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  1. OMG yes. I am flashing back to her first couple of days back as Alex immediately post Joan Collins. It was such a weird over the top performance even for Marj! She started to tone it down a bit after a few days and she was good for a few months before Ellen Weston took Alex’s story into clown town.
  2. Let’s hope that Jill emerges out of this sh*t unscathed and still viable. It is obvious that the show suddenly shifted gears with this Adam story and effed up any momentum once DG whined his way out of the Traci pairing and they pigeon-holed Cane in.
  3. I appreciate reading all of these perspectives on Hogan’s ATWT. Replacing Carolyn Culliton with Jean Passanante did him no favors. The tone of the show changed noticeably when she came in around Bryant’s death and it took a while for the show get its act back together. Other than the spa storyline, the beginning and middle of 2002 were not great. It wouldn’t be until the Sage paternity story and centering Marshall Travers the show would be must-see for me, so around the end of 2002 and early 2003. I also think that we can’t discount network interference. Barbara Bloom’s arrival at CBS in mid-2003 was terrible for ATWT (and Y&R to a lesser extent, at least immediately). It is hard to know how much influence or power Hogan had at Y&R, even though elements of his style were evident. Maria Bell, and Paul Rauch to a lesser extent, took ownership of what we saw on screen, and Scott Hamner frequently acted as the spokesperson on a week to week basis in the soap mags. I, too, wish that Hogan had given a long interview reflecting on his soap career.
  4. Martha Byrne (@MarthaByrne10) Tweeted: He was the best. What a great time we had during those atwt years. Hogan made the decision to dive into Lily’s past to make Rose an identical twin instead of a doppelgänger. This created incredible story and lots of Emmys :) https://t.co/5GgT62aXQo I had no idea this was Hogan’s idea. This was one of my top 3 favorite stories of his, the others being CharBar/boathouse explosion and the Carly/Jack/Julia I saga. Late 2000 through summer 2001 were what happens when a soap has just the right mix of writing, acting, and production values. Some of the best soap of that decade, IMO.
  5. This is shocking. RIP, Hogan. I loved his ATWT. He infused the show with humor and gothic elements. More importantly, he raised the stakes in the show’s storytelling. It was obvious that he was dealing with network interference in 2004 and onward. In fact, Rose’s death was to have sparked a huge umbrella story involving Holden, Lily, Dusty, and Molly, but the network nixed it. The show had to scramble, and I’m guessing that’s why the Cabot story dragged out. Whatever the case was, I loved most of his stories and how he wrote Barbara, Carly, Jessica, Jack, Hal, and so many others. I also enjoyed his years at Y&R, but it’s hard to know who was really in charge when Hogan was there. I think Hogan would have given Y&R a much needed shot in the arm and would have been a better replacement than Griffith, but obviously that could not happen as we now know. I’ll be spending the evening watch YT clips of Hogan’s ATWT ca. 2000-early 2002.
  6. The campaigns should be easy to find on Youtube, but here’s a few: Hot Enough for You, 2003 The Look that’s Got You Hooked, 2004 The Drama is Always On, 2005 You Know You Love It, 2008 The campaign for 2006 and 2007 escapes me, but the same shots were used for each of those. Some of you may remember that under Wheeler, GL incorporated some of the 2004 promo shots into the 2005-07 opening (one of my faves from the last couple of decades, I wish it had lasted longer).
  7. Correct. I liked the ad campaigns for the first few years of her tenure, but that’s about the only nice thing I could say lol.
  8. These last few posts made me go look at the 2003 and 2004 ratings. Remember, this was also Barbara Bloom’s first year as head of CBS Daytime. All of the CBS shows started to tank in the ratings in fairly short order after her arrival. ATWT and Y&R’s collapses were most alarming. Hemorrhaging 700,000-1,000,000 viewers year-to-year. Weirdly, GL’s demos were not terrible relative to the show’s past performance. Barbara Bloom caused irreparable damage to those shows and other than a few peaks here and there, the shows began their downward descent under her watch.
  9. Did Bruce Barry leave on his own or was he a budget cut victim? I seem to recall a long time director and/or producer getting the ax during first massive budget cut that CBS/PGP imposed on Wheeler’s reign.
  10. Dang the Grand Phoenix is so fugly and cheap looking. Pieces of that set are recycled from the Vegas bar from the first day we saw Stafford return. I get that they’re going for contemporary, chic, and sleek... and it does resemble many of the larger chains. But, ew. Not Y&R. Bring back the GCAC, or better yet... the Genoa City Hotel. I do not hate the Society set, but wish we could see another restaurant in town. I would love to see The Lodge or The Embers again. About the ranch, are we supposed to assume that the new set is just a different part of the house from the ikea living room with the staircase? Glad to see MM back! I love her screen presence regardless of the character
  11. Hooray! Beth hinted at this a few weeks ago on Twitter. This is the first time in 2 decades that she has been in the opener.
  12. She is so regal. I always thought she would have fit in well on Y&R in a grande dame role that wasn’t as forgettable as Audrey North.
  13. Y&R’s Friday HH number is so sad.
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