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  1. So another GH regime disrespects Genie Francis...disgusting. Sadly, I'm no longer shocked by it. Execs and writers have a long history of showing contempt for Genie as well as for so many other actors who helped make this show must-see at one time. While I'm sure Frank is concerned about his budget (not so much that he wasn't willing to do anything he could to get Steve Burton back last year), I also believe if Benard or Howarth started hinting that they were ready to leave, Frank would suddenly find the keys to Scrooge McDuck's money vault and offer them the moon. There are dozens of characters on this bloated canvas that can be dropped immediately and they'd be forgotten within days, if not minutes. Stop messing with the legends. I don't do twitter, but for once I almost wish I did so that I could join in the public trashing that Frank's probably receiving on his account. Not that it would accomplish anything, but it would be a moment of fun in response to this latest act of stupidity.
  2. The great Rita Lakin discusses taking the job as TD's writer:
  3. Apologies if this has been posted in the past week. (I searched but didn't see anything.) I just saw this TV Guide article from last Wednesday with the exciting news that at long last Genie Francis is returning to GH for the 1st time since 2013. The author of this amazing bit of reporting bases it on a Valentini tweet, which is included in the article. Besides not fact checking her piece, the author apparently didn't bother to notice that the tweet is dated "Apr 29, 2015". http://www.tvguide.com/news/genie-francis-returning-to-general-hospital/ I miss the days when TV Guide wasn't a joke. That was a long, long time ago. Still, this made me laugh as I sit here in Houston trying to avoid all the current flooding, so it served a useful purpose.
  4. I hadn't considered that option, but now that you mention it, it wouldn't shock me. That would definitely be worse. I'd settle for a massively edited show over it being skipped.
  5. I'm curious to see how Retro will deal with the 90-minute episode from 1976 that brought Gerald Gordon back to the show for awhile. Would they break it up into 3 half-hour segments or actually air the whole thing in a departure from their usual schedule? I remember when Soapnet was airing reruns of Dallas and got to the 90-minute season ending episode where Bobby "died". They ran an extremely edited version in the usual one-hour slot. If you had never seen the full episode before, you would have been very confused by the choppiness and all the missing scenes. I'd hate for something similar to be done with this special TD episode.
  6. Good for Jane getting to leave when she's ready and not getting forced out, but I will really miss her. Even as the nicer, more mellow Tracy of the last year or so, Jane's presence was always welcome. You knew that she could make even a poorly written scene worth watching. Fingers crossed that Tracy's exit doesn't involve plans to chase after Luke. If his health is good enough, I'd love a Stuart Damon guest appearance before Jane leaves, where Tracy has one final scene with Ghost Alan. Those 2 actors always worked so well together.
  7. Don't know if this 1992 behind the scenes clip has been posted here before, but I came across it today for the first time. I'd forgotten that ET used to do segments that lasted longer than a minute.
  8. I checked my downloads and VV's first appearance was Monday, October 20, 1969. That's assuming the accuracy of the dates that the person uploading Retro-aired episodes in 2015 used for labeling purposes. If it's not exact, it's probably close. Note: There was no gap between EH's last episode and VV's 1st, as EH had appeared in the Friday 10/17 show. VV's 1st episode includes the voiceover announcing her in the role of Althea.
  9. Forget the final episode; they wouldn't even let Michael Storm attend the show's wrap party. Per Storm in the "Llanview in the Afternoon" book: I was in Italy, on vacation with my wife, and David Coleman -- who did security for the show for many years and knew everything that was going on -- wrote me an email saying that he was sure I already knew, but there was a wrap party coming up for One Life, and gave me the number of the person to call. I didn’t call because I was out of the country, but I sent that person an email letting them know I’d be available to attend, and asked for details. Three or four days later, I received a response starting with “Unfortunately...” ABC had put a limit on the number of people at the party, and they couldn’t include me. So I wrote back to David and let him know what happened, and asked him to tell Erika I wouldn’t be able to be there. Erika and I were buddies from way back to her first day on the show. So then Erika writes back to let me know how shocked she is that I wasn’t invited to the wrap party, and to tell me that she spoke with Frank Valentini, but that because they had already exceeded the number of invitations, there was no room for me. I mean, of all the shitty things. In a way, that was the final rock off my chest. I finally lost my tie. That was a sort of closure for me. Not the one I wanted, but the one I got. You know, none of this is new. There’s no sensitivity in this game. You’re used, and in return you receive adulation. You’re inflated, and then it goes -- and it can go in the most unpredictable way. C’est la vie. It’s not the way I’d run the world, but it’s the way television works. Sounds like just another in a long line of horribly mishandled situations that shouldn't have happened the way they did.
  10. I'm only now seeing this thread and reading the news. 2016 has been a rough year, with so many actors and behind-the-scenes creative people whose work I've enjoyed dying. RH was, and still is, one of the best shows ever in daytime. Particularly those 1st 5+ years when Claire & co-creator Paul Avila Mayer were producing and writing it (with the late Lela Swift directing most of the episodes), before ABC decided to fire the pair, bring them back, fire them, bring them back, etc. I'm glad she was able to go back one more time and help write the final years and especially the final episode. It would have been unfortunate to conclude it with an episode written by anyone else. While not every story or character was a winner, she was one of the best at writing moments. Moments where the conversational dialogue seemed so natural and true to life that you'd think you were eavesdropping on real people having a real conversation. At the same time, she could surprise with some insane, outrageous tales, such as that of a man sending his wife over a waterfall at the behest of a ghostly image, or an homage to King Kong. Nutty stuff thrown in amidst the realism, and it all seemed to work. I wish I could see more of the 1983 episodes which Soapnet never aired, as well as her final return. What little I've seen, I've liked. At least I still have my recordings of all the episodes that Soapnet did air (which covered 1975 thru 1981). It's been awhile, but maybe now is a good time to rewatch some of it.
  11. I guess Cher will spend the day pricing rocket ships.




  12. Thanks for posting this. I'm a fan of the British comedy and had heard of this unsold pilot but had never seen it. (There's also an Australian adaptation, which even starred John Inman. I've seen an episode of that and, besides the novelty of Inman singing the theme song, it was awful.)
  13. I liked that clip above from October 9, 1990, but the thing that interested me most was watching the end credits and seeing Sam Hall listed among the writers. I haven't seen a lot of episodes from that period and didn't know that the Dark Shadows and OLTL writer spent time at GH.
  14. He'll probably land at the Hallmark Channel. They're always looking for more people to work on their 500 Christmas movies each year, and lack of any discernible acting talent isn't a dealbreaker. While I certainly won't miss BC on GH, it's difficult to fully celebrate the loss because, with the way GH casts, I expect they'll somehow manage to find a replacement to play Morgan who proves to be even worse.
  15. Actor Fyvush Finkel, who I know best from his work on Picket Fences and Boston Public, died over the weekend at age 93. An obit I read listed OLTL among his credits. His IMDB page doesn't list this, so it may have been a brief bit part long ago. Does anyone have any knowledge or memory of him from the show?
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