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  1. Prince William is trending and unsurprisingly, here's why. Allegedly the source of the recent William/Harry feud, but how typical for the UK press to stay schtum while continuing to pour it on at Meghan Markle. Too late now. https://www.thedailybeast.com/prince-williams-lawyer-tries-to-suppress-rumors-of-affair?ref=scroll

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    2. DRW50


      Ever since I saw the video from a few years ago where he was dancing at a ski lodge (leaving Kate behind), I had wondered. The marriage seems cold to me and they both seem like very cold people. Kate never really lived up to the unrealistic expectations the media put onto her, so Meghan is torn down to try to prop them up. 

    3. Juliajms


      This is why I roll my eyes when people act like MM's family is trashy and Harry's isn't. Please. He simply comes from moneyed trash. They are no better and if anything worse.


      It never bothered me that Kate seems cold though. She's much more suited to this family than Diana ever was.  Kate absolutely knew what she was getting into.  I bet you she turns up pregnant in the next year to solidify their relationship with the public.  Gah. I can't believe I'm even thinking about these people. They are as inescapable as the Kardashians these days.

    4. Graham


      Well, the Royals are all a bunch of white inbred trash. This is nothing new. Philip was already banging society gals while Elizabeth was pregnant with their first kid

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