their highest ratings in years). How much of a lack of a long term plan resulted from HW ideas being rejected or cut short? HS had a long term story in place for Lily/Holden/Molly/Dusty and it was supposed to go for a year or so after Rose’s death, but then CBS pumped the brakes. Mid-2004 when HS really went off the rails in terms of planning. HS’s early stories also had clear trajectories with the ways he mapped out the disintegration of Hal and Barbara’s marriage and everything that spun off from it. I want to think that JP had a yearlong bible when she first began as solo HW in 2005. That yesr and into summer 2006 were quite good. By 2007, it was obvious that CG and/or the network had assumed near total control and budget issues could not be hidden.
  7. When I first read the news that new episodes will begin airing
  8. I am so sad that the show is returning. How depressing. I was hoping to see more 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001. The current show’s writing—plot and characterization—is so uninspired, insipid, and boring. Characters and couples have little rooting value and actors who we used to depend on to deliver, no matter the caliber of writing, are clearly bored (Stafford, MTS, EB, et al). I can’t watch a show that focuses on Chelsea, Abby (this incarnation) or Lily, and Adam and Billy have been “off” for years. Maybe the ratings will finally be so low that Griffith will be shown the door. I got into this show 30 years ago because though it moved slowly, every single story had an enormous payoff like no other show and it was rarely disappointing. Everything now happens with a whimper.
  9. I have enjoyed all of the classics up thru 2013. When Sony and CBS exerted all control everythjng turnt awful!
  10. Did the 1973 opening ever get an update? And did Jeanne Cooper or Jaime Lyn Bauer ever appear in it? I know it was altered around 1975, but Y&R was always slow to update their opening credits until the JFP era. Like the show would go 2+ years without adding prominent cast members. And up to 6 years for the opening at the end of MAB’s run. The red opening never added any new cast members in the early 2000s. And the 1990s opening was only updated every 2 or 3 years.
  11. Thanks for posting the 1998 episode. I wish more of 1998-99 was available. The show dramatically improved those years
  12. I agree. I’d rather have Macy return over Taylor any day of the week. Bobbie Eakes should have been brought back to anchor nuSally instead of making up a new character with Shirley
  13. Maybe they will shuffle in and out of the stream. Lindsey McKeon was the worst Marah. I wish Alan would ask how Kim Zimmer felt when the show fired Laura Bell Bundy for Lindsey. Bundy’s Marah had an essence similar to what Pelphrey’s Jonathan would be later. Totally missed opportunity for the show not to have had Bundy, Branson, and Pelphrey on screen together with Zimmer at the same time.
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