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  1. Only one man can solve a problem like modern daytime. And that man is Charlie Sheen. Consider...

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    2. dm.


      Yep, pretty much it's all about Charlie sleeping with hundreds of women, working occasionally as a jingle writer/singer... combine that with his uptight and anal brother Alan, his disgusting nephew Jake, his stalker Rose, hilarious and rude housekeeper Berta, his neglecting mother and a few others... and that is what the show is all about.

    3. Adam


      The only good part of the show that I've ever witnessed is Holland Taylor as the mother. Holland Taylor doesn't need good writing to be flawless, her association with the show kind of though cheapens her career for me. A cheque is a cheque I guess...

    4. sheilaforever


      Indeed - I LOVE Holland Taylor and treid to watch one episode for her sake, but this show is just too bad for words. It's just gross.

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